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Battery Overview

19 days ago

Battery Overview shows the battery status of all Apple devices in a single application. It is located in the status bar, taking up as little space as possible. In the status bar, Battery Overview shows only the lowest percentage of all battery status

webcam+ is a two-in-one app of webcam and webcam viewer, which supports multiple platforms. This is the client of webcam+ on macOS. To use it, a mobile device with webcam+ app is required. The mobile device uses its own HD camera to shoot video and


5 hours ago

EZBurner burns audio, video and data to CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. It also duplicates discs, imports and exports ISO images, and formats rewritable media. EZBurner is an All-In-One writable media utility solution.

uProxy is an easy-to-use open source app that allows you to reliably access the open web. With uProxy for macOS, you can connect to either a uProxy or Shadowsocks server with just a few taps. uProxy also improves your privacy, given that it encrypts

Element - Archive Explorer is the last missing element to build your perfect workspace experience! - INSTANTLY open zip, rar, 7z archives (even password-protected) - NO NEED TO WAIT JUST TO SEE WHAT'S INSIDE! - EXPLORE archive contents with full fo

Binfer is a direct device to device secure communication and data transfer platform. It includes File Sharing, Sync, Web Drop, Communication and Private Cloud. User data is never stored on any third-party servers. Capabilities: - File Sharing: Send

SVG Graphic Image Converter helps you to convert your .png, .jpeg, .jpg images into many formats you want. Supported Formats: - Adobe Illustrator - SVG - PDF - EPS - FIG ( XFIG Format ) - EMF (Enhanced Metafile)

vCard Editor2 is an application for editing a vCard file. This is a redesigned version of vCard Editor with using Contacts.framework which is introduced from macOS 10.11. In addition to the change, code refactoring and optimization are done. Also the

AVI MetaEdit is a tool that supports embedding, validating, and exporting of metadata in AVI (Standard and OpenDML) files. This tool can also enforce file structure and metadata recommendations and specifications from U.S. National Archives, Microsof

"TransferJet file transfer" (hereafter this App) is an application for transferring the file. You can easily transfer data at high speed via TransferJet™ wireless communication. ■Main function - You can send and receive selected files. -

Use cards, zoomed out view and workspaces to navigate a huge collection of files and folders as easy you would navigate a maps app. This is the first app to bring a true innovation and revolution in the file management process in more than a decade.


9 days ago

NovaVPN provides 100+ connection locations in 10 countries. There are no limits on server switches, so you can change locations as many times as you want to suit your needs. When it comes to internet safety and security, NovaVPN is an essential too

For MacOS: Puts UTC (GMT, Greenwich Mean) time in your menu bar for quick reference.

Are you running low on storage? Free up space on your Mac! The app automatically analyses all your files and identifies bad photos and duplicate files. It makes it super easy to save GIGABYTES of space! HOW DOES IT WORK? Free Up Space Pro identifies

Wallbot is the first wallpaper app that uses Machine learning to detect what kind of photos you like and find similar ones. It is a minimalistic Menu Bar app, that will automatically manage your desktop wallpaper with photos from Unsplash. There are


19 days ago

Enhance your USB camera experience with IPEVO newly developed IPEVO Visualizer software! IPEVO Visualizer features an intuitive UI that makes it simple to use, and a borderless window display for a clutter-free large-screen projection. Plus, with its

Do you need an app that resizes an image in so many different formats with a click? This is the app that's right for you. You can create so many archives containing different sizes, for example one for ios one apps for android apps. you can add an im

DiskMator cleans garbage files in a few very simple steps to make it run faster and smoother than ever before! Main features: [Visual files analyze] Show a visual map to show which part hold the space. [Duplicate files finder] Find out the dupli

Chinese Text Converter App can help to convert Chinese Text between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese Text. It can batch rename Chinese file names between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese file names. It can support for text file r

UnitsConverter is a general purpose Units Conversion app. Rapid conversion between wide range of unit types (80+ unit types supported including length, volume, mass, currency, force, power, energy ...). Oilfield unit conversions are fully supported

My Game Editor provides access to cheat codes . In addition this app changes some physics and animation properties of the cars/weapons in games . You can change car mass,max Velocity,etc. Games: ►GTA3 ►GTA Vice City ►GTA San An

How do you remember passwords for your all encrypted files? How do you remember account&passwords for all your email, website? This App can help you do it easily! [How To Use It] 1) Save password for file step1: add files to the file list. step2: e

MOV MetaEdit is a tool that supports the embedding and editing of metadata in MOV (Apple QuickTime) or MP4 (ISO/IEC 14496-14 a.k.a. MPEG-4 Part 14) files. It is currently focused on Universal Ad ID metadata but could be expanded on request. Sponsore

Remotely access your Raspberry Pi shell from any network without dynamic DNS, portforwarding or VPN. For more information, visit * DOES IT WORK BEHIND NAT? Yes. The client initiates a secure websockets connection to the

A Developer HTTP Request Tool. Debug your Request and API. - POST/GET/PUT/DELETE/HEAD Method support - Request Parameter edit - HTTP Header edit - Base64 encoding - Time out Setting - Sent Request info - Status info - JSON Tree display - JSON Text


11 days ago

This Electronic-Guard application provides you with the monitoring interface to your analog and/or IP cameras at multiple locations. The solution consist of an advanced motion detection algorithm with self-learning algorithms that eliminates false al

If you have ever faced Low Disk Space issue , this application will prove to be very helpful in cleaning up Disk Space. The application helps to free up disk space by quickly finding big files that consume the Disk Space. The found files could be de


2 days ago

uProxy is an easy to use open-source tool that allows you to reliably access the open web. uProxy also protects your privacy by encrypting all traffic between you and your VPN server. Note that you will need a uProxy or Shadowsocks server in order to

This APP demonstrates how an NHS3100 NTAG SmartSensor can be used for temperature monitoring. Besides this macOS APP, one needs to have an NFC USB dongle and the NHS3100 starter kit with the demo board. Other supported demonstration boards will becom

High-quality, private network, now available in Mac, lets you connect on OS X anytime, anywhere. * Fast wireless, first-rate, stable and not dropped * Unlimited traffic, sign in every day to send time * Simple registration, easy operation, easy to us