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Stack is a beautiful and clever key-value based writer to collect data you work with each day. It's build to save a lot of little fragments like notes, images, todos, complex markdown drafts and other files categorized by a key to easily find it lat

CalendarPro for Outlook is a simple Calendar App for Mac where users will be able to access Outlook Calendar faster without the help of a web browser. This is one of the fastest way to access Outlook Calendar on Mac. By using this app, users will be

Perfect your presentations and projects with great set of templates for your daily use in projects for office, schools and colleges or any of your need. MS Office Templates is a top quality solution for a quick, easy and affordable collection of qual

Create a professional resume within minutes! Resume & CV Templates for MS Word by TH is an amazing collection of 107 unique MS Word templates designed to give your career prospects a major boost. All templates are available in US Letter and A4 size

Merlin Project Express is the slickest project management app for the Mac – optimized for home and semi-professional users. Do you only work on projects occasionally? Then subscribing to Merlin Project Express is precisely for you. Only pay wh

WahooVPN - A professional VPN provider *No registration required, free 2-day trial. *Share one VPN account with iPhone/iPad App. *Simple one tap connect, no bandwidth limited. *More than ten servers over the world, high-speed and stability. *One acc

Scan every corner of your system, Find out all alias files quickly. You can clean the useless and invalid alias files to save a lot of disk space, increase the speed of file searches and the overall performance of your computer. Computer used for a

Achieve incredible productivity improvements with Deadliner! With Deadliner you can track and manage your deadlines, events and meetings. Set goals and track them visually. You will never miss anything. Your deadlines sync seamlessly between your d

Don’t miss our new App in the Mac App Store! Put your notes in encrypted and password protected files. Your files will be accessible only by knowing the password you have chosen. If you wish, you can share your files by issuing the password

************************** Start up SALE! 50%OFF ************************** "OutlineText" is a simple and single plain text editor with outline window in Markdown notation. This application that extracts 'Header #' in Markdown makes an outline in


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Everlec은 간편하게 화면녹화 방식으로 강의/발표 콘텐츠를 제작하여 YouTube나 Commons를 


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Meet the missing rich text editor for macOS. With Wordcraft, you can open and edit rich text files (both .rtf and .rtfd) with embedded images and plain text files. Wordcraft was lovingly created by writers, for writers. We think there's something ma


A simple App that allows the user to insert prefixes before file and folder names. It can also allow users to copy the new files with the new prefixes to a folder making it non destructive. There are two Prefix modes that the app can run in. 1) It

The day of love is just around the corner. So check out our special Valentine's Day Templates for Pages by TH! It offers 15 hand made, unique & premium-quality templates. All templates are available in the popular A4 and US paper sizes, except for d

Long Picture Viewer support convenient experience for examining photo or picture, it has these function: 1. Auto scale for long picture, easy to view 2. A lots of key shortcuts to use conveniently 3. View photo or picture for png/jpg/ia/psd…

With ‘Secure Notes’ you will no longer have problems managing and protecting your notes. By typing one single code, you will be able to access all of your stored notes. Super-secure because your notes are stored on your device and cannot

The day of Love is just around the corner. So check out our special Valentine's Day Templates for MS Word by TH! It offers 15 hand made, unique & premium-quality templates. All templates are available in the popular A4 and US paper sizes, except for

Universal Kit Mill – Templates for Photoshop is the perfect tool for the Adobe Photoshop users for creating high-quality Banners, Headers, Infographics, or social media networks’ (such as Facebook and Twitter) covers quickly and easily. T


Template Mill for Pages is a broad collection of high-quality Pages templates. This set offers fresh-looking and eye-catching creative designs for your personal and business needs. Design is our passion, Template Mill for Pages will boost the value

This is a professional level 3D JT file viewer for Mac. JT format is one of the most popular 3D formats. It is an ISO-standardized 3D data format and is in industry used for product visualization, collaboration and CAD data exchange. JT format is sup

+Timer is a timer/stopwatch app that sits in your Dock, just one glance away. It contains 8 exclusive sound alarms (+ system sounds) and 8 beautiful designs (and more to come!) so you can customize your timer or stopwatch to fit perfectly into your s

Thoth is a speech recognition application that is based on the CMU Sphinx speech recognition engine. Thoth is still in a rudimentary state e.g. it does not allow voice training. In addition, CMU Sphinx is noticeably slow compared to commercial speec

Get the most out the Maps App on your Mac and iOS Devices with this HD video tutorial from! Within this app are tutorials for both the Maps App for Mac and iOS (iPhone & iPad). We go over the general interfaces and all the features of ea

Whether you need to scan a single page or a hundred page book? Do you have a box full of photos in your drawer? Scan Book to PDF can help you. Use Scan Book to PDF to get them on your computer Scan to PDF Scan to JPG Small document file si

A simple app to rename files and folders (without subfolders). A preview of the renaming is also available. Rename-Options: - Ignore Case - Regular Expression - Inclusive File Extension

Powerful, easy to use and well designed fraction calculator that lets you perform calculations with proper and improper fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and integers. Features: • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents (i

Desktop uploader for Google Photos. Bulk upload photos and files from your Mac to Google Photos.

Track where you spend your time, get insights into your work flow - Shows you accumulated time spent in each App - Small and efficient, very low cpu and memory usage. It's a simple tool and we designed it to be "quiet" - Distraction free. Relative

CalcUList is a simple app to make multiple lists of calculated items. Reorder, clone, and delete items as the total is automatically calculated for you. Change the quantity, change the value, or the operator and watch the total change automatically.

eBeam Marker gives eBeam Smartmarker users the ability to capture, enhance, and share everything written on a whiteboard with others in real-time. With the app, you can make your notes fully interactive, sync with cloud services, and edit everything