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Tab for Google Reader gives you the quickest way to access your news in your google reader. #Access all items #Access stared items #Access read items #Access shared items #More...

Conservative Talk Radio brings a talk radio player to your computer! Listen live to top shows like Rush, Hannity, Levin and Michael Savage. Live Access to these shows: * Rush Limbaugh * Herman Cain * Sean Hannity * Mark Levin * Michael Savage

"This discounted sale is in cooperation with" iRSS is a RSS Reader designed for experienced users. iRSS make reading and recording in one place. Basic features: offline reading Add, delete, move, rename, Feed and Folder Mark ar

Listen to only news that you need at every breakfast without making your keyboard dirty Face it: television news are mostly junk. Why? Mainstream media mainly show stuff that are popular or sensational – not actionable. Only _you_ know what ne

RSS Follower is a gorgeous news reader you even looked. Read, share, and search your news by using a clean and intuitive interface. RSS Follower is made in the bright light and dark saturation styles. Each element of the application has been carefull

This free utility allows you to track the release info of your favorite authors and artists. (Check out my iPhone/iPad apps, too: ) It automatically checks the release info everyday, so you will never miss the new work by

FeedBoard cycles a news feed on the screen, top to bottom, zooming each item in the middle of the screen, each item zoomed or not can be clicked and the list can be scrolled trough. It can also be configured to read via text to speech the feeds as a

But to be up-to-date with news around the world, News Headlines brings latest Google News in short under 30 words to get a quick glance of news right in the MenuBar of your Mac. Just click beautiful icon in MenuBar to access world news happening at

“If you’re looking for an RSS reader for your Mac, look no further than Bread and Butter Software’s $3 Dayspring.” - Macworld Meet Dayspring, your personal RSS feed reader. - The only RSS reading client on the Mac with tabs

Stay up to date easily with Product Hunt via your Menu Bar. Receive notifications of new products hunted. Left click to see the product, right click to join the conversation. It's that easy.

RSS Ticker is a lightweight RSS Reader for your desktop which can sync with Google Reader. It lets you keep an eye on news anytime and it provides variety of settings for customizing the ticker. Start picking your favorite feeds by today and RSS Tic

Pins translates Pinboard's no-frills, minimalistic, yet fast experience to your Mac. Get the most out of your bookmarks, with a quick, modern and comprehensive app. + Access all your bookmarks, with instant search, and filter by tag, sharing status,

MicroRSS is an unofficial Tiny Tiny RSS client. It allows you to easily and quickly access all your feeds right from the dock. Combined with one of avalible TTRSS iPhone and iPad clients you can have all your feeds fully synchronized across all devic

Breaking lets you add news that matter to you, right in your Today View. Add local news, your favourite blogs or anything else that comes with a feed as a Today widget in OS X Yosemite. The latest stories will always be right there when you have tim

Did you feel that? Tremors allows you to keep tabs on seismic activity from around the world, right from the comfort of your Mac. Using data compiled by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and other sources, Tremors gives you up-to-the-minute

Top Cop Police Scanner Radio brings a police scanner right to your desktop. Easy to use, Top Cop features the most requested feeds for US Policing. Listen with one click to top feeds such as: > Chicago Police > Cleveland Police Dispatch > Detroit >

Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over the world. Available for more than 70 countries : United States, China, India, France, Germany, Italia, Spain, United Kingdoms, and more ! You can find all your favorites new

"Sit back & relax, the news will come to you!..." We created the tool that will change your day. All you have to do is select from a list the news sources you wish to follow, from that point, news will come to you as notifications. If you find the n

IT之家支持最新MacBook Pro的Touch Bar功能。 有人的地方,就有江湖;有电脑手机平板&#

Gazette! is a fully featured newsreader allowing you to subscribe to your favorite RSS or ATOM news feeds! With Gazette! it has never been easier to read, navigate, organize and share your favorite feeds. Simplistic UI and a plethora of features ensu

If Y Combinator is your first and only stop for tech news or just a great way to keep up with the world of technology, Hacker Bar will keep you up to date. Hacker Bar lives in the Mac menu bar and provides a steady stream of the top news stories fro

TAME YOUR BOOKMARKS TODAY! Use many devices? Tired of losing your bookmarks? So was I. Then I built a better way to bookmark: Momiji. Momiji is a new streamlined bookmarking app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. ■ WAVE BYE-BYE TO BOOKMARK MANAGEM

News should be audible. You can read it or the computer reads the news for you. It will read the headline news or any selected story. If you like the story, you can share the link with your friends on Facebook with one click. This app is full featu

*** Aktuell 3 is already in App Store. This version will get only improvements updates *** Aktuell is a modern, intuitive and elegant reader for reading blogs and news. All your favorite feeds in one app. Be up to date! SYNCING • Feedly •

MyTikka Is A Totally Free Scrolling Breaking News Headline Ticker for News, Sport & Entertainment. Choose from over 200 multilingual channels and never be left in the dark again…

A productive way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite feeds, blogs and news sites. Feedly is the world's most popular RSS and blog reader with more than 15 millions users. RSS re-invented.

Are you using RSS in Mail or Safari on your Mac? This application exports (backs up) your RSS feed subscriptions from Mail and Safari on Mac OS X due to the end of support for RSS in Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8). Supported Mac OS X versions: 10.6,

*** READ THE NEWS FROM 5000 NEWSPAPERS FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE *** Be up to date with today’s news by reading the most popular newspapers of your country or overseas. More than 80 countries and 5000 newspapers are available online for you to

*** READ THE BEST LOCAL NEWS SOURCES FROM MORE THAN 25 COUNTRIES! *** Fews is much more than a simple RSS reader. It features the best local news sources, from more than 25 countries, in their original language. From tech blogs to local news, sports

Learn, laugh, and stay informed. Discover hundreds of thousands of downloadable podcasts, from thought-provoking stories to hilarious interviews to sports and politics. Subscribe to your favorites, search categories, and see what’s rising to th