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Episodes is an Mac-App which allows you to manage your favorite TV-Shows in a quick and easy way. It features a powerful dashboard, which gives you a overview over all your favourite shows. It also allows you to play the next episode with one simpl

Megawords is for people who love words. It can be used to help solve crossword puzzles and other word games, to find rhymes for songs or poems, or just to play around with anagrams and find out the meanings of unusual words. It includes a dictionar

The makers of the Manual for the United States of America now bring you International Diplomacy and World Facts. If you need to prepare a debate, travel abroad, or stabilize a fledgeling regime, you might gain an edge with this app on your Mac. Info

◆◇ Ranked #1 top-grossing Reference category app on 15 Mac App Stores in 2012. (Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) Simple, s

Coollector Movie Database will catalog your collection of DVDs and video files. It will also give accurate recommendations based on your taste, helping you to decide what to watch and to discover great movies and series that you would have missed oth

KillerKeys VR is a desktop application providing a virtual (VR) on-screen keyboard that displays color-coded shortcuts on each key of the virtual keyboard. It's a great visual reference and learning tool to help you navigate your applications more qu

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Windows 8, Microsoft's latest OS, introduces tons of new features, advancements and touch for desktop, laptop and tablet users. See what the excitement is all about, and get back into your Windows comfort-zone fast with this FREE introductory course!

Japan and English Old and New Testament with cross References, Concordance and human narration mp3 Audio. Japan Bible is a Free, Offline, Super Fast app. to read and listen bible in Japan and English. Below are some its features: 1) Read Japan Bibl

***** FREE DICTIONARY OF THE MONTH! Merriam-Webster's English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary Available until March 1, 2015. ***** 12 renowned English dictionaries additionally available for in-app purchase Full wordlist and 50 sample entries

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary - the definitive guide to contemporary pronunciation for British and American English, with audio pronunciations and helpful language learning features. Preview the full wordlist and sample entries before buyi

Accordance® is the premier application for studying and searching the Bible. For over 20 years Accordance has been helping students, pastors, scholars, and devotional readers go deeper in their Bible study. If you are looking for a fast and power

Need an easy and handy dictionary for your Mac? Get UsualDict! UsualDict is an open dictionary platform. It comes with several built-in dictionaries, e.g. English, Chinese, French, German. Usualdict is extendable. It supports the most popular Stardi

The 240,000-entry World Book® Dictionary is a powerful language resource for home, school, and business from the editors of World Book Encyclopedia. This is the ultimate Mac dictionary. Don't try any of these things with the built-in dictionary

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Do you often lose marks from APA Referencing incorrectly? This app is for you! Use your MacBook / iMac camera to scan the barcode of a book Or Choose from a variety of different referencing styles, enter the details and your Citation will be auto

TRANSLATE WITHOUT INTERNET! The PROMT Offline English Pack translates texts of any size from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian and vice versa. Special mode "PROMT Agent" let you easily translate texts in apps and


English Korean Dictionary is an off-line dictionary which allows to look-up quickly words from English to Korean as well as from Korean to English. This is very helpful when reading a PDF file, a web-page or an email. Features: - Simple, compact - F

Conheça o novo SaraivaReader! Um dos aplicativos de leitura mais baixados do Brasil está de cara nova, mais simples e intuitivo e com o maior acervo digital do Brasil diretamente do seu SaraivaReader, são mais de 400 mil t&iacut

Tutor for the Mac, iPad and iPhone includes over 50 video lessons on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. These lessons are designed to get you started on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Want to learn more? With a low-cost subscription you can unlock over 30 more

Le Conjugueur Conjugaison permet de conjuguer tous les verbes français de manière autonome sans connexion Internet. Cette application s'avère pratique pour les petits trous de mémoire. En plus de la seule conjugaison, il

*** Fully compatible with OS X Lion! *** World Book's translucent 3D globe utilizes satellite photography to give you an astronaut's-eye view of Earth and let you quickly find the distance between any two cities. Just enter your starting and ending

#1 DICTIONARY TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD 260+ dictionaries for 35+ world's languages available for in-app purchase 40+ branded dictionaries, including English Chambers, Spanish VOX, Arabic Malayin, Irish Focalbeo, Turkish Redhouse, Collins and Enciclo

Learn to build in Minecraft with these exciting building ideas. If you are a Minecraft building expert this app is probably not for you but if you're learning to build then this app will help you learn how to build exciting houses and buildings. Incl

You can enter a cheat code in game using single button on keyboard. Select "Bind". Example:key 1-"full armor",2-"all weapons",etc. Cheat codes for Doom 3 , Half-Life 2, GTA Series In addition : direct keys for copy/paste/hide/close directly in the

Protestant and Catholic Holy bible in English and in Chinese. And you can listen the two languages audio bible. Only the first 3 chapters of the book Genesis are free to listen and download. The other audio required an additional purchase. the iOS

Quick Reference of Basic German Grammar General - Alphabet - Pronunciation - Cases Nouns - Articles - Gender - Plural - Declension Pronouns - Personal pronouns - Reflexive pronouns - Possessive pronouns - Demonstrative pronouns - Relative pronouns

HEdictionary English Korean is a superlative dictionary not only for Korean to learn English but also for English to learn Korean. The comprehensive dictionary contains 5 built-in dictionaries and allows to access to famous Korean web dictionaries -

Lion is Apple's Latest version of Mac OS X (10.7). Bring your OS X skills "Back To The Mac" by watching this 2-hour tutorial by Star Trainer and Mac Guru Francesco Schiavon.nnMac OS X 10.7 Lion has been referred to by Apple as "Back t

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