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Actions launcher, which will speed up the work with your Mac. Searching the web has never been easier • Show the application using the global shortcut, type your query, choose the required action and execute it. • Use the selected text fro

∙Save timer as a file and reuse it later. ∙Use timer as simple stop watch ∙Pause timer when you want. ∙Supports app sandbox ∙Supports app nap for energy savings on you Mac book.

With For Your Face Only you can encrypt and decrypt any file in your Mac just using your face. For Your Face Only is a very easy way to use face biometry to protect any information in your Mac. Forget about having to use complex passwords with the ri

Reply to your friends quickly with pictures that are a lot of fun and always new. Use this keyboard to comment in an original and amusing way! Try this innovative keyboard that can be used any time you want.

Proudly presented by XMind. The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool on the Planet. Focusing solely on mind mapping for 12 years, XMind represents our understanding of mind mapping tool. With its minimal design, smooth experience and powerful features, X


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The missing start menu for macOS If the launchpad of macOS is too bulky and confusing for you, start is the right choice. start is a start menu for macOS and allows you to quickly find and structure your programs. ## Structuring Apps into Categorie

Published App for Mac is a powerful submission tracking software for authors, poets, artists, researchers, song writers, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, writers of memoirs, biography, crime, suspense, mystery, short stories, thrillers, romance,


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The Kahua Host for Mac gives users access to the Kahua Platform from their Mac OS devices. Kahua provides collaborative project management solutions that enable more effective project communication throughout the entire lifecycle of your capital pro