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Some of the things you can do with eAssistLive: *clip analysis, *very quick and easy, *sort the video clips, prepare a list of meetings clips, *save the result as a video analysis ... You have purchased the most advanced Match Analysis software on t

Sports Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 13 Sports Calculators Sports Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Base Running Average - Baseball Batting Average - Baseball Earned Run Average - Baseball Fielding Percentage - Baseba

Brand new application for skydivers. From now on you can track your skydives right on your Mac. With this beautifully designed app you can save all your skydives with all your equipment, drop zones and more. Functionalities of this app include savin

This app is for making bar path tracking of weightlifting in real time. 'Setting conditions' 1. Please use this app in environment bright enough. When the brightness of the video is not enough, app does not work normally. 2. The background color in

Resistance Band Training is becoming very popular with Men and Women alike as a great and easy way to get and stay fit. There are so many benefits using this kind of training apparatus. This collection of over 280 tuitional video guides will soon

This collection of more than 400 Virtual Journeys will keep you entertained whilst on your exercise cycle. You can literally cycle around the world! App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the vi

Discover the World of Gymnastics with this fantastic collection of MORE THAN 340 Video Guides. Learn the skills and see the drills and training exercises. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refre

Learn Aikido Self Defense Skills with this comprehensive selection of MORE THAN 300 training video lessons. The video lessons cove all levels from beginners to advanced and many moves and techniques are included. Use this app as a “Video Refe

This is a Mac tool for tracking NBA scores when you have no time to watch the live. This application will create a basketball icon for you at the top menu bar. Click on the icon, you can view the real-time score of all NBA events on the day. You can

Whether you are running, cycling or even soaring the sky, Track is a perfect match for you. Track allows you to read different log files with just one application. QUICK LOOK INTEGRATION You can now get a quick preview of the contents of your file b

Imagine you could get access to a cheat sheet that automatically adjusts to fit your league settings AND allows you to mark off players during your draft. That’s exactly what the 2017 RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit can do for you. It&rsquo

This collection of more than 550 Virtual Cycling and walking Videos will keep you well entertained as you hit the exercise bike or treadmill! There are rides from all over the World and you will be engrossed as you pile up the miles! Use this app a

In order to exercise smartly, it's vital to know a human body it all works. Human Anatomy 3D — Bones And Muscles is an immensely useful application which will come in handy for all who want to perfect their bodies. HOW TO USE Human Anatomy 3D

NBA game live scores within a little floating window. You can view the real-time score of all NBA events today. You can drag the scoreboard window above any software at any position. Pay attention to the team you love even at work! :D --- ·

This version of PlayMaker Pro draws plays for Canadian Football (24 players per team). It also draws scale size Canadian football fields than can be 110 yards long. PlayMaker Pro is used by thousands of football teams worldwide to produce playbooks,

ϟϟϟ First Full Body Workout App for Mac ϟϟϟ HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) is a workout that is focused on effects. For the exercises you need only a simple chair or a platform. You workout just with your own bo

Karger Racing Programmable Digital Ignition is an ignition for speedway racing. With the MAP button you can choose between 3 settings. With no light on the ignition are running with fixed ignition timing. Where the advance are set in the window Fixe

Tactic, lineup & drill builder... Mac version of Coach Tactic Board, one of the best iOS coaching apps. More drill equipment, over 110 player poses, fields in different perspective will let you prepare any drill you could even imagine. FEATURES -

• Customized Player Rankings: Fantistics software utilizes a proven linear regression model which produces truly unique and custom results based on your league settings. Entering your league criteria can be the difference in a player like Aaron

Data volley 4 Player allows to import a match from Data Volley 4 Pro and analyse it in a few clicks. Perfect for players and staff who want to examine and watch again different game situation.

It allows you to review your pedal assist settings.By selecting the appropriate battery, it allows reading the eDrive data with estimated battery capacity and range.

Game Data Live

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Game Data Live enables the collection and review of football play data along with video - live during a game. Use the play data to find significant plays fast and view their associated video. Generate game stats, player stats and scouting reports fro

To increase the Motor Power Level by 1, Click on upward direction button on screen (swap length should be more than 1 inch) when Motor is connected. To decrease the Motor Power Level by 1, Click on downward direction button on screen (swap length s

This version of PlayMaker Pro draws plays for Basketball (10 players per team) Only. PlayMaker Pro is used by teams worldwide to produce playbooks, handouts and presentations at all levels from the Pros down to youth leagues. PlayMaker Pro users cr


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Add a touch of class to your next poker tournament. Want to keep track of your tournament blind structures in the easiest way possible. PokerTimer aims to get you playing cards, not playing with software. No unnecessary features and confusing displ