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Graph functions and parametric equations in two and three dimensions, and compare them in real time. Taffy 3D Graphing Calculator is a powerful graphing calculator that supports symbolic computation, algebraic and trigonometric simplification, unboun

NumberHelper NumberHelper is a convenient user to deal with the common form of digital tools. Can effectively solve the daily life to fill in the digital or processing digital complexity. At present, we first provide a check in China, Hongkong and

Customized Vanity lets you create vanity GPG keys and .onion addresses (for Tor's hidden services). For Tor's hidden services it is not possible to choose an address for a homepage as usual, this is due to the nature of how the deep web works. There

NetstatPlus is a GUI app that displays the status of TCP network connections on your Mac, just like the netstat command line program. The netstat command line tool is great, but it is limited in how it can display information and displays a lot of u

Pick Pick is a color picker application in your status bar. Use option + command + K to pick color by default.

Batch to change date for tens of thousands files or photos. The tutorial video is available on our website Please note: - The lite version was limited to import 100 files at a time. Features: - Independently change created | mo

Batch to rename ( add | delete | modify ) tens of thousands files' name. Please note: The lite version was limited to import 100 files at a time. The tutorial video is available on our website Features: - Add file create time -

cpu stat on menu bar.

iWep Generator helps you generate WEP key for your Wi-Fi Router. It is an offline WEP password generator. Follow these steps to generate WEP Key for your wireless router. ● Enter the passphrase (which you can easily remember) and tap on 'Gene

WebFont is a font processing client. It can export specific glyphs to SVG, PDF and PNG files. The color and size of the output can be set in preferences. Keyboard shortcuts: Command + click : to select multiple non-adjacent items; Shift + click : t

This application will check if you have an active Internet connection. It distinguishes between a WiFi connection and an active Internet connection, showing the status with an icon in the Mac menu bar

This software for the serial port tool assistant, through the computer USB access serial port tool hardware to achieve peripheral data reading and sending. Need to use serial port tool hardware. Compatible with almost all of the serial port tools on

MonsterList is a utility app which lists monsters from the Pathfinder® RPG with a semi-natural language filter.

File Sumo Pro

6 days ago

■ Discover and remove huge files in your Mac ■ Keep your Mac light and running smoothly always ■ Scan entire Mac, a folder or an external drive ■ Intelligent file scan process with instant results "Found over 87GB of unused f

Apps these days can do so many things, but not all of them are in the interest of you. 
CastleGuard can help you out with that. The sandbox which comes with macOS protects and limits apps that are sandboxed from accessing your private data and

Are you looking for a DFU tool on the MacBook ? This is a simple tool to upload your firmware to the nRF5x device. Features: 1. Easy to use without USB dongle on the MacBook. 2. Auto upload to your device, when device be detecter which in the DFU mo

You need zoom? We got some! Desktop Lens 3D Pro is a simple application to work with small fonts and hi-res images. Features: - Scalable Zoom - Smooting - Always on Top - Change Colorscheme - Show/Hide - 3D-Effect

TransitBar is a simple app that lives in your menu bar and tells you when your next bus or train is coming. You can set TransitBar to show different lines at different parts of the day, so if you bring your laptop to work, you'll know exactly when yo

********************** *** 50% OFF Now!!! *** ********************** iAudioRecorderX is a powerful voice recorder app. You can record voice easily and trim it. Features: * Easy to prevent power save manager. * Allow to trim voice file. * Amazing wa

Do you want to understand what's going on with your sensors? graphMe is the tool for you! graphMe: - is a tool for visualizing signals coming from microcontrollers, like Arduino. - can output up to 8 signals. - communicates via serial port and y

Minim is the world's first wireless, pocket-sized instrument designed for mobile music making. Use this app to update Minim's firmware and get the most out of your Minim on Mac OS X!

A useful screenshot tool, which supports: - retina screenshot - crop a full screenshot - shortcut key for screenshot - multi-screenshots - mouse screen

Cerca rapidamente ed in modo efficace tutti i files duplicati partendo da una qualunque cartella o libreria; foto, video, musica, documenti e qualunque altro genere di file. Per la ricerca confronta la dimensione e 5 campioni di ogni files al fine di

Declutter Pro

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**Limited time offer - Grab it Now** ■ Create beautiful folders in your desktop to organise the files ■ Create rules based on file name or extension to organise the files ■ Organise and clean your desktop in a single click within


Afinia Studio

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Afinia Studio is from Afinia 3D. The application integrates several functions such as Model Showing, Model Editor, Model Generator and Model Printing. Model Showing: Afinia Studio supports stl and UP3 file formats. It shows complicated models more

Easy to unzip/compress with password. 1.Create zip with password 2.Unzip with password. 3.Drag files to StatusBar

A tiny app with lots of text emotions (aka kamoji) ready to lookup and copy+paste! Features: - Simple and neat design - Lookup, copy and paste your favourite text emotion in few keystrokes - Tons of text emotions (and the list will grow) - Each emot

Taffy Scientific Calculator is an advanced scientific calculator that supports algebra, calculus, trigonometry, unbounded arithmetic, functions of one or more variables and complex numbers. Define functions as you would in mathematics: f(x) = x^2


15 days ago

Cetus3D is required for the operation of our 3D printer “Cetus”. The software provides 2 major functions, 1 Slicing 3D models and send the data to Cetus printer for printing. 2. Upload and share their 3D models to other people who use the