Genre - Utilities

MAFF Viewer is a lightweight utility for viewing/reading Mozilla Archive Format (.maff) documents. * Features • Minimal reader user interface • Support multiple pages in the same archive • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the p

Decibel Meter is used to test the environmental noise decibel tool support dial or curve display, convenient for everyone in daily life test noise.

StrongBox Password Safe is an application for keeping all your passwords safely stored and protected by one master password. Use iCloud to share your safes across all your devices (iOS App also available) Standards compliant, using the time tested

Displays laptop battery charge and time-remaining. Show extended battery info in your menubar. With this App, you can get all necessary information about your MacBook battery. It provides: - Current battery status. - Time left. - Current and design

Frequency Sound Generator is a simple wave form sound generator and oscillator. It is easy to use tool so you can create high variety of sounds and signals in just few seconds. All controls are in real time so you can dynamically change the sound sig

ISO Buster

8 days ago

ISO Buster is an easy to use ISO Image creation and burn to disc utility. Features included: ▪ Split your images to a specified size ▪ Multiple burning device support ▪ Supports USB burning devices ▪ Supports burning on

My Batteries!

5 days ago

My Batteries puts all your devices’ batteries in a single place. You will never be surprised that one of your devices is running out of battery! Features • View all your devices’ batteries in one place • Get notified when your

This tool combines the functionality of a scientific calculator and a curve plotter. Key Features: * A scientific calculator including the set of standard mathematical functions * No limitation on the size of mathematical expressions * A large nu


Discover the best app for your memos. Paste your post-its directly onto your desktop! Customize your notes as you please and choose whether to protect your memos with a password. You’ll never forget anything when using this app and you can orga

Copy Paste Manager is a clipboard manager for your Mac. This app will remember all the text you have copied and will show in the status bar list. You just have to select the text you want and it will be copied in the clipboard, you can paste where ev


Orologe is a clean and beautiful way to check the time. Cycle through legendary fonts and classic colors to display your favorite Orologe face. Place Orologe in it's own Space and use gestures to instantly see what time it is. Orologe is a classic

Smart Remote lets you easily control your Samsung smart TV. Smart Remote only supports below smart TV series. - 2010(C Series) - 2011(D Series) - 2012(E Series) - 2013(F Series) - 2014(H Series) - 2015(J Series) - 2016(K Series) - 2017(Q,M Series)

A remote file manager with the powerful rsync engine to haul data at high speed. It looks like an FTP app but goes like rsync. Features: - Upload and download via rsync by simply pointing-and-clicking, dragging-and-dropping. - Works over a securely

Block those annoying popup ads that open without your consent while surfing the net! Easy to use... this app will do everything for you by checking and blocking all unwanted popup ads. You can’t do without it. Designed to be fast, high-performi

Porn Block Plus

26 days ago

Worried that your Internet surfing children could accidentally expose themselves to mature and inappropriate content such as porn? Now, become free from worries by simply installing Porn Block Plus for Mac. It is a simple extension for Safari web b

USB Block is a safe tool to prevent data leakage. It authorizes your White-list USB devices automatically and prevents any unauthorized devices from copying anything of your Mac. It contains the password protection to ensure the security of the devi

EZBurner burns audio, video and data to CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. It also duplicates discs, imports and exports ISO images, and formats rewritable media. EZBurner is an All-In-One writable media utility solution.

uProxy is an easy-to-use open source app that allows you to reliably access the open web, free of restrictions. With uProxy for macOS, you can connect to either a uProxy or Shadowsocks server with just a few taps. uProxy also improves your privacy, g


5 days ago

With this app, you can count rounds automatically. It will play a gong sound at the beginning and at the end of every round. You can adjust the round time yourself. Features: - Define your own timer - Play a gong sound at the beginning and end - Cou

Element - Archive Explorer is the last missing element to build your perfect workspace experience! - INSTANTLY open zip, rar, 7z archives (even password-protected) - NO NEED TO WAIT JUST TO SEE WHAT'S INSIDE! - EXPLORE archive contents with full fo


13 days ago

Binfer is a direct device to device secure communication and data transfer platform. It includes File Sharing, Sync, Web Drop, Communication and Private Cloud. User data is never stored on any third-party servers. Capabilities: - File Sharing: Send

SVG Graphic Image Converter helps you to convert your .png, .jpeg, .jpg images into many formats you want. Supported Formats: - Adobe Illustrator - SVG - PDF - EPS - FIG ( XFIG Format ) - EMF (Enhanced Metafile)


9 days ago

LocalSites is a replacement for Bonjour bookmarks that were removed in Safari 11. The app shows up as an icon in the status bar (right hand side of the menu bar), with a drop down menu listing all web pages advertised in the local network via Bonjou

AVI MetaEdit

13 days ago

AVI MetaEdit is a tool that supports embedding, validating, and exporting of metadata in AVI (Standard and OpenDML) files. This tool can also enforce file structure and metadata recommendations and specifications from U.S. National Archives, Microsof