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disChord is a tool for the serious electronic keyboard player - of any ability. It lets you play any chord with one finger. For example, you could play a C and then enter, one note at a time, a C major 7th chord. You can then play the one C and let d

The Music Speed Changer** app allows you to easily change the playback speed and the pitch (key) of audio in realtime and independently from each other. The app also supports video (with zooming), subtitles (e.g. for karaoke), images (e.g. for scores

Introducing MiX16 GO, a free version of MiX16 PRO. THE MOST STABLE APP IN SHOW BUSINESS! Created by a professional theatre sound engineer. Used by theatre engineers, stage managers, live show producers, choreographers, magicians, puppeteers, cruise

FAC Chorus is a versatile chorus effect emulation designed to simulate the characteristics of the classic chorus modules with the flexibility of customising the parameters of the main components involved in the signal path. The interface has a uniqu

Qwaz Audio was developed by a french journalist and software developer to accelerate manual transcription of voice interviews into text. In reducing the audio recording speed to the typing velocity, the application suppress the numerous pause/rewind/

Triumph is a pioneering audio editor and post-production tool developed by musicians and engineers for musicians and engineers. From weekend podcast polishing to video game and motion picture sound design, professional mastering to workflow automati

Unique synth with AUV3 (Audio Unit) and midi keyboard support! You can touch and change the wave and hear the difference. Deep Synth also has: - simple envelope filter - reverb effect - tremolo sound effect - hair - high frequency modulation. - 5

We naturally listen to songs in the order as they appear in the album. This application can make a playlist where the order of songs within an album is held. You can separate discs in an album if you want. You can also separate songs if you think i

Folder Audio List 1. can open multi audios in folder with one step, auto scanning mp3,wav,m4a,aif file type of audio files. 2. app remember last location the audio'd played and turn to it when you select it again 3. you can drag the progress bar to

Morphing waves technology for great space sounds. AUV3 (Audio Unit) and midi keyboard support! In Hyperion I have used everything I know so far to create most full and nice sounding FM synth based on my sound engine. Hyperion Synthesizer has: - Mo

That is nice phaser effect that can run in stereo mode. The app is Audio Unit AUv3. In stereo mode the signal is split and run through 2 phaser effects with different frequency settings but same rate, depth and feedback that are shifted in stereo spa

Skoog Bluetooth MIDI allows you to easily connect your Skoog 2.0 wirelessly with your Mac. It's the perfect way to connect your Skoog into GarageBand, Logic Pro X or other DAW. You can quickly connect your Skoog using the Bluetooth MIDI connection

Speak Unit is a speech synthesiser audio extension for use in Garageband and other compatible music software. You enter up to twelve phrases that are each triggered by a unique note. Ideal if you need robotic vocal for your musical compositions, or

Guitar Tabs X is a powerful guitar tabs editor. Works with guitar, bass and ukulele. Tabs can be exported to PDF and MIDI. The app is intended as the guitar and bass players' notebook so you can easily write and save your ideas and songs as pro loo

Great opportunity for playing piano and learning chords wherever you want! With Virtual Jazz Piano you will be able to reproduce the play of famous musicians like Beethoven and other virtuosos or to create your own unique piano music. 2 PLAYING MODE

Set the right mood for any occasion with Relaxonic - Chill & Ambient Sounds! Concentrate on the work, or relax and get all thoughts out of your head. Create a mixture of various ambient sounds and find yourself in a fantasy world, far away from the n

MidiFire is a free-form, modular CoreMIDI router, processor, monitor and clock source from the makers of MidiBridge. Drop and arrange MIDI ports and modules onto the canvas however you like and connect them up to start routing and processing your MI

Welcome back to the wonderful atmosphere of 1980s with a new Retro Synthesizer app! This is an old school musical instrument for your device which is perfect for everyone who likes the 80’s music. Specific sounds and keys’ design will mak

Smart Tunes

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IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! I kindly beg you to ASK FOR HELP in case of any trouble, you can always write to [email protected] or [email protected], PLEASE help to make Smart Tunes a better product with your valuable

Hard to learn guitar chords with photos or videos? Need to see the finger positions from different angles?... Then come and enjoy learning basic guitar chords with real-time 3D interactivity. Observe the correct finger movements between chord changes

Create sheet music with chords and lyrics. Auto-Detect chords in text pasted from other sources. Auto formatting features. Special Mountain Dulcimer fret option.

This application is a host for music devices audio units. Music devices are specialized OS X audio units that generate sounds in response to some control protocol (MIDI in our case), like virtual synthesizers.

Music Tag Editor Lite can help you to edit your Music Tag info easily and effectively,Batch edit all tags and batch rename with metadata, you can also use it to convert the text encoding of Music Tag, In situations,it can repair the messy code in Mus

Tune any musical instrument (guitar, violin, viola, bass, piano, cello, flute and many more) with Tuner T1, an extremely accurate chromatic tuner. Tuner T1 also comes with a handy Tone Generator that plays any musical note as reference for tuning. -

Features - Audio Unit version 3 and standalone application - Rich and complex sonority - Host application supports MIDI - iOS version available

Features - Audio Unit version 3 and standalone application - Comb filter and ring modulator with automated parameters - Build flangers, tremolos, and much more - Host application can load and playback audio files for easy prototyping - Host applicati

Jukebox Player

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Discover something new that would match your current mood, enjoy every moment of your life with Jukebox Player! You no longer need to load music on your device. This app is a great choice for music lovers all over the planet, here you will find music

Are you a beat maker? Do you own an Mpc, Maschine or Ableton? Backbeat Reducer studies your audio samples to remove the back beat! Now you can isolate sounds in your samples or remove the drums. You can even use BackBeat to brighten or clean up your

Disqo Juke is a DJ software that lets you easily mix music, set loops and hot cues and play with audio effects. >> POWERFUL TOOL FOR YOUR FIRST PERFORMANCE Created according to all latest industry standards. No matter if you're a beginner DJ or an e

ParanoiaImport is a tiny helper application which automates process of importing Audio CD using cdda paranoia. With this application, you can automate the following Audio CD import process. 1.Ripping Audio CD using cdda paranoia. 2.Convert the resu