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You can hunt images similar with origin path to target path by this tool. It will show you the similarity in final results. Double click the path will open the file. Support jpg,png,exr and so on.

Contact Scan

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Check for issues, duplicates and hidden duplicates - a free utility to check the health of your address book. To fix any issues, to look at and to remove the duplicates, please get either Contact Duplicates or Contact Clearout.

agora is an event display for the LHC/ATLAS experiment. It can display parts of the detector and then can give to someone novice in high energy physics (HEP) a glance at what a HEP detector looks like. From 1.3 it can read an ATLAS JiveXML event file

Did you know that you can increase the battery life of your Macbook simply by reducing the brightness of the screen? In certain conditions, where you might not have immediate access to a power adapter, getting that extra time before the battery is c

Copier - simply app that stores your clipboard history! Copier saves your clipboard history in the menubar and lets you access it via s simple keyboard shortcut Command-Option-C. Just press Command-Option-C or click on the menubar icon and you will

The concept of Wordhord is simple. It was conceived as an application which would allow you to create your own dictionaries. However, while other apps work with dictionaries which have a one-to-one relationship between words and their definition, Wor

iLove Folder Monitor offers you an easy way to monitor the file folders on your Mac. It allows you to add one or more folder (s) to to the app, then you can watch for changes of those folders, including file creating/changing/renaming/deleting. iLov

## Whois query assistant Whois Query Assistant is an easy to use domain name registration information query application . ## What is Whois Whois simply, it is used to check whether a domain name has been registered, and database details of registe

WebDrop is a tool to share your current browser page via AirDrop. Currently support Chrome (including Canary), Safari (including WebKit), Vivaldi, Clipboard. Support global shortcut. Support launch on login. It's a simple program and open-sourced on

TinyPAC is a simple HTTP server that allows you host your .pac files easily. * How to Use TinyPAC 1. Launch TinyPAC 2. Start the PAC service 3. Switch to the "PAC" tab and add a configuration file 4. Select the previously created item and you'll se

A easy to use app that capture the picture for window, support multi display, save the screenshot as several format(png, jpg, bmp). and the screenshots history manager will help you find the previous screenshot. How to use: ◎ Launch the ap

Your swiss army knife to get the most out of your disk. Mondridisk shows you - which files and folders eat up your disk space, - which files waste space with one or more doublettes. It also lets you link all doublettes within a specific folder. Th

The Cato Client enables secure connectivity from mobile devices used by businesses to the Cato Cloud service. Traveling business users can easily connect to corporate resources on premise and in the cloud from everywhere.

iWannaWatch est une application cliente non officielle du service: BetaSeries. Elle vous permet de de vous connecter sur votre compte et de rester informé sur les nouveaux épisodes de vos séries favorites. Vous pouvez éga

Disktatus is the easiest way to monitor in real-time your hard disk or solid state drive free space, providing insights, helpful notifications and alerts when running low of free space, all in a super intuitive user interface with some extras.

Network Security by Max Secure actively monitors your network for ARP or MITM based attacks. Attacks on your network can cause your personal information like passwords, banking details and other private data to be exposed. It is recommended to use wh

Minifari is a simple web browser that can be launched instantly from the Menu Bar. Features: • Light and dark mode • Homepage and bookmarks • Integrated URL and search bar • Starts on startup (optional) • Multiple sizes Not

iPowerShell is an easy to use remote connectivity and reference tool for users of Microsoft's PowerShell scripting language. It can connect to Windows Servers running PowerShell Web Access (PSWA) or PowerShell over SSH and allows for quick cmdlet and

SpeedDial Lite lets you call your most favorite contact and send iMessage / SMS messages to him/her with one click from your Mac using Continuity feature. In addition to your favorite phone number, you can call and send iMessage / SMS messages to a

vSolution Cast: The innovative, new app from WolfVision that helps you work with Cynap systems over AirPlay in network environments where the Bonjour device discovery service is disabled. It allows you to enter the Cast ID (will be displayed by the

Password Pig allows users to store, retrieve and update passwords and other important data on one or more devices, all for one low price ($2.99 USD per year, or equivalent, after a 30 day try-it-free period). Never forget another password again! It&

FOR THIS APP TO WORK, YOU MUST HAVE AN iPHONE AND THE X REMOTE INSTALLED ON THAT iPHONE (It's free:D!!). MAC VERSIONS 10.10+. ONLY. To get XRECEIVER to work, enter in the ID shown at the top of screen on your iPhone. Then click the icon in the system

This app uses the formulas to calculate the survey parameters (diff of TVD, HD, N/S, E/W, DLS) between two stations of the methods: 1. Tangential 2. Balanced Tangential 3. Minimum Curvature 4. Radius of Curvature 5. Average Angle Also available t

Copy Parrot is a quick and easy way to store and access important information. It allows you to copy some information from one device and paste it onto another, anywhere in the world. Copy a text message from your phone from home and paste it onto y

Screen IT! Save the needed pieces from pictures, online articles, web pages, or documents. Highlight and take notes on top of your capture, save or share the result. ► POWERFUL YET SIMPLE • Click and hold the beginning point • Drag a

La guía de televisión definitiva. Nuestra experiencia en Broadcasting, nos permite ofrecer una guía completa, rápida y fácil de usar con actualizaciones diarias de la información. Todas las funciones favori

Najlepszy przewodnik telewizyjny. Nasze doświadczenie w organizacji produkcji telewizyjnej pozwala nam zaoferować Ci kompletny, szybki i łatwy w użyciu przewodnik telewizyjny wzbogacony o najświeższe, codzienne informacj

Ang tiyak na gabay sa telebisyon. Ang pagsasahimpapawid ng aming karanasan ay nagbibigay-daan sa amin upang mag-alok ng isang kumpletong, mabilis at madaling gamitin na gabay sa araw-araw na mga update sa impormasyon. TAMPOK - Ngayon sa TV - Magp

La guía de televisión definitiva. Nuestra experiencia en Broadcasting, nos permite ofrecer una guía completa, rápida y fácil de usar con actualizaciones diarias de la información. Todas las funciones favori

La guía de televisión definitiva. Nuestra experiencia en Broadcasting, nos permite ofrecer una guía completa, rápida y fácil de usar con actualizaciones diarias de la información. Todas las funciones favori