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Exercising outside is not always easy to do. Do you know where you're going? Do you know how far you want to go? Will your exercise route loop around a neighborhood or be a straight line down and back? This app will allow you to plan out your exerc

Capture screenshots of any window on your Mac with a click. Even if they're behind other windows. Even if they're in a different space. Save and share without any fuss. Simple.

Do you need to know how much time needed for your activities, work or anything, M Stopwatch will help you to find out the answers quickly. This easy to use "M Stopwatch" application is calculating the time for anything you prefer, When you click on

GoldenKey is the most trusted security, privacy and access APP. -Access all websites and apps securely and privately at home, school, work or anywhere in the world. -GoldenKey fully own all servers and the proprietary servers ensure fastest speed,

A simple GUI for managing your remote files, with the powerful rsync engine to haul data at high speed. It looks like an FTP client but goes like rsync. Features: – Upload and download via rsync by simply pointing and clicking. – Browse

All-in-One Archiver for your macOS # Main Features • All-inclusive compressing/decompression/browsing/edting App • Supported OS: macOS Sierra(10.12), High Sierra(10.13) • Extraction for 30+ formats, including: RAR/RAR5/7Z/ZIP # Compr

Runecats GIF Maker makes creating animated GIFs simple! Simply create a frame and add an image into each frame, and then export and your animated GIF is ready. You can easily import an existing GIF and then add additional frames, easily change the

Trasforma il tuo macin un elegante sveglia digitale. Rendi la giornata più gradevole svegliandoti con le originali suonerie incorporate nell app! Regola le tue sveglie con data del giorno , orario di inizio e suoneria personalizzata. Person

This application is an icon creator that resizes all icons and make them ready to be used on App Store for iOS and macOS applications on all sizes required by Xcode. Use square images for better results.

GoFont is a simple app that will make it easy to quickly search, preview, and download hundreds of free fonts from the Google Font catalog. Get access to all of the available fonts and browse through them using various filters to find the perfect typ

SALE - 25% OFF REGULAR PRICE! What is MyPass 2? MyPass 2 is the simplest and most secure password manager yet. It allows you to store websites credentials and notes, and view them at a later time when needed. To ensure that only you can view your da

PlayTunes - Mini Player To Control Tracks is a handy tool for your Mac that gives you full and simple control over your music in iTunes. Play and pause, switch between tracks, change volume, navigate playlists and more! CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE Choose betw

Generate random passwords with ease. Password Generator is a simple menu bar app for generating passwords. Just choose the length, character types to include and click generate! Use the floating toggle to allow Password Generator to float over the t

Take advantage of the higher resolution of your Mac mini's graphics card when it runs headless (with out a display). With Headless Screen Changer you can change the screen resolution for you to use with your favourite screen sharing utility and maxim

The System Toolkit is an all-in-one information and maintenance app designed for macOS. Information: • System Information Keep track of all your system loads. This includes CPU load, memory usage and network speeds. The full version also offer

MAFF Viewer is a lightweight utility for viewing/reading Mozilla Archive Format (.maff) documents. * Features • Minimal reader user interface • Support multiple pages in the same archive • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the p

Decibel Meter is used to test the environmental noise decibel tool. It is convenient for us to test noise in our daily life. - Support dial plate display; - Support line chart display.

StrongBox Password Safe is an application for keeping all your passwords safely stored and protected by one master password. Use iCloud to share your safes across all your devices (iOS App also available) Standards compliant, using the time tested

Displays laptop battery charge and time-remaining. Show extended battery info in your menubar. With this App, you can get all necessary information about your MacBook battery. It provides: - Current battery status. - Time left. - Current and design

ISO Buster is an easy to use ISO Image creation and burn to disc utility. Features included: ▪ Split your images to a specified size ▪ Multiple burning device support ▪ Supports USB burning devices ▪ Supports burning on

- If you need to quickly convert a MagicaVoxel file (.vox) to a MCEdit file (.schematic), then this is the tool for you! - Not only does it convert the file format but it can also re-map the MagicaVoxel palette to use Minecraft blocks or use the def

Copyclip - History Recorder is a clipboard manager for your Mac. This app will remember all the text you have copied and will be displayed in a list view from the menu. You just have to select the text you want and it will be copied to the clipboard,

Password protect any macOS application from unauthorised usage without modifying anything in your system settings and/or applications. It is save to use ! - Invisible For The Eyes : Lock Pro works as a background process and does not uses any CPU l

Orologe is a clean and beautiful way to check the time. Cycle through legendary fonts and classic colors to display your favorite Orologe face. Place Orologe in it's own Space and use gestures to instantly see what time it is. Orologe is a classic

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The Snowflower EPUB Validator can easily check the problem of EPUB format e-books. Even if you apply for registration of an e-book created by you to the store, even if you do not pass the review due to the problem of the EPUB file, or if the review

MyController useful for Gamepads or Joysticks information. Testing/visualize . Compatible with USB and Bluetooth joysticks and gamepads. Mapping for games . Trial version is available on website .

Still using FTP? Truck hauls data 30x faster thanks to its modern rsync engine (included) which compresses, de-duplicates and encrypts – giving significantly higher performance and security, right from the first transfer. Setup takes 3 clicks (


Block those annoying popup ads that open without your consent while surfing the net! Easy to use... this app will do everything for you by checking and blocking all unwanted popup ads. You can’t do without it. Designed to be fast, high-performi

USB Block is a data leakage prevention tool which can: 1. Authorize USB devices and prevent any unauthorized access to your Mac computer. 2. Password protect USB authorization (Without password, non-trusted USB devices will be automatically blocked