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Stickyflix lets you access Netflix super fast. You can watch movies and TV shows online. It's fast, easy and sticky! Browse movies and series without even opening your browser. Stickyflix allows you to watch your Netflix contents straight from you

NetworkView is a network visualization tool that aims to provide a simple interface for the complex function involved in the discovery and monitoring of multi-vendor IP networks. With NetworkView you can get a quick overview of your network, whethe

PassGen Strong Password Generator, is simple yet powerful password creator. Using the simple controls, you can create unlimited random passwords with a few clicks. Creating a strong password can sometimes be a tedious task, but PassGen simplifies the

Folder shop lets you assign custom images to your folders and create colored folders with one of our 60 included preset images. - Simply drag and drop an image you'd like to use for a folder - Instantly previews the folder icon - Select your folder

• • • • The best tool for Microsoft office Word Writer• • • • Document Editor is a magic and easy-to-use word processor that makes writing and picture with perfect layouts, also supports Retina resolutions and

Internet download manager forMac OS X. Functions: - download acceleration - resume interrupted downloads - get link from Chrome & Firefox by using extensions - manage downloads

Quickly remove unnecessary files, free your Hard Drive space and speed up work of your MAC with NB Cleaner - System Junk Removal. CLEAN UP YOUR HARD DISC IN ONE CLICK - Application cache - Log files - Downloads - Trash contents FIND DUPLICATE FILES

Performance Pro blocks invisible connections and ad trackers that slow you down, waste bandwidth, reduce battery life, and put your privacy and security at risk. Performance Pro accelerates page load speeds by 44% and reduces bandwidth you consume by

Allows configuration and operation of Freefly products. Save and load parameter sets, view chart data, adjust configuration settings, update firmware and initiate flash commands.

This utility displays all network interfaces in the Mac with ip addresses, MAC addresses and other useful informations. Mac Pro Touch Bar supported. Includes for every interface: Name IPv4 address IPv6 address Netmask Broadcast address MAC address

File Security is a simple and easy-to-use program to encrypt or decrypt files of any type. It allows you to protect sensitive data against unauthorized viewers with the latest data encryption technologies to keep your important documents safe and sec

Staring at the computer screen for too long and not aware of it? Timed Timeout reminds you to take a healthy break once in a while. Nowadays we all glue to the computer screen. Too often. Too long. Time flies and we forget to take a timeout to l

Wirelessly connect your Mac to Adafruit Bluefruit LE modules for control & communication with your projects. Features: • Scan & list nearby Bluetooth LE peripherals with RSSI and Advertisement data • Send & receive messages via UART monito

NitroShare is a cross-platform application designed to make transferring files from one device to another extremely simple. The application uses broadcast discovery to find other devices on the local network with NitroShare installed. Once discovere

iLove Icon changer is an utility which allows you to customise the icons of the files, folders, shortcuts on your Mac.  It is very easy to use: 1> Open the app, drag and drop the file, folder or shortcuts into the left hand of the window. 2>

Learn fast touch typing quickly and easily with Keyboard Tutor - Blind Typing! MASTER YOUR TOUCH TYPING SKILLS • 3 difficulty levels • complete every exercise to progress to the new level • get to know how to place your fingers on key

BatteryRun - monitor your battery usage. You’ll get a full information right from the menu bar. Take care of your laptop health with BatteryRun. POP-OVER WINDOW WITH DETAILED INFORMATION > Remaining, full and design capacity > Battery temperat

In this HD video tutorial learn to use the features of your Mac that can help keep it and your data secure. We go through the best practices stay secure weather it be creating strong passwords, recognizing phishing emails, methods of encrypting your

Easy kiosk management. A version is also available for iPad. Finally, you can install an Internet kiosk in a public place in minutes. The biggest strength of tinyKiosk is its simplicity and reliability. We have thousands of customers around the worl

Smart-VPN is a free VPN client on macOS for DrayTek's customers. INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIREMENTS: - A DrayTek Vigor router which support SSL VPN feature ,such as: * Vigor2830v2 series * Vigor2860 series * Vigor2862 series * Vigor2925 series * Vigor2926

Browser Monster is specially designed to protect your privacy when you navigate on the Internet. This app can make the cleanup automatically when you close your browsers or on demand. It's an ideal tool to have when you use a shared computer or you

Hi everyone, we have created Organic Launcher as an alternative to Apple Launchpad. You can freely arrange your applications to groups and have access to all Applications on one screen. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Space and have a fun. We hope you will l

Audio Improver Pro is a useful tool for your mac that will help you to change and enrich sounding of audio files by applying various effects. - Audio effects and pitch control: Adjust pitch of any song and choose between 5 audio effects; - Equalize

Apparticle is a Mac OS X software to edit particle systems and save them in the .plist format to be used in Cocos2d based project.

Duplicate Spotter helps you locate duplicated, redundant files that serve no purposes other than wasting disk space. Duplicate Spotter quickly locates, marks and makes a list of file duplicates (multiple versions of the same file) for your considera

Audio Speed Ripper is a simple app for adjusting playback speed of your audio-files. — Tempo control: Easy and precise at the same time; — Easy controls: Control with a couple of clicks, less effort – more results; — Make i

View Apple IIgs image files from your Macintosh. Supports most formats, including: • 3200, 256, and 16 color • 320 and 640 mode • 3201 (APP/NRL) • Apple Preferred Format • PaintWorks • DreamGrafix

Clipboard Center Pro provides accessing to your clipboard's history. The icon sits on the menu bar and allows you to call up all of the items you've copied or cut. This app supports several sorts of items such as texts, photos, files, folders. To pas

It doesn't get any simpler than this! Click the mouse or tap any keyboard key to the beat and the app will tell you the BPM.

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