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ArtWall is a macOS application that runs on menu bar and pulls images from ArtStation Staff Picks ( which allows you to set images to wallpapers. Disclaimer : ArtStation is the showcase platform for games, film, media &

Color Parser is a color analyze and display tool. Now support Hex, RGBA and HSBA.

This is your simple movie inventory list app that will make organizing and updating you movie collection easy. Features Movie Purchased date. Movie Borrowed date so you can record and check to see who borrowed which movie and when. Print your list

Step by step skins tutorial guide for the popular game, Minecraft. Our course covers all the subjects that you need to install mods and skins to Minecraft on your MAC OSX computer. Skins Tutorial for Minecraft includes beginner and expert videos.

House Ideas for Minecraft is the ultimate How-to Guide for Building cool looking houses in Minecraft. Its great for creative or survival mode. Each video shows building in real time. Some of the topics covered include: - How to make a working shower

Learn how to use Command Blocks in Minecraft! Command blocks are a great way to enhance and expand Minecraft without Mods. In this set of tutorials we teach you how to use Command Blocks to create amazing looking furniture, kitchen appliances (many

▲△▲△▲ My Holy Rosary ▲△▲△▲ Recite the rosary with the help of this application and your computer, you can follow the prayers and the mysteries in the video and you can listen a voice that r

Chinese 23 - is a free English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary of Mandarin Chinese language (Putonghua). Learn Chinese, expand your vocabulary, use this dictionary as a Chinese phrasebook. The dictionary supports multiple languages: English,

Nouvelle édition 2017 : le plus grand dictionnaire de la langue française sur votre Mac. Un contenu éditorial actualisé et enrichi par nos lexicographes, sous la direction d’Alain Rey : plusieurs centaines de nouveau

Are you struggling to name your new project? Are your war plans on hold for lack of a cool operation name? The Codename Generator is here to help! (Also available for iOS)

Verses is a simple app to facilitate varied Bible reading and study. - Click the Next button to get a random Bible verse, evenly distributed between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Verses uses the KJV translation. - Click the Eye button to

***** 70% OFF, Hurry now !!! Prayer Scrapbook is designed to help you in keeping track of all your prayer requests and answers. It allows you to add and organize all your prayer requests inside an highly responsive app layout in a more clear and orga

Don’t miss our new App in the Mac App Store! Convert text from any application into speech simply by selecting the text or by using a keyboard shortcut. The text you select will be converted into speech in an instant. Turn in your writing

This app acts as a viewer for sequence, structure, and neutralization data for broadly neutralizing anti-HIV antibodies and the HIV-1 strains they recognize. It is meant to be a quick tool for scientists involved in HIV vaccine research. Many broadl