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THE RICHES OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 8 comprehensive English dictionaries and thesauruses available for in-app purchase. Full wordlist and 50 sample entries of each dictionary to preview before buying. The app allows to easily and quickly navigate

1000+ Sharks Encyclopedia Contains a Bio on 1000+ sharks including available images and information. Application Also Includes two quizzes to test you knowledge on sharks.

Spanish English bilingual dictionary. A very simple dictionary that allows you to look up word definition from Spanish to English and vice versa. Word can be typed in using any alphabetic input source, you don't have to change input Source for typin

90,000+ scripture references! Have you ever heard the question, "Where does it say that in the Bible?" Here's the answer! His Word goes beyond the simple keyword concordance, and instead presents a heirarchical, topical reference to scripture passa

So there you are, all on your own, and in front of you stands the girl of your dreams. Pretty, isn't she? It then hits you that you have absolutely no clue whatsoever on how to approach her, let alone interact with her. Need advice on how to reach ou

Quick is a practical and easy-to-use Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary. The dictionary includes over 10.000 dictionary entries and 11.000 example sentences to help understand the words in their context. The clear and streamlined interfa

Rhyme Spree is a rhyme dictionary for use in many situations: ✓ Hip-hop ✓ Songwriting ✓ Poetry ✓ Rhyming games Just type in a word and Rhyme Spree will search its database of over 60,000 English words (it only takes an i

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Try before you buy: Find the dictionary app you really need – with the free PONS Dictionary Library. Are you interested in a PONS dictionary app but don’t want to spend money after viewing just a small number of screenshots? Why not sim

Do you often lose marks from Turabian Referencing incorrectly? This app is for you! Use your MacBook / iMac camera to scan the barcode of a book Or Choose from a variety of different referencing styles, enter the details and your Citation will be

Hey KIDS ! do you love dinosaurs ? let’s journey to the amazing WORLD OF DINOSAURS !!! . World Of Dinosaurs is a fun and educational way to learn about dinosaurs . You will learn most interesting facts about dinosaurs’ world , their behav

โปรแกรมพจนานุกรม อังกฤษ-ไทย , ไทย-อังกฤษ Ū

The SEO Video Tutorial for iWeb is your complete, step-by-step guide to getting your iWeb site to the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines. This video tutorial walks you through the complete search engine optimization process, e

****SALE PRICE 80% OFF**** ICD 9 -2013, is the complete implementation of latest ICD 9 Codes with 2013 updates. An application must for all Physicians, Doctors, Hospitals & Medial Clinics. Features: ☞ Complete offline access to all codes

Mineral identification is finally made easy with the Mineral Database compiled by M. Darby Dyar and Mickey E. Gunter and illustrated by Dennis Tasa. This app provides a quick reference for students, educators, professionals, or anyone interested in m

Quickly and easily search Wikipedia, without even leaving your menu bar! You can read articles inside Qwiki, or you can opt to have it open in your default browser, it’s up to you. Qwiki now has support for every language Wikipedia has article


"iTalmud takes the crown." - Jerusalem Post "Perhaps the best Jewish iPhone app on the market" - The Jewish Week ● HD VILNA PRINT - infinite zoom without losing any quality. All daf images are contained with the app without downloading and

The iDictionary is a comprehensive multilingual dictionary, which can be used to translate between English and any of the four major European languages: French, German, Russian and Spanish. It is built around dependable word databases of more than 24

Jewish Holidays X is a an application that allows you to find the 12 different Holidays within a given secular year. Find: Rosh Ha'Shanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hannukah, Tu BiSh'vat, Purim, Pesach, Yom HaShoah, Yom HaAtzmaut, Shavu'ot a

Our Apps have been Featured by Apple in “New & Noteworthy” in USA, Spain and other countries and have been many a time rated by our customers in the App Store as the most outstanding, comprehensive and extensive Spanish dictionaries avail

** INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED! ** **Note: if you are looking for multiple Bible translations this app is NOT for you. However, if you are looking for Bible dictionaries, Commentaries, Church History etc, then look no further*** Premier Research A

Find local business information, directions, and street-level imagery around the world with GMaps. • Comprehensive, accurate maps in 220 countries and territories • Transit directions and maps for over 15,000 cities and towns • Live t

Get the most out of your Mac and become a real Pro! Your Mac is built to solve all tasks simple and intuitive. Many included apps, add-ons, useful shortcuts and simple mouse actions make your work more efficient or just make fun. But you only need to

Enjoy a collection of the works of twelve prominent Realist artists. Twenty-five of each of their most famous paintings can be viewed in slide-show mode. Select your favorites for a personal album. - Complete biographies of the twelve great artists.

*** Nowe wydanie Leksyki dla iOS (aplikacja uniwersalna dla iPhone, iPad) już dostępne w appStore *** Słowniki tworzone są od 2001 roku i - jak wskazuje nazwa - ich celem jest objęcie ca

A comprehensive bidirectional English-Russian dictionary featuring dependable word database of more than 210,000 translation pairs. Rich in phrases and technical terms. Clear user interface in both English and Russian with "search-as-you-type" sugg

Featured by Apple in “New & Noteworthy” in USA, Spain and other countries, our dictionaries have been many a time rated by our customers in the App Store as the most outstanding, comprehensive and extensive English-Spanish dictionaries av

The most Proffesional Dictionary on iOS,Now coming to your MAC Ultimate Fast and Powerful Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) Persian - English ✭ Easy to use ✭ Including over 380,000 words. We have just got started.

United States Code (Titles from Title 1 to Title 51) with 2013 Updates. Complete list of all titles at one place with out internet access nor any Printed books List of available Titles: Title 1 - General Provisions Title 2 - The Congress Title

TinyBrowser for Wikipedia is a lightweight and minimalistic Interface to Wikipedia. By using TinyBrowser you get less distracted while reading Wikipedia which will increase your productivity. Everybody knows the situation: You are working on a norma