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You need zoom? We got some! Desktop Lens is a simple application to work with small fonts and hi-res images. Features: - Scalable zoom - Smooting - Always on Top - Change Colorscheme - Show/Hide


PingStatus is a menu bar app that will monitor the health of your internet connection and provide notification when health has changed. It uses ICMP ping packets to monitor an internet host and tracks the last round trip delay, average delay, and pac

RECLAIM YOUR SCREEN SPACE! Block obtrusive EU cookie law notices with Cookie Box, a Safari Content Blocker. Simply install Cookie Box and never see another cookie notice. Once installed, Cookie Box will update its definition database to block the

File Cabinet Lite is the lite version of File Cabinet Pro, the file manager for the macOS menu bar. With File Cabinet Lite you can view files directly from the menu bar. File Cabinet Lite is also a document-based application that ships with a built-i

Speaking Timer is a simple smart count down timer for Mac. Operation is very easy! A timer can set it easily and can begin to count down immediately. You set the time for timer and only push the start button. A timer will speak in set time and infor

Adware Cleaner reliably detects and removes adware in your browser and provides help with following issues: • Web browser is slow and hangs • Web browser is hijacked and constantly redirected • Popups with annoying advertisements and s

Protect the system from viruses with MaClever app. Check all files on your Mac and delete the dangerous ones. RELIABLE SYSTEM PROTECTION - Check the chosen files to detect the dangerous ones - Tutorial will help you to adjust the safety settings

My Personal Chef is an application for those food & culinary lovers. Build your own database with the recipes you like or invent a new one. Setup KCal limit, number of persons, origin of recipe, difficulty, Youtube Video, cost & cooking time. You ca

Easy Disk Cleaner 5 - quick, safe and secure cleanup! Free up your drive space with just a few clicks: Cleans cache files from the system; Cleans unwanted system log files; Cleans Trash to recover more space; Cleans unfinished downloaded files; Clean

I'm a desktop hoarder. Not a bad thing, but when I'm video sharing my desktop with my boss, I usually realize too late that leaving my job resume, cat videos, or pictures with his wife on my desktop isn't a great idea. This menu bar app will let y

Easy New File Free is a finder extension which adds some functions in right click menu in the Finder Feature: 1.Quick create new file, such as text file or word document ,support all the extension.

Spring Animation Curve Options Visualizer Features: - Live Preview!!! - Spring-RK4 - Spring-DHO

Rename your files by sorting and giving numbers. 1. Choose a folder. 2. Sort files by drag and drop 3. Write prefix, starting number and increment. 4. Click rename and you're done. New renamed version of your files will be saved into the folder. No

Scanner lets you quickly check files and folders for software threats such as malware, trojans or ransomware. If any malware is found, you can either quarantine it or delete it directly from the app! Features: * Quickly scan a file or an entire fold

Have you ever been stuck on a tricky task? What about those times you want to explore a new idea or concept, but need to limit the amount of time you spend? Hourglass can help you push through these tasks, and then bring you back to reality when you

We are a popular template platform. Here is a very useful set of templates. Keynote Pages PowerPoint Word Psd resume Greeting card business card UI design We just want to find the most suitable template available to you Provide the most professiona

Are you annoyed by the fact that every new display is automatically mirrored by macOS? It exposes your precious screen which may show, at the time, information you do not want to share with the audience. Would you rather like to disable mirroring by

Having one open web page at a time is a thing of the past, the ability to flick seamlessly between web pages has become essential to web browsers. 3D Web Browser is exactly what you need to flick seamlessly through your web pages. The features it has

CSView is a minimal table-style viewer for CSV files. It uses very little memory and is able to display the start of the file immediately, even for very large (multi-GB) files. It can comfortably open files larger than 4GB. Icon by Honza Dousek (ht

Contrôlez votre décodeur Orange depuis votre Mac, sur votre réseau local. Il vous suffit pour cela de renseigner l'adresse IP de votre décodeur. Compatible avec la Livebox Play TV 3 (noire) et ultérieure Compatible

This app features 25 beautifully designed mobile-friendly web page templates, compatible with Wolf Website Designer for Mac. ***Limited Time Special Promotion (Regularly $9.99 US) +Edit in Wolf Website Designer Save template directly in Wolf to cus

NL Compatibility Checker is a free utility that lets you check to see if your network router is compatible with Network Logger Pro and Network Logger IT. If your router is compatible, you can use Network Logger to graph all the network traffic goin


Turn in your writing voice!  With "Voice Reader" you can read any text from your device.  Take advantage of the most advanced speech synthesizer system directly from your Safari browser. All you need to do is select the text, right click

-- Get rid from unwanted popups, slow browser and browser highjacking -- AntiAdware is the easiest way to remove Adware and Malware installed on your macOS. Using our app you can boost the speed of your browsers. KEY FEATURES: - Remove Adware and

Please install TKeyboard on your iPhone first. Main Feature: # Use Macbook keyboard to do typing for you iPhone and iPad! # Sync clipboard between Mac and iPhone automatically. # Manage photos for your iPhone on Mac. Open this app and turn on bluet

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Please make sure that your drive supports S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) before purchasing DriveMon. You can check the S.M.A.R.T. status of in System Report -> Storage. DiskUtility can also check the

iRedis is a client that connects to the Redis server. Software features:   * Supports connection to Redis server and Redis cluster server. * Support for displaying and copying Redis Key values (String, Hash, Set, List, SortedSet) * Supports sim

New enhanced version of the great cleaner for Mac — MaCleaner 4. It's a powerful set of tools intended to improve the overall performance of your Mac. *PRIMARY FEATURES OF EXTENDED EDITION* - SMART CLEAN has become much more INTELLIGENT: New

A laptop monitor showing charging data plus detailed advice on improving battery life and capacity. Data includes your current battery capacity compared to the capacity when new, charge %, charge times, cycle count, temperature, voltage and current.