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Babelnet comes in two versions: - Babelnet Pro (cloud or on-premise) - Babelnet Lite – FREE for personal / non commercial use If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact us at [email protected] What is Babelnet:

These are Social Media Professional Graphic TimeLine Covers for Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and can be used for Instagram Save A lot of Time and Increase Profits 100% Licensed and 100% Royalty Free* Over 6GB of Professional Graphic T

With Avokall you can connect with other users for free. This cross-platform app supports HD audio and video. You can also chat and create group chats up to 100 participants. To call non-Avokall landline or mobile phone numbers buy one of the minute p

Turbo Followers for Instagram is a magical app for getting more real and genuine Instagram followers. With this app, you can get thousands of free followers very quickly from active users, and you will be popular on Instagram in minutes. It gets you

Silo is the largest and most helpful online community of professionals in the world. Join to explore unpublished job opportunties shared by other members. Meet your peers at AirBnB, Amazon, Facebook, Google and thousands of other companies who help

ImageCast allows you to share your favorite photos or videos from your Mac directly to your TV connected to the same network. Yes, straight to your big screen, no need for any additional hardware. Requirements to get started : 1. To share the image

"Recommend songs you are listening to alone at this moment to friends who are far away. Enjoy music even more." This is "TwitSong". Have you ever wanted to tell someone about a favorite song, a song you have bought, or a song you are listening to r

We should never forget our past! TweetStory focuses on this aspect by offering you the possibility to see your Twitter account on this day but past year. Find any tweet whether is a status, a GIF, a video or just quoted from your timeline at that tim

Generate beautiful wallpapers based on your Instagram photos. - You need an Instagram account to be able and use this app. - We only get basic access to your account and will only download the required photos.

Potato Chat

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Potato is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It’s superfast, simple, secure and free. Potato seamlessly syncs across all of your devices and can be used on desktops, tablets and phones alike. You can send an unlimited amount o

The best app to show your Instagram stats. InstaMetrics has more than 100 statistics about Instagram. Some of them: - Discover which users give you less likes, that is, they have never given you a Like or have written a comment - Discover which phot


ME3 is a picture and object sharing app in 3D and is multiplayer. Create your own rooms. Share standard pictures from your phone, share JPG, PDF, 360 Photos and OBJ 3D files from your Mac. Rooms can be visited from iPhone as well as Mac. See www.

Backup Contact Pictures can export and import all of your contact pictures to and from a folder. When exporting, the contact's name is used for the image file's name. When importing, the image will be assigned to all contacts whose name does match th


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Apero is a macOS client for, the free, invite-only social network ( With Apero you have all the power of a Mac app dedicated to! All the features are supported by Apero: public posts, private messages, chatr


YzerChat is not your average messaging app. On top of delivering superior instant-messaging performance, YzerChat eliminates language barriers, letting you communicate with anyone – anywhere – without having to know your partner’s l

TweetTicker is a client app which allows you to view Twitter as a news ticker style on your Mac! · Since TweetTicker occupies a small area on the screen, it can secure a large work area. · So as not to disturb the work when you move th

Tailwind Publisher makes scheduling content to Pinterest and Instagram so easy it’s practically a superpower. This extension helps you to: + Schedule content at lightning speed: See all of the shareable images on a webpage with one click, the


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This app makes it possible to Tweet at ultra speed. ・You can set your favorite keyboard shortcut and start up in a moment. ・You can post Tweet by pressing command + return. ・You can enable the "launch at login" function on the p

Gay Daddies Chat is a dating app for mature men and bisexual men both daddies and younger. Either you are looking just to date a daddy, or other types of relationships, Gay Daddies Chat will satisfy your needs.


- READ AUTOMATICALLY-SCROLLING RSS NEWS FEEDS- Is it just me who doesn't own a TV set any more? There will soon be no network news. There will be no more ABC or CBC. But I do keep track of current events around the world every half an hour. Yes,

IRC provides a way of communicating in real time with people from all over the world. It consists of various separate networks (or "nets") of IRC servers, machines that allow users to connect to IRC. Features: • One window for multiple servers


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TweetRails is a client app which allows you to view Twitter as a news ticker style on your Mac! · Since TweetRails occupies a small area on the screen, it can secure a large work area. · So as not to disturb the work when you move the

VK Messenger

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Are you someone who needs a quick and convenient way to stay in touch? Then VK Messenger is the app for you. Ideal for communication, effective for work. Communicate better with VK’s dialogue features: chat with friends and colleagues, share

Pokyf is a desktop client for browsing A list of current features: · Dark theme · Browsing hot entries (6/12/24) · View entry comments · View notifications of a signed in user · Search capabilities &middo

Fire - App for Tinder messaging. ->Don't delay in replying the match's or you will not get reply/date. Get hands-on "Fire" to get Date as soon as possible and get the DATE for the weekend. Note: -> Login with Facebook ID and also with phone numb


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This app does not necessary for wi-fi or radio network. Can be easily detecting users and connect by nearby users. Can use to setting to that. Alert, notification, or notification previews. iOS version of the BLEMessenger are now on sale. You will