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This version of PlayMaker Pro draws plays for American Football (22 players per team) Only. PlayMaker Pro is used by thousands of football teams worldwide to produce playbooks, handouts and presentations at all levels from the Pros down to youth lea

*** 50% Off for Limited Time *** Since it's release into the Mac App Store, Statbook has been at the top of the charts in the Sports category every week. Statbook is a statistics tracking and publishing tool for Mac OS X. With Statbook, users can

Divers’ Diary, the customized interface solution for Icon HD Net Ready, Puck, Puck Pro, Nemo Wide, Nemo Air, Nemo Excel and Matrix dive computers. Adds some interesting features that you are going to appreciate. After downloading dives onto t

Golfers Guide: Effective Ways To Improve Your Game Finally the golf app everyone has been talking about is here! A perfect hand held reference guide for the Beginner to Intermediate golfer. Follow techniques that have improved the skills of millions

SunRise/SunSet App Video Demonstration... ☼☾☼☾ The MUST have SunRise/SunSet Calendar App for the App Store! ☼☾☼☾ For those of you looking up the SunRise & SunSet times

Imagine you could get access to a cheat sheet that automatically adjusts to fit your league settings AND allows you to mark off players during your draft. That’s exactly what the 2016 RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit can do for you. It&rsquo

This is the real new 3D slate for the basketball players. Better than a paperboard, faster to share than a usk key or a paperbook ! Watch your playbook in 3D on your Mac with an infinity of points of views ! You can play the animation as if you were

The epoch-making tactics board for badminton. By using a three-dimensional CG, I was able to express the three-dimensional board tactics. For height and depth that can not be essential in considering the tactics badminton, you can express more concre

Tai Chi helps you relax, develop flexibility, and achieve harmony of mind and body. Now you can reap the benefits of this ancient exercise as an expert, skilled in teaching and competition, shows you the basics of Tai Chi though step-by-step video le

Explore and plan your boating trips on your Mac, then export your route to your iPhone for navigation while at sea - or plug in a GPS unit, and navigate with your laptop and our hi-res vector charts. SeaNav for Mac has the latest NOAA ENC Digital Ve

Do you need to keep track of golf but paper is difficult to maintain. Well, Track My Golf will make that process extremely easy. Features: Calculate your unofficial USGA handicap Record video of your swings and putting using the Facetime or any ma

Finger Soccer is a fun game that pits teams from 32 different countries on the pitch. Play head-to-head against the computer or play challenge mode and see how many goals you can score! Flick the slider with your finger or slide it forward by holdi

+++ MEGA SALE - 66% OFF +++ We use this Basic Sports Timer for our Wing Tsun workouts. It's quick & easy to set up so you can focus on your training. This simple App can be used for any kind of interval training, HIIT sessions (including Tabata metho

TTScoreBoard is a virtual table tennis scoreboard, it can be controlled from a mouse by a referee to keep and show the score. The facing of the display can be configured either for viewing by the referee or the players, the scoring can be configured

The Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu : Siu Lim Tao app is the must have application for all Wing Chun practitioners. Featuring a motion captured Siu Lim Tao performed by Grand Master Samuel Kwok. The app includes detailed information about the Sui Lim Ta

The number 1 selling FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT SOFTWARE is now available on MAC OSX! Fantistics Fantasy Football is an analyst network dedicated to providing the serious fantasy football fan with accurate fantasy player projections utilizing the most a

Sam Lowe is a Canadian BMX luminary and well-known shredder extraordinaire. In this useful and exciting app, Sam takes you through some basic BMX tricks on a flat-bar and ledge and steps it up with some more advanced combos. A must-have app for any s

The one and only Mac App that feeds you with live scores of your favorite sport teams! Sports Score Notifier currently supports live scores for a lot of national and international soccer and basketball teams and will improve the support for more na

Imagine you could get access to a cheat sheet that automatically adjusts to fit your league settings AND allows you to mark off players during your draft. That’s exactly what the 2017 RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit can do for you. It&rsquo

Take a tour of the 47 Summer and Winter Olympics held from 1896 to the present. Examine the nearly 200 postage stamps from many nations that depict the events of the Games. View the names of participating nations and the summary of medals awarded. Th

Enter a snowboarding world of total freedom with awesome tricks and incredible jumps. 3 challenging courses with 3 levels of difficulty, set in realistic, high-detail, snow-filled landscapes make Pro Riders Snowboard a must game sport. Show off your

In order to exercise smartly, it's vital to know how a human body works. Human Anatomy 3D - Bones And Muscles is an immensely useful application which will come in handy for all who want to perfect their bodies. HOW TO USE Human Anatomy 3D - Bones A

# # # # # # # # # SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE 50% OFF # # # # # # # # # This is a version of the good old checkers game, based on the science fiction genre called Steampunk. In this alternate reality, great technological advances have been reached through

Exercises for Kids Encourage self-confidence and build physical and social skills with gymnastics! These fun games and exercises develop lifetime skills and improve coordination, concentration, and control. Just follow along with these easy video les

csv2tcx is a simple application that takes a csv (Comma Separated Variable Format) file and converts it into a tcx (Garmin Training Centre Format) file. Tcx files are used by many online sports training and recording services, such as Strava and Tr

Add a touch of class to your next poker tournament. Want to keep track of your tournament blind structures in the easiest way possible. PokerTimer aims to get you playing cards, not playing with software. No unnecessary features and confusing displ

Increase strength, develop flexibility, and improve mental and physical discipline with Karate! Learn the technique, history, and philosophy of the ancient art of Karate with Karate Dojo, an introductory course packed with instructive video that lets

VirtuaScore Volleyball is a virtual volleyball scoreboard app. It's full array of displays, simple interface, and customization options make it an ideal solution for school sports teams and independent sports organizations looking for an affordable a

This app provides access to information related to the Australian Football League competition. By using this app you will be able to view the following: - team websites - team news - tweets by your favourite players and about your club - fixture de

La aplicación calcula el tiempo límite y el tiempo correspondiente a la frontera de seguridad para una inmersión simple hasta 30 metros de acuerdo a las tablas de inmersión de FEDAS.