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If you often facilitate training classes, workshops, or "Lean Coffee" meetings, you know how important it is to timebox group activities and show a big, visual timer to the audience to guide their exercises. That's exactly where Big Countdown Timer c

Many of us on Macs work in organizations which commonly communicate files and paths using drive letters (G:\path\file.txt) and UNC paths (\\server\path\file.txt). Pather seeks to help solve this problem by allowing you to map a drive letter to a net

Gifts keynote templates, classic can not be copied. Perfect original template, which is rare on the market varieties. Do not want to make the same presentation and speeches, we need a unique template. We are committed to do the keynote template, so

Recordam, an elegant and easy-to-use application, help you easily create, store, playback and share audio recordings. Recordam Lite is designed as a free viewer for Recordam documents. Moreover, Recordam Lite allows you to create small audio notes, n

GN Posters for Pages - Templates Bundle is a collection of over 260 original templates of the highest quality, created to lend a unique look to your promo material. Whether you’re trying to hype up a cool new product, starting a season sale, or

My Life and Ministry is a tool to help with the Midweek Meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses. This app has full scheduling capabilities for the meeting and timers to keep track of the meeting and individual part times. In addition to timing and scheduling,

Ganz CORTROL Thin Client for OS X allows you to access a Ganz CORTROL Server's live and recorded video streams. This easy to use application allows for simultaneous monitoring of multiple cameras. You are always in control of the situation with the G

BaseMind is a next-generation mind mapping tool! It will completely change the way you take notes, create presentations and organize data. Features: * Maps of infinite depth * Any connections between nodes allowed - one to one, one to many, many to

Certificates Studio - Templates for Pages is an excellent collection of over 140 templates for unique diplomas, testimonials, and certifications. Whether you want to issue training accreditations, award your best employees, or congratulate your boss

Calendar Manager is an easy but powerful tool for those people that need a time planner for every needs. For each event you can set a different color. Calendar manager is highly customizable and you can choose to se your event by day , week, month,

Business Cards Studio - Templates for Pages is a top-quality set of over 200 original templates for Apple’s Pages word processing app. Whether you choose a tried and tested professional look or opt for a more creative and colorful style, Graphi

Are you fed up with those banners about cookies and privacy policies that appear everywhere, especially on European sites? You’re not alone. Good news though - now you can get rid of them! Banner Hunter adds an extension to Safari that hides t

Rocket - Productivity Tracker is a brand new productivity app where you can see how much time you spend running each application on your Mac. Spend too much time on browsing internet? Want to focus on your work. Now you can control exactly how long

This application is primarily aimed at individuals and small businesses who want to keep track of their and their clients’ domains and hosting plans. You can enter records of - domains, - hosting plans, - domain / hosting providers and -

mJournal is a note taking application for Mac OS X with an unique usage experience and a focus on simplicity, security and syncing. Features: - Secure, all your notes are stored encrypted (AES-256) - Sync safe, mJournal works with all the usual s

Be heard only when you want! With this App you can choose when your microphone is listening, keeping your privacy. Get a full control of your mic selecting an operating mode, and using your selected hotkeys to activate it. In addition, when your mic

Aeon Timeline 2

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Aeon Timeline 2 is the next generation of Visual Timeline Software, rewritten from the ground up to provide a fresh new User Experience. It comes packed with features for creative writers, project management, case management, historians and student

Teacher Assistant 3 Pro - Schedule Master is a powerful tool for tracking and organizing the teaching process. SCHEDULE CREATOR - Add, edit or delete unlimited numbers of lesson plan templates; - Create recurring lessons every day / week / month; -

PassWorks® Deluxe protects your private accounts, credit cards and financial accounts with the world's strongest password authentication, UniVault®. PassWorks stores your most important data for maximum accessibility, convenience and privacy.

How to use: 1.Choose a resume which you like. 2.Click the "Export" button, if you have not download this resume,this app will download it and you can export to the disk.And if you have download it before, you can export directly. Impress with your r

Your private thoughts and information deserve the best security available to keep them safe. PassWorks® Notes protects your most critical and sensitive information with UniVault®, the world's strongest password authentication. Safeguard your

Bright Renamer takes the task of renaming files to a whole new level by automating it with "Renaming Rules" that provide filenames text manipulation and files meta data retrieval. Thanks to the smart 4 areas splitted window, automatic file renaming

4Chef Student is the first application for chef students that help to learn how to become a 5 stars chef. Is powerful and easy to use at same time. This application has 2 sections: 1. Desktop 2. Web (dedicate eLearning platfrom) Desktop: 1. Writ

INTRODUCING LIL TODO FOR THE MAC. Finally, a simple task manager for everyone. * Simple, modern interface. * Sync your tasks to Dropbox so they're available across multiple devices. (Coming soon: iOS.) * Hashtags! Tag all your shopping as #shopping

Aura is an easy-to-use audio notes recorder for Mac. All recordings are stored within the application and can be exported as m4a/aac files. Aura's interface makes it easy to differentiate between individual recordings. • Every recording is assi

--- newer version v2.38 for macOS 10.12 is here! --- Accidentally unplugged your power cable without noticing and now your battery is dead? Want to take care of your computer and maintain your battery life? Love the assuring sound of your iPhon

DragToDo is the ultimate light-weight, low mental overhead ToDo-list app for macOS to just keep track of the Most Important Things (MITs). DragToDo is a ToDo-list app where you drag & drop files, e-mails, calendar events, etc. to make a list of what

Imagine got stuck in the tough work and no idea how to proceed, or sitting in front of your computer, but made no progress. Focus is an app that will let you to concentrate on the work with efficiency via all kinds of background sounds or mixtures.

With Private Browser, No Cookies stored. No History maintained. No cached passwords saved. User can just quickly browse the web content. Easy access via Tab. Usage You can just enter the url and hit enter and browse as usual. Use Back Button to go

Translator Suite is an automatic translator which is invaluable for language students, people travelling abroad, people who need to read or write texts in foreign languages, translators who need to increase their productivity by creating a provisiona