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This app is for laying out multiple photos into one image file. - You can specify width and height of output image file. - You can specify some layouts, such as 2x3, 3x4 and so on. - Following layout orders are supported. -- Left from top-right -- D

Fast, fun and easy-to-use filters to splash your images with color, or use as a great color therapy tool to relieve stress! Color therapy is a proven technique to relieve stress and ChromaSplash makes it incredibly easy. Easy to use: 1. Drag a ph

Easy to batch change tens of thousands images' Shot / Digitized / File Created / File Modified time! Features: - Change image's Shot / Digitized / File Created / File Modified time independently. For example: You can change shot time only. -

Alleffects is a lightning fast photo effect application. 1. Drag & drop an image to app, then click create button 2. Click create button. Your filtered images will be saved to Alleffects folder in your Pictures directory. Effects: - Chrome - Fade -

Easy to batch convert/resize/crop tens of thousands images' format ! Batch resize or crop image. How it works: 1. Drag images or folders onto Import icon 2. Select output format 3. Drag the Save icon out to save the result How to resize or crop ima

Easy to add texts on image. Convert image formats to JPG | PNG | TIFF | JPEG2000. The tutorial video is available on our website Features: Easy to move | scale | copy | duplicate | paste | delete | undo | redo multi objects or e

Monta is a photomontage maker to create a face image with face Images. Monta's face detection is powerd by Apple's Core Image technology. Face images are not included. Please prepare that by yourself. If you have a group photo, you may get many faces

With PhotoChef you can make creative compositions in no time. It features a complete set of tools: add how many images you want, mix, blend, compose, transform with no limits to your creativity. And with chroma key and brush you can compose by color

With Photo Effect for Photoshop you can create to display your personal or business photographs. Our template will allow you to create a stunning effect in just minutes, while still giving you 100% creative control! Clean design puts the focus on

With this app you can remove noise from your photos without losing details or getting too much blur! The quality noise removal coupled with the batch processing capability will make this app a must-have tool. ≈ FEATURES ≈ - remove noise

In order to achieve the magic of analog film, iFoto FilmSim provides gorgeous film presets and camera profiles to produce stunning results. Just import photos to apply legendary analog film rendering for Kodak, Fuji and Ilford camera profiles. It alw

Sketch It Photo App is easy to use and powerful photo sketching software that turns your images into works of art. Just import your photo into the app and it will be turned into an artistic pencil sketch. - Customize with black pencil drawing or an

Ah, the holidays. That great time of year for reaching out to loved ones, friends, family, or even acquaintances. And one of the best ways to reach out is with a holiday greeting. Happy Holidaze is here to help your creative juices flow and make gett

Affinity Photo is a powerful photo post-processing program for the Mac platform, combining raw conversion, photo retouching and enhancement, and compositing. In this course,We explore all of Affinity Photo's essential features. Each tutorial helps un

New level of hiding of any part of an image, this "smart" application will automatically find parts to hide. Just choose what you need to filter - faces or text*, than drag and drop image and it will be done at once. Also, you can add, remove and ed



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Ever got a case when you copyright been crop off the image? Simple retouch manipulation allows image it size to remove copyright information from image but not from metadata. Introducing simple and efficient tool CopirightToExif, that allow YOU

Quickly turn your images into retro old school images with Sepia, Black & White, Brown, Chiffon and other color options. Vintage Photo Camera will turn your new pictures into amazing looking retro pics. Choose from multiple one click filter effects

Every day we create, download and save hundreds of pictures. But when we need to find a given picture fast, we quickly discover that it's a very hard task. This program is designed to structurally save your pictures in electronic form. This program

Discount : from $20.5 to $8. With DuplicatePhotosCleaner Pro -You can find the duplicate Photos and you can select and delete the files. -You can find the duplicates in any Folder or Directory or External Hard disk as well. Usage : 1.Click on Sel


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Simple, robust and super fast geotagging using you GPX files. Load your RAW or JPG photos and your GPX files and enjoy fast automatic tagging with latitude, longitude and altitude (if available). View your GPS route on the built in map and verify i

Portraits+ Beautiful portrait photos for everyone! Portraits+ turns your simple snapshots into beautiful portrait photos with a simple click. Add a software bokeh effect to your image and make it into a high quality photograph, no expensive hardwar

Image Exif Editor Free is the free version of Image Exif Editor, if you want to get the full version with more powerful, you can download Image Exif Editor from: Full Version has Ma

CurlPhotos lets you create turning pages. • Through different sliders you adjust interactively : angle, level, radius. • Create Folds or Curls • The Page Curl color can be fully adjusted through the gradient of your choice. •

50% OFF SALE FOR NEW YEARS! Snaz Photo Editor brings professional photo editing to the rest of us. Easy to use, Snaz lets you easily turn your image into a painting, faded photo or a black and white masterpiece. Includes dozens of professionally des

MedleyPhotos The perfect and easy tool to blend images... Perform a creative collage of two or multiple images. Unlike a simple collage tool. Easy Medley will let you beautifully blend images through a smooth gradient of the shape of your choice. Yo

Step by step guide for the best photograph editing software, Photoshop CS. Our course covers all the subjects that every beginner needs. Not only beginners, we believe professionals will also get useful information if they finish this course. Step

EXIF Cleaner PRO is an application for the removal of information from the photos. This is necessary when you want to hide your location, model of the camera, and other information contained in the EXIF. Features: - cleaning the EXIF (Author, Softwa



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Capture the moment. You can be that moment. The moment will last for ever. Let family, friends, and guests take pictures in the digital photobooth, or studio. Pictures can be played back nearly live locally or remotely. Requirements ● Mac (wel

Mydea Lite is a smart mind mapping app, which helps you to visually organize your thoughts, remember things and discover new ideas. Features: • Auto layout nodes; • 5 layouts: orgnization, directory, fish bone, mindmap,logic structure; &b

BlipWall regularly updates your MacOS wallpaper with a random selection of your Facebook photos, reminding you of happy memories! Simply connect with Facebook, select the how frequently you want the next update, and you're good to go!