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Similar Color Picker is very useful app for designers. You can get the similar color on what you will input or choose. This util can save a lot of time for you!! FAQ && Email: [email protected]

**FREE for a limited time** Password Engineer Pro is a utility that generates secure, customizable passwords. This app lets you add a custom phrase into your password, making it easier to remember, yet still secure. Features: - Generate secure al

The Mayan calendar is a system of different calendars and yearbooks, used by theMayan civilization of the pre-Columbian period in Central America. These calendars are synchronized in a complex way and are tightly integrated to form a broader, longer-

On line calculation formula of loudspeaker divider,to provide users with convenient. The frequency divider is a circuit device inside the sound box, the input music signal is separated into different parts of treble, Alto, bass, and then into the cor

Simple way to download your attachments from your Gmail. Run application, login to Gmail press Go, chose where you want to save all attachment from this folder and thats all! It 's never been so easy!

Cd To Easy New Terminal Here in Finder Q: How to enable ? A: Go to System Preferences->Extensions ->enable Cd To Q:Why not see menu item even enable extensions? A:This is mac bug not mine.As i know you should relaunch your Finder. Note: This only

Introducing LightCapture - the most streamlined way to take screenshots. Features: • Take screenshots with one-click - With LightCapture, taking a screenshot has never been easier - they're only a click away. • Copy screenshots to your cli

It is an application that can easily delete alpha channel which can not be included in iTunes Connect screenshot, Apple Watch or Apple TV icon. Please launch the application and drag & drop the file. Deletes alpha channels of multiple files at once.

『Easy Copy Path』 is a lightweight utility that allows you to copy file paths quickly in Finder. 『Easy Copy Path』 makes it easy to copy the full paths or file and directory names of the selected items. If you need to copy

Welcome to one of the most sophisticated and comfortable AntiVirus tools available! Quick, reliable and safe, AntiVirus delivers everything you could ask for. Top Features of AntiVirus: • EICAR test passed • Hourly update of virus / malwar

Sans Fonts is a content blocker for Safari 10 that blocks web fonts. What are web fonts? Web pages can either use fonts that come with the operating system, or they can refer to font files on the internet, so-called web fonts. Why would you want to

"IP Camera" can turn your device into a wireless IP Camera for security monitoring WITH Bi-directional audio support, you can use your browser to view, of course, include "IP Camera" and "IP Camera for iOS", it can work with the 'IP Camera for iOS' v

End-to-end encrypted chat and file transfer for complete privacy and security. Underpass is different from every other encrypted chat app because it does not use a third-party service. It's just two devices and a password. Peer-to-peer. There's no s

GoldenKey is the most trusted security, privacy and access VPN. -Access all websites and apps securely and privately at home, school, work or anywhere in the world. -Get complete protection from cybercriminals - GoldenKey’s banking-level encr

Simple way to download your attachments from your Microsoft Outlook for OSX. Run application, select folder with emails, chose where you want to save all attachment from this folder and thats all! It 's never been so easy!


An application that let you control your Marantz or Denon home cinema over your local network, as far as your model allow it. The app stands in your menu bar for quick access to the remote, and you can choose to hide dock icon, or not. Enjoy!

Pixel Assistant Pixel Assistant is px to em conversion made simple. Choose your body font size in pixels (px)and out comes a complete pixel (px) to em conversion table, making elastic web design with CSS a snap. The once daunting challenge of conver

Graph functions and parametric equations in two and three dimensions, and compare them in real time. Taffy 3D Graphing Calculator is a powerful graphing calculator that supports symbolic computation, algebraic and trigonometric simplification, unboun

NumberHelper NumberHelper is a convenient user to deal with the common form of digital tools. Can effectively solve the daily life to fill in the digital or processing digital complexity. At present, we first provide a check in China, Hongkong and

Customized Vanity lets you create vanity GPG keys and .onion addresses (for Tor's hidden services). For Tor's hidden services it is not possible to choose an address for a homepage as usual, this is due to the nature of how the deep web works. There


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NetstatPlus is a GUI app that displays the status of TCP network connections on your Mac, just like the netstat command line program. The netstat command line tool is great, but it is limited in how it can display information and displays a lot of u

Pick Pick is a color picker application in your status bar. Use option + command + K to pick color by default.

Copy Duck is a simple Mac app that allows you to easily convert the case of text from your Menu Bar. Features: - Convert the case of text from your menu bar - 1-Click Auto copy text on convert - Quick paste random Lorem Ipsum - Convert to Upper Case

iWep Generator helps you generate WEP key for your Wi-Fi Router. It is an offline WEP password generator. Follow these steps to generate WEP Key for your wireless router. ● Enter the passphrase (which you can easily remember) and tap on 'Gene

WebFont is a font processing client. It can export specific glyphs to SVG, PDF and PNG files. The color and size of the output can be set in preferences. Keyboard shortcuts: Command + click : to select multiple non-adjacent items; Shift + click : t


This application will check if you have an active Internet connection. It distinguishes between a WiFi connection and an active Internet connection, showing the status with an icon in the Mac menu bar

This software for the serial port tool assistant, through the computer USB access serial port tool hardware to achieve peripheral data reading and sending. Need to use serial port tool hardware. Compatible with almost all of the serial port tools on

■ Discover and remove huge files in your Mac ■ Keep your Mac light and running smoothly always ■ Scan entire Mac, a folder or an external drive ■ Intelligent file scan process with instant results "Found over 87GB of unused f

Apps these days can do so many things, but not all of them are in the interest of you. 
CastleGuard can help you out with that. The sandbox which comes with macOS protects and limits apps that are sandboxed from accessing your private data and