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★ 50% OFF for limited time only! ★ ★ iOS versions have more than 12,000 users worldwide! Join in! ★ Basketball Manager 13 is coach's clipboard app. Move the players and balls on the field, draw lines, change the colors of t

Increase strength, develop flexibility, and improve mental and physical discipline with Karate! Learn the technique, history, and philosophy of the ancient art of Karate with Karate Dojo, an introductory course packed with instructive video that lets

The Gym Ball or Swiss Ball Or Balance Ball (as also known) is a great tool for getting and staying in shape. There are some great exercise routines and this app has some 112 easy to follow video lessons. The app has many easy to use features: ***

The amazing bicycle gear calculator Precise calculations, extremely simple presentation. BikeGears is the easiest way to get the facts. Take a few seconds and watch our video demo, it is short and lightweight.

Our Fantasy Football Draft Advisor Software was developed from the ground up using the latest Apple software development technologies. It is 10x faster than our PC program! Additionally, this year we have matched 100% of the most used features of t

PlayMaker Pro

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PlayMaker Pro is used by thousands of football teams worldwide to produce playbooks, handouts and presentations at all levels from the Pros down to youth leagues. PlayMaker Pro users create precise drawings on scale size fields that look more profe

# # # # # # # # # SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE 50% OFF # # # # # # # # # Checkers Clash Classic is a perfect checkers board game for you. Choose the level and the number of pieces you want to start the match or even use high standard tournament rules, like

"Underground Hip-Hop icon Moka Only drops the science on some classic tricks from the 80's!" Veteran skateboarder and microphone fiend Moka Only gives us his unique take on some Old-School tricks that have stood the test of time. Each trick tip is f

Hunt/Fish Cal App Video Demonstration... The BEST Hunting & Fishing Companion for the iPhone, iPad and Mac Platforms. This app gives you the tools to make your hunting & fishing life easier and most importantly more

Schedule Creator is a program designed to create team pairings. The unique feature of Schedule Creator is that no two teams will be paired together until all teams have been paired at least once. There are three options - Shuffle Row - Shuffle Colum

Spot Kick Hero allows you to get right into the action. Pick your favourite team and hone your penalty taking skills before challenging friends in tournament mode. With exhibition mode, tournament mode and Hoopla mini game you have the chance to ste

The Running Coach's Clipboard allows coaches and spectators to time and track splits of up to 100 athletes across multiple events in any race, meet or workout. This clipboard of results can be stored, printed, exported to spreadsheets and databases,

◌ Top #5 Sports app in 41 countries including UK ◌ ◌ iOS versions have more than 12,000 users worldwide! Join in! ◌ Football Manager 13 is coach's clipboard app. Move the players and balls on the field, draw lines, change th

Wing Chun really came to the limelight with Bruce Lee coming to the big screen. Wing Chub is a fantastic martial art practised and enjoyed all over the world. This app has 427 tuitional lessons that will cover the basics, intermediate and advanced

Finger Basketball is a fun game that challenges you to score as many shots as you can! Play daily challenges and compete to climb the leaderboards! Flick the slider with your finger or slide it forward by holding down your finger on the slider, pul

Gymnastics is a truly wonderful way for young and old to get fit. Of course starting young is by far the best way! This app has something for everyone through its selection of 175 tutorial and informative videos. There are lessons for beginners

Learn Kickboxing techniques and skills with this collection of 347 training videos. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos y

Teach Yourself Tai Chi skills, drills and techniques with this great collection of 221 tuitional video lessons. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change

[How to use?]: 'Setting conditions' 1. Please take the your weightlifting video in environment bright enough. When the brightness of the video is not enough, App does not work normally. 2. The background color in the video should be the monochromatic

Take master Class in Krav Maga with this selection of More Than 400 tuitional video lessons. All aspects of this brilliant martial art are covered and there are many training drills discussed and explained in addition. Use this app as a “Vid

Bring our winning fantasy baseball advisory to your draft. Our player rankings adjust as players are selected, adhering to the changing dynamics of your draft. After a player is selected/drafted, the software will display/suggest the best players bas

Swing it Pro is the golf video analysis tool for the serious golfer and golf instructors. Use Swing it to compare swing videos side-by-side, or on top of each other. Draw graphics to analyze how the golfer has set-up or any movement. Set key-points

Learn 35 essential tricks that every mini ramp skateboarder should know! Watch Pro Skater Mike McKinlay show you deep secrets about how to pull off most of the tricks that you'll need to session any mini ramp you come across. Starting with the basic

# # # # # # # # # SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE 50% OFF # # # # # # # # # Checkers Clash: Challenges is a puzzle like game that tests your logical skills and your knowledge on the checkers rules. Each stage takes you to a different, and possible, in-game sit

"Logbuch" is a user-optimised logbook software developed from sailors for sailors. This is the German edition of the software. To find the new English edition, please search for "Logbook" from 2K Yachting. You can use "Logbook" similar to the logb

An application to record football (soccer) results, perform match forecasts and maintain division (league) tables. A sample data file can be downloaded from the developer's website.

VirtuaScore Tennis is a virtual tennis scoreboard app. It's full array of displays, simple interface, and customization options make it an ideal solution for school sports teams and independent sports organizations looking for an affordable alternati

*** Discounted Price to celebrate the arrival of our new iPad and iPhone versions **** Welcome to the new and improved Bodygolf Fitness program, The App has been redesigned from the ground up to include new features such as coverflow display and ful

Golf is a mental game as much as a physical one, so attuning your mind to your actions will help you to achieve your goals. Whether you are a pro or a leisure golfer the game can bring you great satisfaction and reward but can also bring frustration

"Logbook" is an user-optimised logbook software, developed from sailors for sailors which has already been enhanced during long turns and is now available in English user interface! The first digital logbook for sailors. Please note: The version of