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Camtinerary for Mac is ideal for viewing the map of your trip on a large screen and using the mouse to use interface elements that are not feasible on iOS. Camtinerary for Mac's feature list: * Be free from annoying requests for your email addr

Tab for Google Maps allows you to access Google Maps anywhere. Just click the icon in the menu bar or in the dock and get started. Features: - Instant access to Google Maps via the menu bar - Seamless design - Starts on startup (optional) - Multiple

Road Tripper PRO

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Organize your trips on Apple Maps! Add the places you wish to visit! For each place, add a name, description, arrival and departure date, URL, phone number and address. Perfect app for travelers, salespeople, trucking companies, and couriers... Add

Think you can tell the difference between a Boeing 737 and an Airbus A320? How about a B767 and A330? If you think you know all the answers, try this quiz! Airplane Quiz is the perfect game for aviation nuts and airplane jet junkies. Airplane Quiz

Magically Speak and Understand Different Languages within a matter of Seconds! Used in hospitals for doctors to talk to non-English patients worldwide! Check out the instruction video here!

Gas Stations shows gas station locations and prices throughout the US. Sure you can use a web page to locate gas stations, but those web pages tend to be full of advertisements and slow. And they don’t have all the features Gas Stations has:

Now on sale, usually $2.99! If you fly, you need this app! AirportAce is the best airport information guide in the app store! Stop getting lost and find exactly what you need when you travel! Originally designed for iPhone and iPad, AirportAce is n

Plan Your Next Vacation: Syncs with the FREE iPhone App VacationSync over Wi-Fi! VacationPlanner is the perfect application for planning your vacation on a Mac. Generate custom Itineraries for Dining, Rooms, Transportation, Tickets, Events, and Lo

The map app you've been waiting for! Visualize your entire history of GPS-tagged photos on a world map to look back and remember your adventures. A blue pin on the map is a cluster of memories, while a red pin is a single photograph. Click on the pin

Bring the complete WikiTravel guide with you to read anywhere and everywhere, no internet connection required! Travel Guide has information on traveling the whole world. From Congo to Canada, from Spain to Space, it's all here. Once the app is downl

NEW! Master essential travel phrases on your Mac with Lingolook, the premier language guides that feature illustrated flashcards and talking translations. Discover why Lingolook FRANCE is among the best apps for travelers. FEATURES: -No internet co

• Convert from one unit to another (8 gallons to liters) • Add different units (10 miles + 5 kilometers) • Do rate, distance, and time calculations (If my speed is 60 mph and I want to travel 85 miles, how long will it take?) • Ea

RoadCam Northwest, the popular iOS app is now available for desktop users! RoadCam NW includes over 800 individual cameras over 4 different states to give you a comprehensive look at conditions around the Northwest. Simply tap the camera pin you

◆◆◆ ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME: 50% OFF◆◆◆ THE PERFECT TRANSLATE APP FOR YOUR MAC - PRO VERSION Tab for Translate is an easy to use translation tool for quick translation. It takes care of all your language tra

Simple and efficient translation tool currently supports 80 languages​​. After running this program in your menu bar appears next to the system time can be found. Do not take your dockbar space, easy to use. Main features: Multiling

Map Snapshot lets you create big map images easily! ***** FEATURES ***** + Create high resolution map images in JPEG. + Up to 9 times the resolution of the screen. + Option to hide icons for points of interest. + 3 map types - standard, hybrid, sat

FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Welcome to the country of poets and thinkers – Germany. Its cultural peculiarities, wonderful sceneries and great history will definitely charm everyone. We are glad to offer you virtual trip to this great European c

This is a Excellent Course on Learning the English Language. Sound like a Native. You will learn the target grammar structures at a deep level, so that you can sound more native-like when you speak English. If you want to speak English more clearly

Find any ship all over the world! With FindShip, you can track your vessel' movements realtime on the map Features: * Nearly 100,000 ships online. * Covering most ports on the world. * Detail ship's information. In addition to AIS information, D

Travel Translator enables you to instantly translate and understand foreign language text. A simple click on the “Translate” button and you get the appropriate translation. In addition, a built-in spelling checker adds extra safety, and t

NEW! Master essential travel phrases on your Mac with Lingolook, the premier language guides that feature illustrated flashcards and talking translations. Discover why Travel + Leisure Magazine named Lingolook among the best apps for travelers -- jus

Begin your tour of the USA in the historic city of Boston. Explore Faneuil Hall, the Freedom Trail, Harvard University and the home of Paul Revere. Next, visit the Statue of Liberty in New York, relax in Central Park and revel in the nightlife in Tim

Do you want to find latitude and longitude data from the map? Do you want to measure distances between places? If yes, this app is for you. Features: + Find the latitude and longitude. + Multiple pins. + Measure distances in kilometers / miles. +

Hangi Köprü uygulaması İstanbul Boğaziçi ve Fatih Sultan Mehmet köprülerinin yoğunluk bilgisine hızlıca erişmenizi sağlayan bir Extensions uygulamasıdır. Bu özelliğ

Atlas is an easy to use, yet powerful GPX viewer and editor. Create your own maps Plan your travels, create a restaurant wish list or simply log all cities you've ever visited. It's as easy as creating a new map and start adding places. Add notes to

You are used to be prepared for the worst hoping for the best? You can’t always be sure about what’s going to happen, especially while travelling. To make sure you won’t be caught at a weak moment by circumstances and carry everythi

It's very important to know the time of the country or city you are going to. With World Time Zones - Plan Your Trip app you can be sure you won't have to worry about your future time! World Time Zones - Plan Your Trip features: - Add you delete th

Softmatic World Clock is the last world time clock you'll ever need. Live search for locations, a glorious full screen mode with up to five clocks and support for all screen resolutions including Retina - all in one package. The full screen mode is p

My World Clock is an easy way to see time of different places in the same window. It lets you access time from multiple location in the form of a clock (both analog and digital) on a simple App layout. You can resize the app window according to your

MyRoutes Use MyRoutes for planning, tracking, researching and reviewing global travel. MyRoutes enables you to create, visualize, and edit world routes and to link media resources with a route or any stop on the route. MyRoutes employs a set of c