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You can enter a cheat code in game using single button on keyboard. Select "Bind". Example:key 1-"full armor",2-"all weapons",etc. Cheat codes for Doom 3 , Half-Life 2, GTA Series In addition : direct keys for copy/paste/hide/close directly in the

Protestant and Catholic Holy bible in English and in Chinese. And you can listen the two languages audio bible. Only the first 3 chapters of the book Genesis are free to listen and download. The other audio required an additional purchase. the iOS

Quick Reference of Basic German Grammar General - Alphabet - Pronunciation - Cases Nouns - Articles - Gender - Plural - Declension Pronouns - Personal pronouns - Reflexive pronouns - Possessive pronouns - Demonstrative pronouns - Relative pronouns

HEdictionary English Korean is a superlative dictionary not only for Korean to learn English but also for English to learn Korean. The comprehensive dictionary contains 5 built-in dictionaries and allows to access to famous Korean web dictionaries -

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Explore a 3D globe of the Moon Moon Atlas is an astronomy application that lets you use the mouse or pinch and finger gestures to manipulate a 3D globe of the Moon. This is a rendered sphere and not a static map image. As you zoom in more labels app

:: :: OVER 1500 USERS CANNOT BE WRONG :: :: ● 100.000 entries ● 23.000 example sentences ● 1180 pinyin recordings ● No Internet connection needed Talaqa Chinese-English dictionary is a sophisticated and easy-to-use diction

Listen to the King James Audio Bible on your computer without an internet connection! This app allows you to listen to the entire Old Testament and New Testament via built in audio files. Listen to the Holy Bible anytime, no matter where your travels

HEdictionary English Chinese is a superlative dictionary not only for Chinese to learn English but also for English to learn Chinese. The comprehensive dictionary contains 4 built-in dictionaries and two famous Chinese web dictionaries – Dict.c

The single-volume international English dictionary with the widest coverage of all the riches of the English language. Clear, accurate and occasionally witty definitions, with the latest new words from science, technology and contemporary culture. T

Military Ships contains the history of Military Ships and Images and stories of their uses throughout history. Military Ships contains military ships from around the world. Two quizzes to test your knowledge of Ships.

Seven Duden German dictionaries with audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers Have a look at each of the Duden apps and gain a first impression. With this app you can try out all the available Duden dictionaries – and, if you wish, yo

هذا التطبيق هو النسخة الرقمية لمصحف المدي

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Chinese Korean Dictionary is an off-line dictionary which allows to look-up quickly words from English to Chinese as well as from Chinese to English through Services context menu. This is very helpful when reading a PDF file, a web-page or an email.

45 Langenscheidt dictionaries for 13 languages available for in-app purchase Full wordlist and 100 sample translations of each dictionary to preview before buying _____ The app allows a quick and easy navigation and for you to try out any of the 45

Escucha la Reina Valera de la Biblia en su computadora sin una conexión a Internet! Esta aplicación le permite escuchar todo el Antiguo Testamento y el Nuevo Testamento a través de construido en archivos de audio. No hay conexi&o

Skins for Minecraft Tutorials and Guide brings you tutorials showing you how to create your own skins for Minecraft. - Create Minecraft Skins - Build your own skins by accessing popular Minecraft Skin creator websites within the app - Access the wo

Elyoum is a Mac app that sits on your menubar, showing the Islamic Calendar along with the historical events and the sunnah fasting.

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Calculate resistor color codes with this handy reference app. The app is useful for the maker, engineer, student and arduino or raspberry pi tinkerer when working with electronics. Supports 4 and 5-band resistors! The industry standard color-code

‌Are you looking for an English - Arabic dictionary? Here is, Araby the best Arabic dictionary on the Mac App Store comes with great features : • English to Arabic and Arabic to English dictionaries with over 200,000 definitions. • O

این برنامه شامل کلیه لغات لغتنامه دهخدا و 

*****REQUIRED League of Legends***** LoL Stats provides in-game detailed summoner statistics for your team as well as the enemy's. Steps 1. Fill your summoner name and region on preference window. 2. Play "League of Legends". 3. The stats window wi

Kanji Lookup - simple, fast, and hassle-free! Kanji Lookup is a Kanji reference that focusses on - and attempts to excel at - one thing: Finding the meaning of an unknown Kanji character as quickly and easily as possible - simply by drawing it on y

g-man is a GUI front end for viewing man pages. It allows you to view man pages in a separate scrollable window (unlike Terminal) and to search for text within a man page. In addition, g-man gives you access to summaries of all man pages by section

The most Authoritative Al-Mounged English-Arabic-English dictionary available for in-app purchase Full wordlist and 100 sample translations to preview before buying _____ إنصـــــرف 