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The Velocitek Control Center is a free application that lets you download GPS data from your Velocitek device and launch single-boat replays using GPS Action Replay and upgrade your Velocitek device with periodically released firmware updates.

A handy translator in your menu bar! Translate text over in 80 languages. Paste your text into​ text view inside the app, hit enter and go! You can resize the popup window if you want more room. You could swap your target languages by pressing

Privacy Suite Pro hides the Photos and Videos and Password Protects them.This increases the privacy and security of Photos and Videos.Once added, the photos and videos are made hidden from the computer and nobody else could view them.These could be o

AppSwitcher is used to switch between Applications. Description: 1.Press and hold the option(alt) key to display the switch window. 2.Enter the number(1~0) of the line where the target App is located. 3.Enter the number(1~0) of the target App, AppSwi

ShadowTunnel Lite is a smart proxy utility designed for Web Developer to view http & https recent requests. And order step and time of any requests. It's not needed to connect to remote server for develop purpose.

"Checksum Calculator" is a file checksum calculation utility, it can support the most commonly used file checksum algorithm. [Support Algorithm] MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512.

Simple and unobtrusive unit converter for most needs. It can be used as a regular app window but is also available any time in the Today Notification Center (needs to be added after download). Features: - Angle, Area, Currency, Energy, Fuel Efficien

Smart PNG and JPEG compression Optimize your images with a perfect balance in quality and file size. Uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewe

PrettyScreenApp downloads wallpapers for you: * Searches the web and downloads wallpapers for your desktop * Lets you choose from multiple of themes to fit your personal preference * Supports multi-screen configurations * Automatically picks the best

WHEN ONE CAMERA ANGLE ISN’T ENOUGH, SLINGSTUDIO CAN DELIVER MULTI-CAMERA MAGIC IN MINUTES for all kinds of video applications – sports, schools, houses of worship, distance learning, corporate events, weddings, video blogging, broadcast T

In this tutorial we look at how to use some Apps that you may never have opened before. The utilities folder on your Mac contains Apps that can help you observe, maintain and repair your Mac. First we go over System Information which can tell you eve

PDF Metadata Editor lets you gain control of the hidden metadata on your PDF files. Metadata helps your computer find documents for you, both in your system and online. Metadata is used by your system to keep track of your files. However, most scan

Things Speak

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Visualize your based IoT projects on your Mac's menu bar. Please note, that this app requires internet connection to fetch live data from your project's data stream. The app has no main window, it reside in the menu bar and shall be

IPv4Calc is a simple tool for network operators and students that allow to expand a given IP address and subnet mask to its relevant values as : address class, address type, number of host, major network, broadcast address and wildcard mask

Use Network Speed Tester to measure the actual transfer speed of your local wifi or wired network. A graph helps you see changes in realtime. Optimize your wifi network by moving or placing your wifi router until you reach the best results. Make sur


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Proxy Utility For Network. Use Network Extension Technology. Feature Support SSR (origin, plain) And SS Support Method AES-128-CFB ,AES-192-CFB, AES-256-CFB,AES-128-CTR,AES-192-CTR,AES-256-CTR,chacha20,chacha20-ietf,salsa20,rc4-md5,des-cfb,rc2-cfb,

With VPN-SERVER.PRO you can: 1) Protect your passwords, credit card details and other private data while working in public networks. 2) Use the Internet without restrictions and geographic blocks. 3) Encrypt traffic; secure key (Up to 2048 bit) 4)

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! I kindly beg you to ASK FOR HELP in case of any trouble, you can always write to [email protected] or [email protected], I will do my best to answer within a day! 
 VPN Guard is a sma

This macOS utility lets you update the firmware on your Moshi Bluetooth headphones. Compatible with all Moshi Bluetooth headsets. New firmware functions ( 1. Microphone sensitivity improved 2. Improve voice message performance via Bluet

With Photo Convert To PDF you can convert multiple images into PDF files. With a simple interface, select any type of images such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and etc from your computer and convert them to PDF files in a few seconds. •••&

VERY SIMPLE Having Your Mac awake from sleep, the UnlockMac system will types your password immediately. No incomprehensible options. No useless features. You do not need to configure anything. Your Mac will unlock automatically. ULTRA FAST You do n

Quickly make calls from your Mac without touching your iPhone. SpeedCall is installed in the menu bar of your computer to be continuously available. Application allows you to memorize your Voicemail number plus 6 favorite numbers. It also allows qui

The fully featured text to speech suite that can read aloud web pages, browse web pages and RSS feeds (allowing you to enqueue the reading of the articles while headlines are read), documents and e-books for you while you are doing something else. Th

Create unlimited colorful QR codes that your friends/customers will love with ArtQR. Make your QR codes more artistic with images, logos or arts. Simply load an image (png,jpg) to ArtQR add text and save your QR code merged with image(png). FEATUR

As time goes by, your browsers may get slow with a cumulative of cache, cookies and extensions, etc. iLove Browser Cleaner delivers a safe and easy way removing browser cache,extensions,plugins/add-ons and cookies, which can help boost up your surfin

CryptoFlow has extended the complete end to end encryption of sensitive data traffic to now include your Mac. CryptoFlow works in conjunction with Certes CryptoFlow App Creator software (required) to offer simple, point-and-click encryption of data

Purpose of the Program The “Job Application Assistant” Program will be a faithful assistant for you in the process of job search. It allows you efficiently maintaining records of your job applications and CVs sent by you to employers, kee

Pilot Pro Logbook

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Pilot Pro packs a host of features in an elegant design to give you the features you need to keep a electronic logbook on-the-go. $ - No subscriptions or annual fees $ - No fees to sync between devices $ - Download and try for free and unlock with a

NetWorker Lite

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The free Version of NetWorker shows the current download and upload speeds in the menu bar. Features: • Both the current download- and upload-speed is shown in the menu bar. • The primary network adapter is detected automatically. • A

Check if your internet is online by looking at an icon in MacOS status bar. This is the right app for you if you want to know if your online because - • It is taking a long time to load a page? • Getting "Page Not Found" messages in brow