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Whether you are running, cycling or even soaring the sky, Track is a perfect match for you. Track allows you to read different log files with just one application. QUICK LOOK INTEGRATION You can now get a quick preview of the contents of your file b

*** Main features *** - Text editor - Lines numbering. - Zoom, cursor position, interactive information. - Ribbon Bar to facilitate the use of functions. xPad is a simple text editor without formatting (like Windows Notepad), but with some extra fun

With Lighting, you will be able to manage all of your Philips Hue lights and rooms. Easily control them from out of your Statusbar or by using the app. Besides Lighting, there is also a pro version (Lighting Pro) which let you automate your home and

Privatus has been designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. After a quick initial setup, Privatus will take care of clearing your personal and private browsing tracks automatically after each browsing session. Privatus just works! It has

This app is a menu bar app.This app draws on screen.You can draw over and above any app or page.This app will be useful for online teaching,Making video tutorials,Highlighting phrases,Drawing on presentation slides, etc. You can save the video as you

Touch Bar functionality is available only on a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar support. Touch Menu app provides an access to the apps on your Mac via Touch Bar or Menu Bar. Create a list of favorites and they will always stay at your fingertips. All

A simple, yet very important tool for increased security. MD5 checksums are used to control the integrity of a download. If a downloaded file is altered or compromised in any way the checksum will be incorrect. The MD5 checker is confirms if the che

Handy Converter is a streamlined menubar unit converter app that makes it easy to access the most important conversions anytime. It contains 22 categories and 148 units - including daily updated currencies. Features: - 22 categories, - 148 units and

Quickly and easily look into your files with File Peek. Use the built-in hex editor, get MD5, SHA1, SHA256 hashes and Base64 with one click, or even change the modified and created dates. The built-in hex editor supports find/replace for easy modi

What can AlbumMaps do? 1.Show your photos with location information on maps. You can play and enjoy them. 2.Arrange photos by moment or location. In moment mode, you can look up line route or simulation route as you need. In location mode, you can ge

A handy video format converter! [Key Features] 1. Without the loss of video quality, it only need 2~6 mins to convert 1 hour video. 2. Without the loss of video quality, it can compress 1G video to only 100M. 3. Unique video comparison function, It

Do you have a dream that your Mac become to a Player which can play almost all of the video and audio format and not need convert and codecs? The XPlayer can help you achieve your dreams! XPlayer support file Suffix: Video: MOV,RMVB,AVI,WMV,MP4,MK

Browse & search for files on disconnected/detached external hard drives/flash drives with Offline Disks File Searcher! This file manager app works by listing & indexing folders or the whole removable media. ● Super Fast Scan: Cataloging a 1TB

=== Capturer is now $2.99 === Capturer is a simple app, that sits in your menu bar and automatically takes screenshots of the screen or the apps chosen by you. Taking screenshots is completely unnoticeable by the user. You can set: - what apps it c

Wake Up Clock allows you to create and adjust multiple alarms. Add them to the special table, set the days and time. You can also select the melody and view mode. One more option is the timer, which you can stop or reset. 3 DISPLAY MODES: Floating w

-== Spring Cleaning Promo, ONLY $9.99 instead of $19.99. HURRY, THE PROMO WILL END SOON! ==- Provided with macOS Sierra and Touch Bar support. DupeZap is a modern duplicate finder with a stylish interface, easy to use and powerful like no others. I

Disk Monitoring display current and monitor available space on your Macintosh HD. Arrow indicator shows is change in space if increase or decrease. Once click shows all connected drives and its available space. Suitable to monitor available space ea

Welcome to one of the most sophisticated and comfortable Anti Virus tools available! Quick, reliable and safe, Anti Virus lite delivers everything you could ask for. Top Features of Anti Virus lite: • EICAR test passed • Hourly update of v

This is the perfect solution to control and supervise your network usage. With a lot of useful network stats, iNETMeter is the App you need to monitor your Internet connection. A great Application that uses your status bar to show your network speed

Eight row disc is a branch of the I Ching, this software mainly character row disk based function, the use of new character arrangement, with a new way to display various information character row intraday known and unknown, is a model of new era mas

Keep your Mac safe and sound! Wildfire Antivirus protects your computer from malware, adware, spyware, trojans, actually all sorts of threats that can harm your Mac. The realtime engine makes sure that everything is fine every time you download a fi

InstaLogin is a Safari App Extension that allows you to automatically login in websites instantly with Safari AutoFill! How it works in three steps: 1. Use AutoFill or type your user and password in a login page. 2. Click the Bolt button in the Saf

A utility that shows CPU or network info on menubar Provide quick access to system information and monitor the use of system for recent period of time Provide a launcher where you can add some apps for quick launch

Send pictures and videos on your phone to your computer, we have a better solution! Download and install the "iTransfer" desktop and mobile phone scan code after pairing, you can send each file on the desktop and mobile phone terminal, iTransfer also

9GridHelper is a commonly used for managing user squares, tool locking and unlocking pattern of mobile phone. Most of the time, the surrounding friends often forget to unlock the phone or unlock a pattern of App pattern, resulting in unnecessary eco

CastleGuard2 is the successor of the powerful CastleGuard. CastleGuard2 has been completely rewritten and brings many new functions and improvements. It is a lightweight and powerful utility that helps you to understand what an app does and what it i

Flow VPN

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Flow VPN includes 7 Day Free Trial FlowVPN is a full service VPN provider for all your devices - much more than an app. Stay secure with unlimited data through our global network across 50 countries with hundreds of servers. SureConnect: FlowVPN w

A very handy video format convert. [Key Features] 1. Without the loss of video quality, it only need 2~6 mins to convert 1 hour video. 2. Without the loss of video quality, it can compress 1G video to only 100M. 3. Unique video comparison function,

VPN Banana is a fast, safe accelerator, to provide you with global high-speed acceleration services: 1) VPN Banana provide the world's major areas of the accelerated node, you can choose; 2) VPN Banana provides intelligent mode, automatically assign

The Velocitek Control Center is a free application that lets you download GPS data from your Velocitek device and launch single-boat replays using GPS Action Replay and upgrade your Velocitek device with periodically released firmware updates.