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Do you have to take screenshots every once in a while? Then you will love FinalShot because you will save so much time! FinalShot lives in your menu bar, and it's always there when you need it – 2 clicks, and your screenshot is taken! FinalSho

ScreenPosition is a small application that makes it easy to move the position of the external screen from the icon on the status bar. - Show the current direction of the extended display on the status bar - Easy setting according to the situation, s

Still can not find the map material for Powerpoint, our App will help you solve this problem. We provide all the vector Powerpoint templates for the map. Including all regions and countries. China Provinces. USA States. Canada Provinces. France Regio

Cirkus brings clarity to your teams projects in a modern native app on your Mac, iOS device and browser. Manage anything from your shopping list to your most complex professional projects... and it’s 100% FREE to download and use. • Cir

Use Trello Web without browser, create new cards instantly from anywhere via hotkeys and Quick Entry Window! It is not convenient to work with service using web-browser: you can’t quickly switch to Trello using the Dock icon or Comm


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FiveNotes (formerly known as Quick) is a small text editor that you can always access by clicking (or pressing shortcut keys) on its Status bar icon. Even if you're working on a full screen app. If you prefer, it can stay on top of the window, so it


Discounted to $1.99 as part of TwoDollarTuesday More great apps on sale: Kerio Notes is the best way to clarify thinking, brainstorm and visualize concepts. *** Capture your ideas *** Kerio Notes is the best place to lay down id

-LiteVPN provides a safe and stable network of different regions to accelerate service, and is committed to improving productivity for a small group of people. -LiteVPN supports Mac, iphone and ipad, which can be downloaded at the App Store. -LiteVPN

A simple calculator. You just need to enter an expression to calculate the result. This design mode is more convenient to operate. For example: Enter "2*(3+6)+10/2.4", And click "Calculate" to get result. show result in console. Support expression e

Use visuals to help you thinking. This is a tool that displays and edits IBIS Notation graphs. The Issue-Based Information System (IBIS) Notation was invented by Werner Kunz and Horst Rittel as an argumentation-based approach to support analysis of s

Every day we end up opening the same applications on our mac to start our day off. Why should we repeat the process just to begin our day. Launch enables you to start the applications you need for the day, with a single click. Whether it be for a w


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Collaboratory improves on the common brainstorming method where participants sit around a conference table and quietly write ideas on sticky notes. After a while the notes are collected and read out loud to everyone. They are then divided into catego


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KickMe helps you exit a procrastination trance. It does this by showing you your tasks in fullscreen view, allowing for all distractions to be kicked away. This leaves you face-to-face with what you should be doing, your work. The internet provides a

Lifetime Premium VPN PRO is a high speed, secure VPN Service. Protect your privacy online and access media content with no regional restrictions. You can’t be safe without VPN. * Best price for premium VPN service * No annual payments, buy on

MyEntry is a free app which lets you create and manage your own dictionary entries. For each key of a entry, you may have multiple associated values. This functionality can be used in variety of ways, including keeping track of vocabularies to reme

Quick Entry for Trello is simple utility for Mac which allows you to add cards quickly to Trello Board from anywhere. Just press CMD+OPTION+S (Customizable) Features: - quick and simple - customizable global shortcut - create new cards instantly


SnipNotes is your always accessible notebook. Quickly save notes right from the menu bar, the notification center widget and with keyboard shortcuts. Stay organized with categories, filters and search functionality. Access your notes from any Mac, iP

AudioNotes is a free macOS menu bar app that helps you record and share audio messages really easily. As you finish recording, the app instantly copies a link to paste into emails, forums, website comments or social media. Why? Because unlike text

** 70% off for a Limited Time!** WeBlog is fast, clean and powerful editor for WordPress. Blogging with WordPress can be more pleasant work with WeBlog. ### Features ### GET ORGANIZED WeBlog provides easily ways to access and manage all your conte

At last one application to scan your document easily! Forget all those expensive and complicated software to scan your images and documents! Now with Papers Scanner you can scan your documents with few steps, just place your image or document onto

Timestamping application TeRa is a part of Estonian ID-card software developed by Estonian Information System’s Authority. TeRa application adds timestamps to Your digitally signed DDOC files. Timestamped files will have a ASICS extension and w

Use the power of concept maps to align on terms. Did you ever had the situation that people use the same terms with different meaning? Or different terms for the same meaning? At work, at home, at school or at university? Use Concept Maps to overcome

Get new life to your Chrome browser. Clean and make your browser safer with this app! Delete all the malicious files downloaded by your browser quickly and easily... you won’t need to do anything; by clicking on a button the app will take care

InstaCal is the missing menu bar calendar macOS deserves. Get it now for 50% off during our launch sale! InstaCal is an affordable, yet powerful calendar app that puts all your events right at your fingertips, always available in your Mac's menu bar

Food Books Studio - Templates for iBooks Author is a collection of 30 compelling templates for Apple’s new application for food book creation and publishing. Find the perfect look, add your text and images and publish your own book to iBookstor

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 5 is not an HTML editor, it’s a visual (WYSIWYG) web site creator. You do not have to write or edit HTML code but you can visually create your websites by using drag & drop. Place objects (Text, Lines, Images, Shapes,

Business Book Studio - Templates for iBooks Author is a collection of 60 compelling templates for Apple’s new application for book creation and publishing. Browse the wide range of designs to find the perfect look, add your text and images and

Simple and easy way to take quick notes from your menu bar. Never forget your thoughts or important things when someone tells you something important. Just open the app from the menu bar and take note.

AlwaysHome would be the ultimate VPN APP you would ever need. It is much faster with built-in network accelerate function. It also works more reliably based on multi-path routing technology. Also, compare to what other premium VPN's price, AlwaysHome


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StorWriting is a simple story app that helps create each aspect of writing a story. FEATURES - Multi-User so each member of the family can create stories of their own - Password Protection - Backups - Export Stories - You Can Create -