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Numismatica Manager is an easy to use software for coin collectors from anywhere. Can save unlimited records and print it to pdf.

StopwatchX is a simple and elegant tool that counts everything for you on your Mac.

Thanks for Thousands of Downloads. ActiveAppsWatcher is the App which list down the running user apps with the following mentioned details. For Demo Video Visit


Get World's Professional, Fast, Reliable, Easy-to-use Amazing Mac Any MP4 Converter Now! Key Features: *Amazing Mac Video to MP4 Converter It owns the ability to convert any video to MP4 video for playing on any device. It can convert tons of videos

Note the Time - Efficiency Tracking is a simple task manager that will help you in any situation. You will always be in the loop with this easy to use and well-designed app. PLAN YOUR FUTURE - Add, organize and schedule your tasks; - Edit and delete

Top Translator

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Top Translator is a client for using the web translator Google Translate. Features: • Friendly interface. • Instant access to Google Translate via status menu or global keyboard shortcut. • Translate selected text from anywhere via gl

JetRegexp is a JavaScript Regular Expression Parser & Visualizer & Tester tool. Features: 1. Regular Expression Parser & Visualizer & Tester. 2. Easily create regular expressions that match exactly what you want. 3. Clearly understand complex regula

Media Converter Pro is a best and easiest way to convert popular videos and audios to other format,which is useful and powerful tools software. 1. Convert video to the format you need. 2. Extract only audio from the video file. 3. Customize the audi

Free Disk Space Analyzer is a small app to find out who use the most part of the hard-drive (or any other drive connected to your computer) space. The app quickly analyze drives or folders to build an easy to understand tree-map of disk usage. From t

Collate and analyze the hard disk file, messy documents classified by time, you can quickly view, search for files, not need open finder to look file, all the files all in the eyes. You can select the folder you want to scan by preferences(default s


sKasten (Secure Box) is an cryptographic application based on AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithms. It simply encrypts and decrypts a file. sKasten works like this : 1. Generate an AES-256 key to encrypt a file. 2. Use a RSA public key (self-g

**** Edit Microsoft Office Word document **** Document Writer + is a easy-to-use text processor that allows users to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable. It is lean, fast and uncluttered. It starts up quickly, has a live word count,

Scientific calculator provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for you.

Tab for Alibaba allows you to access Alibaba anywhere. Just click the icon in the menu bar or in the dock and get started. Features: - Instant access to Alibaba via the menu bar - Seamless design - Starts on startup (optional) - Multiple sizes - Lig now available on Mac has been available for Windows for a long time now and after much requests also available for Mac Features DartScoreBoard 1.3: Poule function, unlimited players. Play against computer. 2 Pl

Remove applications’ packages and associated files quickly and easily with App Killer. Find and remove the app packages and other files located outside the apps folders . >> sort files by name or size >> choose one, several or all packages

SliP is an editable calculator. You can edit your formula at any time and evaluate. You can save your formula in file and can load it whenever you want. SliP is not only a calculator, but program language inspired by Lisp. You may program your rou

The ClassLink Agent* provides a seamless experience when editing documents with your favorite local applications. Documents are instantly uploaded back to your storage provider.

This app calculates exactly how long it’s been, or how long it will be until, all the important dates in your life. And Midnight Dates also helps you share these with your friends and family. It’s a fountain of really fun date-based infor

MusiCleaner is an easy to use duplicate cleaner for your Mac. It quickly scans your disk for duplicates of audio files, so you could free disc space from not needed data. THOROUGH SCAN MusiCleaner utilizes a fast and accurate scanning technology th

aRsyncGUI is a GUI for the rsync command-line tool. The main use is: * backup (and restore) local files on Mac to local storage (attached disks) * backup (and restore) local files on Mac to remote servers connected to Internet or local network

Keep an eye on your Mac from anywhere! If you share your Mac or leave it unattended, oneIopen will give you the peace of mind of knowing what's happening on your computer at all times. oneIopen is fully customizable and runs quietly in the status

Checklist Pro possesses some of the salient features that makes it an ideal to-do manager. It can be used as a task manager, which will let you know about your pending tasks through the reminder. The intuitive app design makes it very easy to use. It

Simul-Search is a one stop, no fuss search tool for the Mac. Nowadays, many people have more than one search engine that they like to consult for their information inquiries. But why should anybody have to put up with typing the same search query as

File Boss Is a tool for quick file management with a simple, intuitive interface. It works with images, media, docs and text files suggesting various quick actions, based on the type of the file you dropped there. Just drag a file/folder and drop i

Pathfinder® RPG spell list with a semi-natural language filter.


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Use your desktop better - with Dayzio! This desktop-integrated one-look calendar gives you super quick information about the day and the days events. Straight and beautiful design meet a powerful experience right on your Mac desktop. Dayzio retri


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The Engauge Digitizer tool accepts image files (like PNG, JPEG and TIFF) containing graphs, and recovers data points from those graphs.