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EXIF Cleaner PRO is an application for the removal of information from the photos. This is necessary when you want to hide your location, model of the camera, and other information contained in the EXIF. Features: - cleaning the EXIF (Author, Softwa


Mydea Lite is a smart mind mapping app, which helps you to visually organize your thoughts, remember things and discover new ideas. Features: • Auto layout nodes; • 5 layouts: orgnization, directory, fish bone, mindmap,logic structure; &b

Quick to merge/concat many images as a long image ( vertical or horizon collage). The tutorial video is available on our website: How it works: 1. Drop folders or images onto Import icon (the leftmost button on the toolbar ) 2.A

In this in-depth HD video tutorial learn to use all the tools and features built into Luminar. See how to use filters, workspaces, layers, masks, presets and more! Luminar is a great new image editing app from MacPhun. It can work in a simple way t

DNG Cleaner

21 days ago

DNG Cleaner removes unwanted profiles, previews and settings from DNG images, and losslessly compresses the images to save space. When used with products such as Adobe Lightroom or PhotoShop, DNG images can accumulate settings, previews, etc that jus

With PlasticityPhotos you squeeze, smear, wrap, twist, pinch, distort, expand, liquify your photos anyway you like, no limits! The power of PlasticityPhotos is in its virtual brush technology, that lets you distort and warp at the same speed pictures


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dcpTool is a utility for modifying DNG Camera Profiles (.dcp files). You can compile and decompile DCP files, and also perform useful transformation, such as removing "hue twists". DCP files are an open standard for defining the color rendition of di

What is pi2video? pi2video is a convenient app let you converting 360 spherical (equirectangular) panoramas to video easily. Just select image, adjust angle of elevation and camera spinning speed you want, pi2video will convert spherical image

Pixel is Data goes live! Based on's iOS and Mac brews of the Pixel is Data application, User Studio designed its little brother that updates in real time: pick a photo or take one using your FaceTime or USB camera, and it will automagica

Watercolor Studio is an Automated Photo to Watercolor Software with Realistic and Natural Style Watercolor Studio creates fluid, liquidy, translucent watercolors with paint that flows naturally. Built on-top of an incredible rendering system that us

Get the point's color on the screen. It help you to look over the color of the point on the screen by a magnifier. "Command+C" will copy the color into ClipBoard.

Compress photos and reduce them to size of your choice.You could either use Lossless method, Lossy method or just set what size you want.For example, if there is a photo of size 2 MB, you could set the size to be 500 KB or 1 MB and the application wi

AppStart for Photos --- Use any image editor from Apple Photos --- * Directly within Apple Photos you can launch any third party image editor... Adobe Photoshop and more... * Favorite the one you use the most... * AppStart goes beyond other exter

WORKS AS A REGULAR APPLICATION OR AS AN EXTENSION INSIDE APPLE PHOTOS: MarkerForPhotos offers you a dual mode. You can work as a standalone or directly bridge your application and works without leaving Apple Photos. You can add ONE or MULTIPLE Text(

Add Text&Image Watermark, Convert Format, Rename, Resize, Rotate, Border FastConverter is a powerful and ultimate utility to convert your photos in batch. FastConverter offers following useful features: 1. Image format conversion between JPEG, JPEG20

This is the remote side App for the iOS version of Photo Geotagger - BIIT. You can sync the metadata, that is applied on you iPhone, to your photos in Mac OS easily by giving the meta file through email or through iCloud. This is not a port of iOS ve

Add Text&Image Watermark, Convert Format, Rename, Resize, Rotate, Border Photo Converter Deluxe is a powerful and ultimate utility to convert your photos in batch. Photo Converter Deluxe offers following useful features: 1. Image format conversio

GifViewer Lite

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Simple and easy animated image viewer. Supported only GIF images; Features: - Multiple images opening; - Scale change; - Slideshow; - Two color themes; Lite-version Features: - Open only GIF; - No saving in other formats;


HDR Effects comes as an Application AND a powerful Extension to Apple Photos! HDREffects lets you create rich HDR effect images from a single image. You do not need multiple shots, raw files... This easy to use application will accept, JPEG, PNG,

PDF Convert Tool helps to make pictures from PDFs and vice versa. Start the conversion, select the format and size of the pictures. You can use the Custom option to adjust all parameters manually. CONVENIENT CONVERTER - Convert pictures from PDFs an

Having troubles getting JPEGs from Fujifilm RAW files? You will never need to shoot RAW + JPEG again. Just 2 easy steps: 1) Drag or Select a batch or one Fujifilm RAF photo to convert RAW image to JPG Fuji-film RAF file format already include

Mark all your pictures at once. If you ever plan on displaying your pictures on a web site, even if you use a script to prevent people from right clicking and saving, search engines like Google will harvest them, and offer them for free lunch on ima

All Kind of Gorgeous Splashing Effects... we have added a 'Framer' and a 'Shape Splash' so you can bring class and very trendy design effects to your photos, that no other apps can do! With ColorSplasher you turn your images in a vibrant Black and W

MyFilters is a photo editor with many effects and filters . -Blurs an image . -Simulates the effect of zooming the camera while capturing the image. -Simulates a comic book. -Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation.

Cappasity Easy 3D Scan™ is a professional 3D digitizing software. Upgrade from flat images to 3D visualization of products in your online store and take your customers to the next level of a through-the-screen interaction! * One-click capturin

Lomo Photo Filters lets you quickly apply Lomo, pop, or hipster style filters to your images. Make your images look just like they were taken with an old Soviet Union made camera. * Give any photo a "Lomography" effect * Add light leaks * Add vigne

Projects solar path, solar energy, sunlight exposure and other solar related information onto user-supplied Photo Sphere (spherical photo) images, with a zoom/pan 3D viewer, as well as onto other overhead images such as site plans or architectural sc

Realtime Live Updating Photo SlideShow Photolive slideshow that automatically updates with new images at full screen.Use for Wireless Transmitter or Eye-Fi or Wi-Fi Cameras. Live Updating Slideshows When new images are fly into the folder, the sl

Flip photos vertically and horizontally. · Flip photos through Photos app extensions · Touch Bar support

Create GIF from a video. Simply drag a video, seek to select a staring time and it will generate a 5 seconds GIF.