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Freenews : L'actualité des Freenautes - Toute l'actualité pour votre Freebox Revolution L’actualité de Free Haut Débit synthétisée. Toute l’actualité de l’ADSL, du dégroupage,

Forget your language difficulties with this app! This software allows you to translate anything you want quickly and easily. Its looks, its simplicity and the quality of the translations will amaze you. Try the brand new widget for instant transla

Optimize your Internet traffic by loading only what you actually need! Read the articles you’re interested in without loading any images. Save precious data traffic! Try this app and you won’t be able do without it! Suitable for both prof

NewsLife 2 is the smart way to keep track of what's on your favorite websites. No more days spent glued to your browser — with NewsLife handling your RSS and Atom feeds, it's easy to keep up-to-date. Get notified when new content is published.

Run as many as 10 real-time clocks along with many other features. GlobalClockz is a Mac software title that will allow the user to run multiple real-time clocks. You can run as many as 10 real-time clocks across different time zones simultaneously

Use a document file (.rtf, .rtfd, .txt) to send the same message to any number of e-mail addresses. Text2Mail offers an easy and quick solution to sending the same message to a number of e-mail addresses quickly through Apple's Mail. Text2Mail uses

LittleCal Pro is a simple application with which you can schedule events in a virtual calendar quickly and easily. Schedule events, and LittleCal Pro will even remind you of them ahead of time like 10 days or 30 minutes before events are supposed to

Nuper lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs and keep tabs on all the latest headlines. A single click on any entry instantly opens a new browser window and loads the chosen site for you. All of the headlines from all of your favorite sites are in

Mac4Ever est une application permettant d'être notifié dès qu'une nouvelle information est publiée sur, l'un des principaux sites dédiés à l'actualité Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod et iOS.

a newer version of v2.20 is here! autoExpire will delete or archive your files or folders at the time you preset. In the modern age, we are faced with the increasing digitalization of our lives. One effect of that is the huge volume of files we cre

Let EtreFeed surf the web for you. EtreFeed integrates RSS feeds with new user notifications in OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion". Just add RSS feeds for all of your favourite web sites into EtreFeed and you will be notified whenever a new story is posted. Y

iGeneration est un utilitaire de notifications pour vous avertir automatiquement de la publication de nouveaux articles sur les sites MacGeneration (, iGeneration ( et WatchGeneration ( Les titres et e

Butterfly is the perfect news reader: clean and simple to keep you focused on your activities. On Mountain Lion the notification centre will inform you with a simple message, to keep you up to date with all your news sources! The minimalistic style

FlipFeed is the automatic and programable app for people like a Sloth which browses RSS feeds and bookmarked website automatically with one click. Since it performs browsing articles of RSS feeds, bookmarked websites, long long time line automatical

Horus News Reader is a handy RSS reader where you can subscribe to your favourite websites, podcasts and videopodcasts with a unique UI. - All your news are two swipes away, scroll vertically to browse through different RSS channels and horizontally

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Before putting a review, please consider that we are able to help you with your problems if you turn to us directly as the App Store is not applicable for any response. Liked Safari browser RSS reader? You'll definitely like this. - High speed and

- Write one message, which can be sent to a number of people through Mail - Imagine that you have to distribute a promotional coupon code redeemable at Mac App Store to 50 people every time you release an application. What is the easiest approach i

THE TICKER is a small, simple, cute Feed Reader with the I HATE EXCERPTS ™ feature and features unlimited feeds organized by label and rating that can be arranged by keyboard. It comes with a gorgeous preview, quick look and, of course, multipl

RSSLoader was made as the best and simplest feed reader for comfortable reading and syncing feeds with DropBox. RSSLoader will automatically detect the availability of DropBox servers and creates special folder for synchronization your feeds between

- Keep Track of Time at 54 Cities Around the World - TimeINTL is a desktop application that lets you build your own international clock system, keeping track of the time with analog clocks at multiple locations around the world. When it comes to set

- Keep Track of Time at 85 Cities Around the World - TimeINTL Extended Edition is a desktop application that lets you build your own international clock system, keeping track of the time with analog clocks at multiple locations around the world. It

Vocale Presse offre aux déficients visuels (aveugles, malvoyants et personnes âgées) un service d'accès simplifié à la presse écrite sur téléphone mobile. L'intérêt du logici

A minimal RSS Reader that allows synchronize all your news feeds into a timeline. Get your subscriptions continuously in reading format, without advertising and instantly. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Una lector RSS minimal

RSS Reader Pro is Desktop RSS News Reader. stories appear right on your display,just as they are published. You can easily organize,read,followk,mark,filter and search news from your favorite feeds. Stories are read directly from RSS source without d

If you have any questions regarding the usage or bug report of my app please e-mail me at: [email protected] One of the best News Feeds RSS ever seen before on the App Store. You can add lots and lots of RSS and other accounts like: - Ba

* Description * The day has finally come for those who still use OrganizeX to organize accounts. We are now switching to a Cocoa application that has been developed from a scratch with Objective-C. This new version comes with many new and improved f

Aktuell is a modern, lightning fast, intuitive and elegant reader for reading blogs and news. All your favorite feeds in one app. Be up to date! SYNCING: ・Very fast built-in RSS/Atom/RDF sync, support of all versions of standards ・Abi

***** LAUNCH SPECIAL 50% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE ***** MackerNews is the best fully functional Hacker News desktop client for Mac. Interact with the Hacker News community with style and ease! FEATURES: - Beautiful readable renditions of the article (o

Advanced interface that shows you the latest news, highlights what's important and lets you filter your topics of interest. The news is curated, handpicked and summarized for you by our editors.