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Gori is a copy & paste management app. Don't like this pattern.... cmd+C ... cmd+V ... cmd+C ... cmd+V ... cmd+C ... cmd+V ... cmd+C ... cmd+V ... cmd+C ... cmd+V ... cmd+C ... cmd+V ... Gori is... cmd+C ... cmd+V ... cmd+V ... cmd+V ... cmd+V

Dedlin Clock - a floating analog clock for OS X that syncs with your calendar. - Show today's events in an intuitive way. Or just show a plain clock. - Choose from a range of clean styles, and customize the look. - Get a glimpse of the event and tim

Keep an eye on your MAC and its performance with KeepAnEye - System Monitoring And Disk Cleaner. With this little application your MAC will be working as good as new! SCAN YOUR HARD DRIVE to find the largest files on your MAC CHECK THE CPU PERFORMA

Show your upcoming calendar events in a clean floating list on your desktop. - Syncs with your system calendar. - See the duration and time remaining to events, including a clear header for the next pending event. - Style and resize it as you wish.

This app is designed to minimise the size of pdf documents, especially for those pdf files that have many graphics and photos within it. Features: • Simply drag and drop pdf files into the app to start, compression will begin immediately. &b

Codepan (desktop version) is simple code editor. Can be use to create and edit php, asp, json, xml, HTML, objective-c, swift, podfile, java, css, js, txt. You can choose text alignment, line number (hide and seek), bottom information (hide and seek)

----- Time-limited Giveaway ----- Useless large files take up a great deal of precious disk space on your Mac. You may don’t know that how many large files are stored on the hard drive. DoYourData File Manager will help you find, preview, locat

A nice & clean application for Wine Collectors Lovers! Wine Collector will allow you to keep update your wine collection. - Illimitate Records - Wine registry - Collector data - Producer data - Inventory - Printing

Simple utility app that removes .DS_Store files those contains Finder-specific preferences and many times ._* files have created when you copy paste to pen drives or external hard drives. Why would you want to remove If you’re moving files b

Turn in your writing voice!  Try the convenience of access to the application from the tab bar! With "Tab Voice Reader" you can read any text from your device.  Copy the text you want to email, web, applications and much more to make you re

Large File Scanner is an ultimate fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes large files on the matching level you choose. It works with external storages and your system's hard drives as well. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number

As a very simple comparison tool folder, friendly user interface that allows you to start the task immediately: * Check the difference between two file folders * Differences include a new add, modify, delete * You will not see the same * Double-clic

Mac OS X is considered one of the most secure operating systems. And if you are not sure in this or that file, you can easily use Virus Hunter app to determine the infected or dangerous files. You can upload a file up to 32mb on a server and find ou

Quite simply, it is a task to do, and do well, drag the file up, and the calculated hash value. I do not know a file has been modified or not? Use it, Checksum it. Features: * Easy to use, at a glance * No advertising, there is no mandatory require

HTML5 Editor is a simple and practical the HTML source code editor. Software features: * Support for HTML code coloring. * Support for HTML code intelligence sensing. * Support for HTML code auto-completion. * Support HTML file preview function(Ctrl

Keep your MAC clean and fast with MiniCleaner! GET RID OF UNNECESSARY FILES Scan your MAC and delete junk files in one click Remove the large files on your MAC FIND FILES WITH SPECIFIC SIZE Set the size of your files you want to look for Check yo

Memory Cleaner by Max Secure is the ultimate app for optimizing your Mac's memory(RAM). Using the Clean button, free up inactive memory instantly. It also monitors and provides reports of memory being used in various segments. Memory Cleaner works b

Free for limited period only.Thanks for huge downloads. With DuplicatesAtYourDownload-Find&Delet -You can see the duplicate files and you can delete them which are present in Download Folder. -As We download the same content so many time usually in

This is the most capable utility to organise your photos and videos in a hierarchical folder structure. Just show where is all your digital media. One click will be enough to organize them. FEATURES ◉ Finds your photos, videos or other file

AutoCover works in the shadows, keeping your video folders in style. Just tell AutoCover which folders you want it to watch and forget about it. It will search the proper cover image and will set the icon to any video file into these folders and any

• • Just Only: $2.99. for one week • • It is designed to decompress all common packages, such as zip, rar, tar and 7z etc (over 28 formats). • • • Feature • • • • Decompress over 28 kinds of


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iSoar is software for the glider, paraglider and hangglider pilot. iSoar has 2 main parts: 1) Analyse your IGC log files. 2) Plan flights. Features: - OS X native. - Offline maps ( - OLC Optimisation - Charron Optimisation -

Menu Calendar makes available under the menu bar, in any application you are running , a small calendar usable also for date calculation. Clicking it's icon under the menu bar not only shows a small standard calendar that you can use to navigate in


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Play a song, look up contact information, open apps, check the weather, and more - all with your voice. Sound familiar? On your iPhone, Apple's Siri allows you to access a wide variety of information and perform different tasks. Now you can do most

UP Studio is from Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates several functions like model showing, model editor,model generator and model printing. Model Showing: UP Studio supports stl and UP3 format files. It show complicated model mo

The Umbrella app by OpenDNS will protect your computer from making connections to malicious IP addresses. Backed by top OpenDNS researchers, this malicious list of bad IP Addresses is maintained in real-time. Bad requests are redirected to our clou

A convient tool for simple algebra calculations often not found on general scientific calculators

----- Time-limited Giveaway ----- FileAssistant is designed for making Mac file management become as easy as PC file management. It offers a real time synchronization box. You can freely drag or add your frequently used files or folders to the box. T


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Meet QuickSleep - an effortless way to put your Mac in sleep mode. Features: • One-click sleep - With QuickSleep, putting your Mac in sleep mode has never been easier - it only takes one click. • Customizable keyboard shortcuts - QuickSlee