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If you're running a game server this app will be a must have! Send commands remotely through the RCON, be updated on what happens on the server, manage everything thanks to your device. Supported Game Servers: • Minecraft; • Ark: Survival

In this tutorial we look at how to use some Apps that you may never have opened before. The utilities folder on your Mac contains Apps that can help you observe, maintain and repair your Mac. First we go over System Information which can tell you eve

IPv4Calc is a simple tool for network operators and students that allow to expand a given IP address and subnet mask to its relevant values as : address class, address type, number of host, major network, broadcast address and wildcard mask

Use Network Speed Tester to measure the actual transfer speed of your local wifi or wired network. A graph helps you see changes in realtime. Optimize your wifi network by moving or placing your wifi router until you reach the best results. Make sur


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Proxy Utility For Network. Use Network Extension Technology. Feature Support SSR (origin, plain) And SS Support Method AES-128-CFB ,AES-192-CFB, AES-256-CFB,AES-128-CTR,AES-192-CTR,AES-256-CTR,chacha20,chacha20-ietf,salsa20,rc4-md5,des-cfb,rc2-cfb,

VPN-SERVER.PRO - VPN Premium Service VPN-SERVER.PRO should be your choice because: + Purchasing a subscription is easy and we don’t need any personal details. We won’t even ask for your email address. + We don’t use the site in

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! I kindly beg you to ASK FOR HELP in case of any trouble, you can always write to [email protected] or [email protected], I will do my best to answer within a day! 
 VPN Guard is a sma

This macOS utility lets you update the firmware on your Moshi Bluetooth headphones. Compatible with all Moshi Bluetooth headsets. New firmware functions ( 1. Microphone sensitivity improved 2. Improve voice message performance via Bluet

Text to speech app that can read aloud web pages, browse web pages and RSS feeds (allowing you to enqueue the reading of the articles while headlines are read), documents and e-books for you while you are doing something else. The app can create a sp

Don’t miss our new App in the Mac App Store! You can quickly translate anything you want with "Translator Service", from any application by simply selecting the text or by using a keyboard shortcut. In no time at all the text you selected wi

As time goes by, your browsers may get slow with a cumulative of cache, cookies and extensions, etc. iLove Browser Cleaner delivers a safe and easy way removing browser cache,extensions,plugins/add-ons and cookies, which can help boost up your surfin

DLNA media server for the Mac platform. WebDAV server for the Mac platform. File http server for the Mac platform. Play your movies & music, view your pictures on your smart TV or other computers, mobile devices and apps. Sharer is a basic WebDA


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A tool to use Mac as a soft box. App Features: - images are generated by code for best quality - 30+ styles to pick up and more are coming - each style is customizable We would love your feedback and comments. Let us know how did you like SoftBox

Purpose of the Program The “Job Application Assistant” Program will be a faithful assistant for you in the process of job search. It allows you efficiently maintaining records of your job applications and CVs sent by you to employers, kee

The free Version of NetWorker shows the current download and upload speeds in the menu bar. Features: • Both the current download- and upload-speed is shown in the menu bar. • The primary network adapter is detected automatically. If you

A character map for font files (installed or not). Quickly browse through a list of font files and preview their contents without installing them. Font File Browser saves you time as you search for the right fonts to use in your projects. Main Featu

*** HURRY! Limited period offer. Am I Online app now available to you for free *** Check if your internet is online by looking at an icon in MacOS status bar. This is the right app for you if you want to know if your online because - • It is

Missing the battery time remaining when using your Macbook? This light and straightforward utility solves your problem: it brings it back to the top-right menu bar in macOS! Knowing approximately how much battery time is left can prove very useful

Always keep your favorite content on top with Aurora. Aurora is a browser window that floats on top of all other windows on your system. The window opacity is adjustable, and the window can be easily collapsed into its title bar when you want to get

A small utility to track time spent on projects. Ideal for the freelance developer or designer who needs to track their time spent for billing. - Track multiple projects - Track multiple tasks for each project - Edit/delete individual entries - Quic

It is a resident type "Alarm & Timer" application. It can be used immediately with simple operation. There are three kinds of notification sounds that can be set! Gentle music that you will not be surprised is also available.

GenPwd is tool for generating passwords. The passwords are generated in a causal way and complexity can be set by selecting the type of characters that may be included.

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**Try the lite version before you buy** Visit this link to watch a demo: This app sits in the dock and counts down to all those important events, appointments and other things you have to do in the future. Set up multip


I guess you already know that Dropbox can only backup the files you put inside it's special folder (~/Dropbox). SyncAny solves this limitation and lets you synchronise any file or folder from your Mac with the cloud without moving or copying your fil

QCTools (Quality Control Tools for Video Preservation) is a free and open source software tool that helps users analyze and understand their digitized video files through use of audiovisual analytics and filtering. QCTools allows archivists, curator

Simple Battery Monitor shows remaining time, charge percentage and battery status in a compact menu bar app. * It warns you with an orange arrow icon when some apps consume too much power. * Time remaining adapts to your usage and when some demand

World Clock presenting up to 9 different time zones at a glance it can be positioned anywhere on the screen you like, with your preferred looks. Once started, you can set up to 9 different time zones in the preferences. Further options in the prefe

Rapid positioning simulator folder

Uninstaller sensei - app for complete removal applications and files that are associated with them.You can remove installed apps or uninstall just dragging it. Features • Remove installed apps. • Remove app with drag & drop.

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