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* Post sticky notes with pictures, text memos, time-events on a multi-page virtual bulletin board * Almost every household has a refrigerator where family members post their drawings, pictures and sticky notes with phone numbers. Is it too much to

- FastBack - the browser that doesn't reload when you go "back". - Compare yourself with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, anything. - Not a general purpose browser, but perfect for news sites. - Available for iPhone and iPad too. - Free for now, enjoy!

Introducing Alien News: The most innovative News Reddit application for a personal computer ever conceived! Alien News is the first News application to support Unlimited Tabs, Windows, and Reddit Accounts; as well as offering a super easy to use in

Sharky RSS is a simple but powerful RSS reader and articles manager. You can read, share and search RSS articles by it. Features •Subscribe to Atom/RSS news feeds and podcasts •Simple and intuitive user interface with customisable toolbar

RSS Feeds lives in menu bar and lets you quickly view the content of new posts without ever opening a browser window. RSS Feeds is not just a fetcher for rss news, it also support for several popular web services(git hub, bean stalk etc.)—stay

Scan and translate your PDF with just one app! Try out the best OCR Scanner for Mac! Choose whether to translate the extracted text with the app’s built-in translator or share it as you please! Easy to use, just select the PDF file you want to

Radio, TV Reporters & Journalists – PROFESSIONAL HD QUALITY BROADCASTING APPLICATION *** Used by ABC,BBC, ESPN, RNW, SiriusXM and many more *** Luci Live is an already well established, award winning broadcasting application by Technica Del

Liked Safari browser RSS reader? You'll definitely like this. - High speed and efficient RSS engine - Fast RSS Feeds loading - RSS Feeds import (opml) - Creating categories - Favorites for later reading - Display articles under the current tab or op

MailSpy is an application that can you show the geographic location from where emails you've received have been sent. MailSpy shows the sender location as well as the location of intermediate 'stops' the email has taken on its way to you, as well as

Read Hacker News ( articles and comments with this clean, simple, modern looking and fast performing universal app. • Upvote stories • Reply • Upvote or downvote comments • One touch saving to Pocket

With Weekly Science News app you will always be aware of the latest world news. This RSS reader provides daily articles from 6 popular science resources. KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST SCIENCE NEWS - 6 popular resources - Links to the websites - Notificat

Keep up to date with everything going on in your favorite sub-reddits with Reddit Reader. A more convenient way to read Reddit and keep track of whats going on.

The most up-to-date news is delivered to your menu bar in a manner of electric bulletin board. (Demo movie- Any RSS can be chosen as a news source. News containing your favorite words can be delivered with an alert sound

FlipFeed is the automatic and programable app for people like a Sloth which browses RSS feeds and bookmarked website automatically with one click. Since it performs browsing articles of RSS feeds, bookmarked websites, long long time line automatical

Fantastic news reader, reimagine your news reading with amazing tab! ReadEver is a powerful tabbed-style RSS reader and intuitive client for popular read later services. It was designed to be easy-to-use and comfortable for reading news. Important

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% DISCOUNT Are you a Twitter fan or a professional? Do you want your Twitter timeline always scrolling on your screen? Tweetline is the most elegant Twitter client for Twitter fans and professionals who want to keep an eye on

** OS X Mavericks and Retina Display Ready ** If you use the social bookmark service and own a Mac you are going to love clipApp. It connects your Mac to kippt. Your links, clips and bookmarks are now not further than a "keyboard shortcu


News Center is on sale for a limited time, the original price is $9.99 (US) 此应用支持中文 RSS 订阅, 支持中文关键词搜索, 限时Ì

Get your Mac talking with this app. Listen to the text you want, when you want, in any language. ProSpeech implements the most advanced text-to-speech system and puts it at your disposal. Designed to be fast, high-performing and user friendly.

aClocks Desktop is a desktop version of an existing iOS app that lets you run multiple analog clocks at a time. Just as the iOS version does, aClocks Desktop covers more than 200 cities around the globe. aClocks observes day light saving time and Jap

IdleWeb makes it easy to present a slideshow of webpages for use in museum displays, tradeshow booths, schools, information kiosks, multimedia installations... From the systemwide menu (on the top right of the menubar) you are able to add your favor

Words RSS scans your feeds and highlights essential English words. It has three difficulty settings (adults, high school, ESL) and highlights words according to the selected difficulty. Improve your vocabulary by reading news and blog entries you wan

Wonderful app easy and intuitive as few of its kind, the first places in the rankings for iPhone / iPad now also available for iMac, to know, to see in real time all the earthquakes and the place in which they occurred in the world! ! On the map all

Cyndicate is a easy-to-use, next-generation, RSS/Atom syndication feed reader that gives you command over your news. Cyndicate will fetch, organize, and display news and articles from millions of websites and weblogs, giving you complete control over

Go to for more information & additional screenshots! Click on the "EZ Apps, Inc web site" link on the right to get there! √ The biggest selling Gossip app of all time is now available for your Mac! Have a handy browser whe

Special Offer. On Sale for - $0.99 Regular Price is - $1.99 "Too much Coffee" has only one purpose and that is to help keep track of your coffee drinking habits. How much coffee do you really drink in a week? The simplicity and functionality of

The simplest river-of-news RSS reader for busy people. SushiReader is a RSS reader with a difference: it is tailored for busy people. Whether you have one minute or one hour, SushiReader makes it easy to catch up with the latest news. And, the river

RSSTab is a feed reader/aggregator for your MenuBar. Follow articles and stay updated on blogs/websites you like, all from your menubar.

RSS News Reader is a handy tool for reading news on your Mac. This app will be really useful for those who always want to be aware of the latest news. You no longer have to search for the necessary information all over the Internet – RSS News R