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*** Important: Paper note only works for Mac's of 2012 and later. *** Are you bored in class or a presentation? I used to write these paper notes to my friends during class when I was a teenager. Nowadays everybody has their own laptop with them. Pa

Blue-Messenger is an instant messenger app based on bluetooth to chat with other people nearby. With Blue-Messenger installed on their devices, people can chat with each other through bluetooth channel, without the need of wifi or cellular connection

Automate your Twitter accounts with Batter ! Batter is a highly customizable Twitter automation tool for OS X. Get 300 targeted Twitter followers every day ! For each Twitter account, specify a target Twitter account or import a list of Twitter use

Imgur is the best place to share and enjoy the most awesome images on the Internet. Every day, millions of people use Imgur to be entertained and inspired by funny, heartwarming and helpful images and stories from all around the world. imGuru is the

Hangout with your friends and close ones from your Mac. Easily stay connected with your friends, clients and family. Hangouts for Google Talk - brings one-to-one and group conversations to life with photos, emojis, video and voice calls! Salient Fe

Anonymous IMGUR client for Mac OS X compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and later. Allows browsing of images and videos, upvoting & down voting and anonymous meme image uploading with integrated selfie snapper.

Gay Daddies Chat is a dating app for mature men and bisexual men both daddies and younger. Either you are looking just to date a daddy, or other types of relationships, Gay Daddies Chat will satisfy your needs.

IRC provides a way of communicating in real time with people from all over the world. It consists of various separate networks (or "nets") of IRC servers, machines that allow users to connect to IRC. Features: • One window for multiple servers

############################################### SALE! All OS X Apps from Our Mountain of Ideas are 50% Off! ############################################### Social Scene lets you spend less time bouncing to different social networks, and more time so

WebSonar allows the user to publish his or her own library of files, such as PDF files, photos, and movies, and control who can search and view the library. Any browser can be used and searching can be done locally or across the Internet.

Früher war alles besser? Fast. Bis vor wenigen Jahren, als an multifunktionale Smartphones noch gar nicht zu denken war, konnten Sie SMS ausschließlich von Ihrem „traditionellen“ Handy auf ein anderes versenden. Das war es. Heu

Friend Photos is for you if you want to easy access to facebook photos. The application starts in windowed mode which allows you to easily navigate through your friends' albums and photos. When a photo is double clicked the application enters full

Lightweight mailer for single or bulk mailing. Visit the website for more information and a demo. Highlights • Simple, intuitive interface. • Send web pages on the internet. • Full featured integrated editor for cr

DragFan is a small notification area application that shares pictures to one of the most well-known micro-blogs in China, FanFou ( This app features: - Send any picture to Fanfou with message - Not shown in Dock, so it won&rsq

Nymphicus is free now and the source code will be available soon (Open Source) **NOTE: Does NOT work with Snow Leopard. Sorry** Nymphicus is the ultimate Twitter client for the poweruser with multiple accounts, searches and lists. Due to its uniqu

Welcome to the first social network for voip business. Here is a point to exchange routes, automatically posting routes to twitter, quick search/add routes and many, many perfect features to do business in voip pretty easy. You can authorize app for

Check out the FREE iPhone app! Search for Partybook. ****** See the hottest people from Facebook! You need a Facebook account to use this app. Party Book lets you see big profile photos from people who are attending to a chosen event. You can choo

Tweet Cabinet lets you keep a local archive of the public timelines of Twitter users that you can filter by user and / or search keywords.

This application only works on Mountain Lion 10.8 and above Also available for iOS: faceShow is an app designed to make the Facebook photo viewing experience as comfortable as po

PinPop is the easy way to surf in Pinterest, it is a funny and useful app to use Pinterest on your mac! You can use all Pinterest features directly in PinPop. You can Watch videos, photos, write post better than your browser because Pinterest is

Praise is an menu tab app that is running your Facebook and Twitter in the menu tab for check your friends post quickly. - Shortcut Key to share a post. - URL sharing when you are watching webpage at Safari/Chrome. - Share URL or Post message to Fac

tuī for Twitter. A little app that keeps you updated, on a Mac.

REQUIRES Wordpress 2.7 or higher! Supports the latest version of WordPress. Bored of getting your inbox filled with comments from your WordPress Blog? Want's to see those comments in the Notification Center on your Mac? Wants to see how many unread

Drag and Share is a Mac application which helps you share your pictures with a simple Drag and Drop. Drag a picture from the Finder and drop it into the Drop Area. You can: upload it to your Twitter Account; upload it to your Facebook Account; uploa

Poptagram is an application that search specific tagged photos on Instagram at regular intervals, and pop-up newly added photos on the corner of your screen. *IMPORTANT* Poptagram requires existing account of Instagram. To create account of Instagra

Ever being at school or work and thought - "I'll just check on Twitter" to be blocked by a web filter? Problem solved - Never again will you be stopped from visiting Twitter with Anywhere For Twitter. It bypasses all such restrictions. Where ever

Eaglenaut, the INSTANT NAVIGATOR. Internet search that lives in your menu bar WITH notifications for Facebook and more! Humans have always dreamed of instant signal reception and four-dimensional translocation. IN TIME. But now you can experience a

HabloApp is a messaging application that does more to keep you in touch — it lets you access your Facebook and Twitter accounts (if your contact has one), have private chats, and more, from whatever device you’re on. Contacts. Always syn

Picturito. The fastest and easiest way to share multiple pictures from multiple places on Facebook right from your desktop! Easy as 1, 2, 3! Picturito is a small Status Bar App that helps you share multiple pictures to Facebook using the built-in OS

Viewer for Facebook is a Mac app for Facebook with compact iPhone UI. - built in web browser for links. - download manager - quick button for news feed.