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Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes video editing, graphic design, and web development programs. There are many skills to learn but the effort you put in w

Excellent Video Training on Learning the Most Popular Screen Capture Software Camtasia Studio Camtasia Studio is a software suite used for screencasting and recording videos. It also allows you to enhance and edit your recording, add different types

From the developer of the most authentic Quran app 'Quran Majeed' since 2010. Recognized by more than 3 million Muslim users around the world. ◉ Smoothly animated Quran text (in a beautiful glow effect) is displayed over high definition backgr

**Watch the demo video ** Watch your videos in 5 times slower or faster instantly. Just drag and drop the video you want to watch and adjust the speed to your liking. This software plays .MP4, .Mov a

Step by Step Tutorials for iMovie Step by Step Tutorials for iMovie is a set of beginner oriented training sessions to get you up and running with the latest version of iMovie. If you are an iMovie expert, these videos are not for you. But if you ar

Video Editor Robot Lite editing video is only three-step: Step 1, Import media; Step 2, Edit video, audio, image, titles using fabulous tools Step 3, Export video. Supported Input Formats • Support high-resolution videos such as 4K, 3D, 8K &

In this tutorial for Final Cut Pro X by Apple Certified trainer Ben Balser, you learn about different editing techniques, like separating video and audio and working with the magnetic timeline. App Features: • 62 minutes of video training &bull

Check out this in depth course for Final Cut Pro X to see how to do visual effects and clip fixing, from stabilization techniques to slick animations! App Features: • 66 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline P

***10.11.5 and up recommended*** Supports MP4, MOV and 3GP This software allow you to make horizontal split screen videos. The first screen represents the top of the video. You can crop any area you desire. The middle screen represents the bottom s

Streamcast is a one stop solution for creating live streams from you mac. You can create as many windows as you need to display the output from all your devices. Streamcast is perfect for lets plays, reviews, tutorials, presentations and more! Cap

Do you want to see and hear the beautiful quality YouTube video constantly and continue to play, even if you use another application? All of us at some point to see the video, while working long, tedious tasks, this little OSX program allows you to Y

*Supports .MP4, .MOV and .3GP.* You can do three things with this app. 1) Export a video file with the audio muted. 2) Export the audio file from a video as a .M4A file 3) Replace the audio on a video with new audio and export the file.

DVD Copy & Rebuild Lite is a powerful Mac DVD copy software that can copy D9 and D5 DVD movies. The app lets you make high quality copies of your DVD’s movies to blank DVD , ISO or DVDMedia . Make full quality DVD backups on Mac or external ha

Videux Play LT

25 days ago

Videux Play LT is a video player for the Mac, with multi-speed playback, customizable thumbnails, video details, ratings, pick/reject, search, filtering, full screen and more. If you have more than a couple of videos on your Mac, Videux Play LT can m

Videux Pro AS

26 days ago

Videux Pro AS is a video organizer, player and workflow assistant for the Mac. With it's powerful organizational features, Videux Pro AS is an indispensable tool for organizing video libraries and is an ideal way to improve workflow from camera to fi

***10.11 and up recommended*** Only Supports MP4, MOV and 3GP Watch two videos at the same time. Just drag and drop your favorite videos and hit play. Use the right arrow/circular arrow buttons to loop or turn off loop. Use the speed options to wa

In this in-depth 24-tutorial course, Apple Certified Trainer Iain Anderson teaches you how to create Graphics, Titles and Transitions and then polish them to perfection. App Features: • 85 minutes of video training • Super clear explanatio


WebCam for NDI turns your iSight or WebCam into an NDI Powered professional IP Video Camera. The NDI (Network Device Interface) protocol connects to professional vision mixers and other devices, and delivers a high quality, low latency connection. N

Consisting of two components, Emu is an advanced "placeshifting" system for streaming a private live television source, such as a cable or satellite subscription, to another location for personal viewing. Note that this application is the Emu Player

***10.11 and up recommended*** ***Supports Mov., MP4 & .3GP*** ***To use this app you must select a folder that only contains movie files and it will upload the files in that folder. You can't select individual files*** This app has two options: Op

A simple converter from frame numbers to milliseconds, time and timecode. Works with PAL and NTSC. Use a slider to set the values with the mouse after selecting the unit: frames, seconds, minutes or hours.

AirStreamer Lite is the lite version of AirStreamer. Playing online videos from Youtube, Facebook... on Chromecast device is an easy task but playing local videos such as MKV, AVI, WMV... on Chromecast seems to be impossible. AirStreamer enables pl

This Premiere tutorial is designed to take your video editing skills to the next level. Join Premiere expert Kevin McAuliffe as he shares advanced tips and trick that will dramatically improve your workflow. App Features: • 82 minutes of video

Application to mirror the screen and sound of your Mac to Android TV. Works on any TV, settop box or Media Player with the Android TV operating system. You can also stream individual video files from your Mac to your Android TV. Also, we included th

- Watch web cameras on your desktop mac. - Watch your web camera as a notification center widget. This application supports web cameras which stream in the mjpeg format.

Viking Recorder

13 days ago

Viking Screen Recorder is a full-featured screen recording app for Mac OS X. It features a high performance screen capture facility, as well as a built-in video editor and video player that supports all popular video formats. Just like a Viking -- t

Import types accepted .jpg & .png Exports on .mp4 files. Upload a folder that only contains images and turn them into a video. Photos can be reordered by using the up and down arrows. Make sure the folder you select only has .jpg or .png files in i

This is an app that greatly helps in most editing workflows. It is based on award winning Woowave Sync Engine which analyzes the sound of your clips and matches them perfectly. This version is extremely simple to use, so it can be used by professiona


Application to mirror the screen and audio of your Mac to an Amazon Fire TV. You can also stream individual video files from your Mac to your Fire TV. Also, we included the option to watch one window on your Mac, and another window on your TV! Befor