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Gpass is the ONLY password manager and information safe built for Google. The ONLY password manager that does not require a password! With Gpass, your sensitive information such as passwords, credit cards, codes, etc are organized and easy to find &

Check progress in all the things that you've saved to read later The App at a Glance: - Save things to read later - Synch all the things automagically in your iPad, mac and other iPhones - Mark as completed the things you've completed - Share intere

Quickly and easily create attention-grabbing flyers for your business, party, or sale. In just minutes, you can design professional-looking flyers, even if you have no design experience at all! Professional designers would charge $250 or more to cre

Sky Web Browser redefines your web browsing concept. Flying through a clouded, shining sky, makes your experience comfortable and even more relaxing than any other one. Being the most advanced and elegant available on mac app store, this app gives yo

Check your Mailchimp Lists stats in seconds! Chimpget allows you to monitor your lists growth in the Notification Center. Chimpget Widget contains the following information about your lists: - Number of subscribers - Number of subscribers since las

Templates for Docs app is a collection of high-quality-design templates for your Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. Google Docs templates are designed for better and more impressive documents. Create your gorgeous text documents in your browser - no s


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Timirik app is a beautiful, handy and easy to use tool that allows to set a timer for some action. Basic action is a simple notification. If you don't wanna forget about a cake in a oven, just set the Timerik! But the power of the app is a flexibl


cmd c is the clipboard manager designed by programmers for programmers. Fast access to every feature is the basis of the app. The interface is clean and beautiful too. HOW IT WORKS: 1. hit alt+v to show the app (we recommend to change it to the much

PEIG is the client side app (a software authenticator) for ADUCID authentication technology – an innovative strong authentication solution without passwords, certificates, HW tokens, text messages or any other OTPs. With PEIG (and ADUCID) yo

Time & Sun is a world clock that tells you the local time in over a million places around the world, from the biggest cities to the tiniest villages. If you're in business, this app's essential for calling other timezones at the precise local time.

All the apps that you need in just one! A translator, a voice recorder, a voice synthesizer and a safari translator, all readily available in this app! Discover the convenience of having all the services you need always available. Translate any docum

A professional resume template will help you impress more hiring managers, land more interviews, and get hired faster. Resume Design has 50 resume templates that you can use to create your own standout resume and wow employers. Whether you choose a t

**Limited time Christmas offer for 0.99$ - Merry Christmas** NoteBooks is the most beautiful NoteBook app available for Mac. It is designed keeping in mind the need for a clean, beautiful and efficient NoteBook for Mac. Touchbar Support With the aw

App Pier is a keyboard-centric application launcher and switcher with strong Touch Bar support With App Pier, you can: * launch any app or switch between your favorite and running apps instantly. * save screen space by hiding the MacOS dock. * d

Christmas comes early this year! Prepare to celebrate with these free festive templates suitable for kids and grown-up! Templates for Santa offers everything you can possibly need for setting that festive mood: envelopes, letters (to/from Santa), wi

Mydea is a smart mind mapping app, which helps you to visually organize your thoughts, remember things and discover new ideas. Features: • Auto layout nodes; • 5 layouts: orgnization, directory, fish bone, mindmap,logic structure; •

Don't let your mac sleep! PowerCocoa prevents that your mac display goes to sleep. Activate PowerCocoa directly from the menubar. You can choose to activate PowerCocoa for a specified time or activate it for as long you need it.

Minutes meets task management! iMeetingX makes it easy to manage, structure, record and follow-up on your meetings. Whether you're planning your meetings, sending invitations, managing your todos, decisions and notes during a meeting or sending beau

Make the switch from Windows to Mac. Learn about the similarities and differences between the two operating systems, including new terms that can be mystifying for first-time Mac owners. We explore the software—Mac OS X and its bundled applicat

50 calendar templates to create timeless gifts again and again. Start the new year in the best possible way, with this spectacular selection of fully customisable calendars. Overflowing with designs and inspiration, you’ll find everything yo

Navigate safely and completely in private. This browser does not keep track of the sites you visit, it does not save favorites, cookies and bookmarks, so no one will be able to discover what your interests are. Navigation is completely anonymous

Remote DMX is a free small app, equal to the Remote DMX app for the iPhone™, to test or control DMX equipment with your MacBook™ without the use of a light desk e.g. located at the 'Front Of House' and without the assistance of a light op

NEWS 2017 - Dashboard - File info - Statistics - Search tracking - Smart Search - Serial modification - Find / Replace - New Books - File sharing ... • DASHBOARD. Steer your genealogical activities in real time with a real on-board computer. At

Hero Templates for Adobe Photoshop offers 111 unique templates. Handcrafted, high-quality templates for your everyday documents. Minimalistic & stylish designs. Templates are sorted into 6 categories: - Brochures - Business cards - Cards & Invitatio

Infographics Lab for MS Word contains a massive collection of thousands of data visualization tools to illustrate and enhance your Microsoft Word documents! Every single item is crafted to perfection to be visually captivating and easily customizable

Have you ever sent yourself a quick email just to remind yourself to do something later? Maybe it's an article or a PDF or just a question to follow up on. I do this *all the time*, because I treat my email inbox like a todo-list: if there's an ema

Ad And Stuff Blocker is a (mostly) ad and malware blocker extension for Safari. It is as simple as can be with no configuration - it just blocks ads. After it starts, a plain white window will come up and tell you that you are ready to start browsi

Draft Writing is a creative text editor for writers and bloggers. A writing tool to gather your ideas into one place. Easy writing projects and texts management. Full version without ADS CREATE - drafts for any blogs, articles, or quick notes; - wri

Quickly translate texts from the web pages you visit! Try the convenience of having a translator always available inside the safari application.


Liven up your work! Graphics for MS Office is a generous selection of hundreds of designs and illustrations to lift your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to a completely new level design-wise! It includes everything: backgrounds