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We're proud to offer you a new useful tool for your daily life. This writing pad app will help you prepare every step of your upcoming trips: from getting a visa to packing the suitcase. You'll be able to plan several trips at the same time, without

The Ultimate Canadian Campground Project app shows publicly-owned, non-commercial campgrounds across Canada. In this app you will find over 3,800 facilities, ranging from full-service campgrounds to remote boondocking and back-packing locations with

Atlas is an easy to use, yet powerful GPX viewer and editor. Create your own maps Plan your travels, create a restaurant wish list or simply log all cities you've ever visited. It's as easy as creating a new map and start adding places. Add notes to

IGC flight log file analysis for gliders / sailplanes, hang-gliders and paragliders. FEATURES • View and analyse IGC flight log files from gliders / sailplanes, hang-gliders and paragliders. • Native application for macOS. • Privacy.

The United States Of America have passed a long way and lots of reformations to become what we know about them now! And everybody who knows history can see this passed time on the flag with stripes and stars which represent all states in the USA. Thi

The desktop version of our successful Irish Real Time Rail and Rail Ireland iOS apps comes to OS X. Find out real time train information throughout the Republic of Ireland direct from your desktop. Select what type of stations you wish to see: * D

View almost 1,000 CALTRANS road cameras throughout the California road system. - Hover the mouse over a camera icon to view a small traffic image of the area. - Click on a camera icon to view the latest camera image(s) and information. - Save your

Map Distances shows distances between map pins you set. Simply hold down the shift key and click on the map to create map pins. Drag a map pin to new locations as needed. - Map pins are numbered for easy reference - Add map pins by shift-clicking on

AutoDrive is a simple app that automatically tracks your drives and provides a look at your time spent driving, total distance driven, your cost of driving and much more! ‣ Automatically save your drive when you are no longer traveling. Drives

The FLVfrTerrain application supplements a pilot's current flight planning tools, for VFR flights within the "lower-48" contiguous states of the USA. No data subscription is required. The goal is to provide an alternate way of visualizing terrain c

The Cartograph app views offline and online maps, supports track recording, editing, and live tracking. The app also supports the popular Mapsforge format, as well as SQLite based raster maps such as mbtiles and rmap (Locus). Web: http://www.cartogr

Do you love to travel, but get frustrated because you don't speak the language? There aren’t many travel experiences more challenging than being unable to communicate with someone while visiting a foreign country. In a real sense, without good


Travel Hacking: Travel Hacking Made Simple Learn Tips to Almost Travel the World for FREE You'll Save Money on Your Next Travel Purchase Or Your Money Back - Guaranteed! LEARN TIPS AND STRATEGIES ON How to Cleverly Travel The World On A Shoestring

Use this cool translator to instantly translate any text into any of 44 languages! Simply highlight any text, right click and select 'translate'. The text will be translated into the language that you have selected. After this, you can either copy

Inspired by the iOS app, the Wellington Bus Stop app brings stop departure times to the Notifications Centre in macOS. Simply find your local bus stop on the map and open it by clicking on its pin and then add it to the Today Widget.

Convert exchange rates for over 160 currencies. ◎ Support 12 languages ◎ Custom theme colors. ◎ Support for over 160 world currencies ◎ Exchange rate auto-updates ◎ Historical chart ◎ Make quick currency calculati

AllergyMe Translate is a translator app designed specifically for people suffering with allergies. AllergyMe Translate allows you to inform local people abroad about your allergies so you feel safe when eating out. After informing them of all your f


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Remember your favorite places Whenever you come across those special places you want to remember forever, just place a pin on Places2Note, add comments, rating, pictures, voice message or video. Capture a place once, and it’s instantly availabl

Use this cool translator to instantly translate any text into any of 44 languages! Simply highlight any text, right click and select 'translate'. The text will be translated into the language that you have selected. After this, you can either copy

TAXI LIVE Client online application The simplest way to call a TAXI using using five steps: 1. Open the application 2. Select one favorite address or use GPS localization 3. Select the TAXI cab 4. Fill address details 5. Send the order toward TAXI d

VIVIWO is your next place to visit through a great 3D experience. An amazing adventure: visit other places like never before. Discover your future vacations place, meet other people, share, enjoy. You can play online games with other users, visit

Excellent Complete Video Training on Learning the Dutch Language Complete This is your opportunity! In this course, we start from zero. Indeed, zero. No previous knowledge needed. No expensive study books. We build on our way to learn Dutch, step by

The complete planner and guide for travel and leisure on the River Thames (from its source to the sea) including where you can go, how you get there and what’s on the way - includes these key features: Thames Map and Guide: •Interactive R

A handy calculator to estimate the fuel consumption and fuel cost of a trip. The fuel cost calculator can help you figure out how much fuel you need for your trip and how much it will cost. Enter the distance (in miles or kilometers), the average f

nautical navigation application for all kind of vessels. Uses free S57 nautical vector charts

Launch NMEA files here for reviewing GPGGA strings. Scrolling the context with geolocation: MAP's observation. Supervision the detail of points on MAP & Graphics. For your convenience. Likely, useful and clear interface.

Find.Exchange Currency Converter has landed on MAC OS APP, we put the power of real-time world currency exchange within your browser, allowing users to always be in the know about their favourite currencies. FEATURES: • Access to 160 world cu