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Length Converter Support Metric System & Imperial System & Chinese System length measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Kilometre (km); -> Metre (m); -> Decimetre (dm); -> Centimetre (cm); -> Millimetre (mm); -> Micromet

Area Converter Support Metric System & Imperial System & Chinese System area measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Square kilometre (km²); -> Hectare (ha); -> Are (are); -> Square Meter (m²); -> Square Decimetre

IPEVO Annotator

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IPEVO Annotator Enjoy greater interactivity on your interactive whiteboard system by using IPEVO Annotator. It’s packed full of annotation tools that allow you to draw and annotate freely on images projected onto the screen. Further enhance th

Acts as an intermediate proxy server that removes the need for local programs to authorize at the remote proxy server. FEATURES: - Automatic Authorization — A lot of open source software, particularly command-line (like curl and wget), is no

Running Process Monitor is an advanced tool for macOS that shows process/thread activity. The application will run in your menu-bar for a fast user interaction. Just run it and click the Scan Processes button. Immediately the table will be populated

Volume Converter Support Metric System & Imperial System volume measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Cubic Meter (m³); -> Cubic Decimeter (dm³); -> Cubic Centimeter (cm³); -> Cubic Millimeter (mm³); ->

Weight Converter Support Metric System & Imperial System & Chinese System weight measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Kilogram (kg); -> Gram (g); -> Milligram (mg); -> Ton (t); -> Quintal (q). - Imperial System: -> Po

Temperature Converter Support Metric System temperature measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Degree Celsius (°C); -> Fahrenheit (°F); -> Degrees Kelvin (K); -> Rankine Equals (°R); -> Reaumur Equals (°RE).

Control your Moshi USB-C dock with this easy-to-use USB-C Dock Utility. No need to open Finder, now you can quickly eject all connected USB devices from your macOS menu bar. The Dock Utility also indicates Ethernet status and lets you update the firm

Pressure Converter Support Metric System pressure measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Pascal (pa); -> Kilopascal (kpa); -> Hectopascal (hpa); -> Standard Atmospheric Pressure (atm); -> Millimetre of Mercury (mmHg); ->

Convert all of your units to all other unit types. Features: -Metric to U.S. -U.S. to Metric -Easy Selectable Options -Full Answers with Decimal Points Conversion Types: Convert From (Length): -Kilometer -Meter -Centimeter -Millimeter -Micrometer -


Cookie Viewer is a tool for opening and viewing cookie file. It not only supports the cookie file from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browser, but also support the cookie from inside app, including Mac app and iOS app. The current version s

Are you into creating apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, iMessages or Android Phones? You must be fatigued of making so many different images every time you make a new app or change the icon? eZy Asset Builder is an incredible time saver to help you by taki

Full featured CHM file reader totally rewritten with modern UI on macOS. Features including: * Table of Content and Index * Text encoding detecting and switching * Tabbed browsing * Search in Table of Content and Index * Find in file * Bookmarks Up

Why spend lots of time renaming files when you can simply buy Multi Rename Tool for a bargain price. Multi Rename Tool is a powerful batch renaming software. It provides many functionalities you need to quickly rename hundreds of local and remote fi

Removes duplicates from a list. Simply paste your list into Deduplicator and hit ‘Find Duplicates’. Deduplicator will identify duplicate items and show them in a preview window. Hit ‘Remove Duplicates’ to proceed. Your list h

With Easy File Date Changer you can easily change the Creation date or Modification date of Files and Folders. Simply drag & drop a File or Folder in the white area and change the Date to the desired time. Click then on the Change Button to apply t

Access Client works with "neXus Hybrid Access Gateway". Access Client starts personal VPN tunnel on user computer and enables user to access resource via HAG.


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简单清爽的小作品~ 基于Markdown 语法的编辑工具. 1. 实时渲染HTML效果. 2.内置按键音&#

Are you porn addict? XXX Porn Blocker helps you stay away from porn. This app blocks millions of porn websites and explicit content so you can browse internet safely. Porn blocker works seamlessly in Safari. You need to delete other browsers and ap

Get new life to your Opera browser. Clean and make your browser safer with this app! Delete all the malicious files downloaded by your browser quickly and easily... you won’t need to do anything; by clicking on a button the app will take care o

Wifi Password Generator - WEP Key app helps you generate secure password for your wireless network. It generates 64 bit and 128 bit secure WEP key. All you need to do is enter a simple passphrase that you can easily remember. The app will automatic

Enigma can three touch to encrypt the text. Enigma is also in the App Store for iOS. Agree with the person about Your "Key" encryption (for example, the number "563"), and he will be able to decrypt Your message. Features: * as the encryption key,

serialSave allows to store locally on your computer incoming messages from microcontrollers like Arduino and RaspberryPi. serialSave has been designed with data collection and data harvesting in mind. The text files format includes a timestamp for

A handy,high quality and easy to use video snapshot&montage tool. It support snapshot frame by frame, snapshot in specified time interval and other snapshot options, won't miss any wonderful video frame. it is best to work with "iSee" and "Fast vid

Fresco gives you more control over the desktop picture. It lets you: ∙ Span a panorama image over multiple displays. ∙ Resize and position images, to make them fit to your liking. ∙ Create your own desktop by combining images. Note

The app monitors your IP address and informs Smart DNS Proxy when it changes, so you don't have to reactive your IP address manually anymore. A Smart DNS Proxy account is required.


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WakeMeUp! is a simple to use alarm clock that allows you to wake up to your favorite music from your iTunes library. Features: - Wake up to any purchased and downloaded song in your iTunes library - WakeMeUp! allows your display to be put to sleep w

Keeping your files secure is easy with Droplock. Once you've created your master password, simply import the file to protect it. When you need to access your file, simply enter your master password and Droplock will decrypt the file before opening it