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Rename your files by sorting and giving numbers. 1. Choose a folder. 2. Sort files by drag and drop 3. Write prefix, starting number and increment. 4. Click rename and you're done. New renamed version of your files will be saved into the folder. No

Scanner lets you quickly check files and folders for software threats such as malware, trojans or ransomware. If any malware is found, you can either quarantine it or delete it directly from the app! Features: * Quickly scan a file or an entire fold

Have you ever been stuck on a tricky task? What about those times you want to explore a new idea or concept, but need to limit the amount of time you spend? Hourglass can help you push through these tasks, and then bring you back to reality when you

Celebrate Chinese New Year! Original price of 9.99 US dollars, limit 4.99 US dollars. Every week, we will update the coolest template, make your consumption more valuable! With love to do the template The latest version of the template to use

Are you annoyed that macOS 'automatic screen mirroring makes your screen with potentially private content visible to the public? Would you prefer to turn off mirroring by default? Then Mirror Display Control is just right for you. The simple applicat

CSView is a minimal table-style viewer for CSV files. It uses very little memory and is able to display the start of the file immediately, even for very large (multi-GB) files. It can comfortably open files larger than 4GB. Icon by Honza Dousek (ht

Contrôlez votre décodeur Orange depuis votre Mac, sur votre réseau local. Il vous suffit pour cela de renseigner l'adresse IP de votre décodeur. Compatible avec la Livebox Play TV 3 (noire) et ultérieure Compatible

This app features 25 beautifully designed mobile-friendly web page templates, compatible with Wolf Website Designer for Mac. ***Limited Time Special Promotion (Regularly $9.99 US) +Edit in Wolf Website Designer Save template directly in Wolf to cus

NL Compatibility Checker is a free utility that lets you check to see if your network router is compatible with Network Logger Pro and Network Logger IT. If your router is compatible, you can use Network Logger to graph all the network traffic goin


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-- Get rid from unwanted popups, slow browser and browser highjacking -- AntiAdware is the easiest way to remove Adware and Malware installed on your macOS. Using our app you can boost the speed of your browsers. KEY FEATURES: - Remove Adware and

iRedis is a client that connects to the Redis server. Software features:   * Supports connection to Redis server and Redis cluster server. * Support for displaying and copying Redis Key values (String, Hash, Set, List, SortedSet) * Supports sim

MaCleaner 4

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New enhanced version of the great cleaner for Mac — MaCleaner 4. It's a powerful set of tools intended to improve the overall performance of your Mac. *PRIMARY FEATURES OF EXTENDED EDITION* - SMART CLEAN has become much more INTELLIGENT: New


This is an application that can be used to create images by placing other images in a regular grid layout. Useful for creating backgrounds for computer desktops. Just drag some images onto the application icon, set the properties of the final image a

A laptop monitor showing charging data plus detailed advice on improving battery life and capacity. Data includes your current battery capacity compared to the capacity when new, charge %, charge times, cycle count, temperature, voltage and current.

Similar Color Picker is very useful app for designers. You can get the similar color on what you will input or choose. This util can save a lot of time for you!! FAQ && Email: [email protected]

**FREE for a limited time** Password Engineer Pro is a utility that generates secure, customizable passwords. This app lets you add a custom phrase into your password, making it easier to remember, yet still secure. Features: - Generate secure al

The Mayan calendar is a system of different calendars and yearbooks, used by theMayan civilization of the pre-Columbian period in Central America. These calendars are synchronized in a complex way and are tightly integrated to form a broader, longer-

On line calculation formula of loudspeaker divider,to provide users with convenient. The frequency divider is a circuit device inside the sound box, the input music signal is separated into different parts of treble, Alto, bass, and then into the cor

Simple way to download your attachments from your Gmail. Run application, login to Gmail press Go, chose where you want to save all attachment from this folder and thats all! It 's never been so easy!

Shows the actual guitar string tones compared to the right string tones for a guitar in tune. Resolution is very high: 0.1 Hz.

Cd To Easy New Terminal Here in Finder Q: How to enable ? A: Go to System Preferences->Extensions ->enable Cd To Q:Why not see menu item even enable extensions? A:This is mac bug not mine.As i know you should relaunch your Finder. Note: This only

Geekbench 4

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Geekbench 4 measures your system's power and tells you whether your computer is ready to roar. How strong is your mobile device or desktop computer? How will it perform when push comes to crunch? These are the questions that Geekbench can answer.


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Introducing LightCapture - the most streamlined way to take screenshots. Features: • Take screenshots with one-click - With LightCapture, taking a screenshot has never been easier - they're only a click away. • Copy screenshots to your cli

It is an application that can easily delete alpha channel which can not be included in iTunes Connect screenshot, Apple Watch or Apple TV icon. Please launch the application and drag & drop the file. Deletes alpha channels of multiple files at once.

『Easy Copy Path』 is a lightweight utility that allows you to copy file paths quickly in Finder. 『Easy Copy Path』 makes it easy to copy the full paths or file and directory names of the selected items. If you need to copy

Buff(原名PlutoX) 是专为 macOS 打造的一款网络代理软件,利用了NetworkExtentions框架,支持ss(r),http(s),socks5

Welcome to one of the most sophisticated and comfortable AntiVirus tools available! Quick, reliable and safe, AntiVirus delivers everything you could ask for. Top Features of AntiVirus: • EICAR test passed • Hourly update of virus / malwar

Sans Fonts is a content blocker for Safari 10 that blocks web fonts. What are web fonts? Web pages can either use fonts that come with the operating system, or they can refer to font files on the internet, so-called web fonts. Why would you want to

IP Camera

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"IP Camera" can turn your device into a wireless IP Camera for security monitoring WITH Bi-directional audio support, you can use your browser to view, of course, include "IP Camera" and "IP Camera for iOS", it can work with the 'IP Camera for iOS' v