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Using the application you can hide all desktop icons on the screen.The application also supports multiple monitors.If you have even 4 monitors setup, the application could hide desktop icons from all monitors at a time. The application is very custo

Ever got tired of typing out phrases you frequently use? Use this application & save a lot of time by assigning the shortcuts to your frequently used texts. For example : You could assign "adr" shortcut for the home address. Now, wherever you need t

Overlay allows you to put an image over all your other windows and keep it there. Great for designing a new website layout, editing pictures, developing apps, and more! Features - Displays most image formats including PNG, JPG, TIFF, and GIF - Captu

Merge, split, extract, convert or compress your PDF files with a simple and effective tool! "PDF Professional Toolkit" does for you what costly programs do. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us through our support

Prevent the system from going into sleep mode during the important activities like presentation, meeting, reading, performing long video operations and etc. The application is designed to prevent the system to go into the sleep mode.This helps you to


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We believe that even the simplest tasks can be made even simpler and more pleasant. For a long time we wanted to make a text app that can help hasty people stay organised without compromising their speed and efficiency. Today, our answer is Phase.

The application adds an icon in the Menubar which displays the day, date, time and month. When you click on the Menubar icon, it shows the Calendar, analog clock & Upcoming Calendar events.Menubar is present at the top of the screen where you see tim


Automatically turn on your desk lamp when you sit down at your computer. Walk in to your office at night to grab something — just smack the keyboard to turn on the light. Walk out of the room, and trust that your computer will turn the lights

RSCommander is a versatile software tool for a wide range of Rohde & Schwarz instruments. It makes it possible to take screenshots for documentation purposes and read trace data for further processing. The software also allows for file management an


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Informant is The ONE Calendar, Task, Note app you will ever need. Over 1 Million people have trusted Informant on iOS for over a decade as their go-to-organizer and now you can enjoy that same power of productivity on your Mac as well. --- Why do cu

Bowerbird not only stores the items you have copied, it also gives you handy tools to make you more productive: - Pin your most used items so they are easy to access - Search through all previously copied items - Explore copied folders and collec

Actions launcher, which will speed up the work with your Mac. Searching the web has never been easier • Show the application using the global shortcut, type your query, choose the required action and execute it. • Use the selected text fro

With For Your Face Only you can encrypt and decrypt any file in your Mac just using your face. For Your Face Only is a very easy way to use face biometry to protect any information in your Mac. Forget about having to use complex passwords with the ri

A simple and useful tool can combine multiple PDF/TEXT files into a PDF/TEXT file. How to operate ? 1. Select the file merge type .(PDF/ TEXT) 2. Import some files. 3. Drag and drop table items to reorder the files. 4. Click the "Merge" button to ex