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vStack is a looper application. It is designed to be used simply and easy. Use your audio files or just record live audio real-time. vStack is designed to easily sync each of the channels in various durations all based on a master metronome. Incl

Všetky naše obľúbené rádiá pokope. Pomocou tejto aplikácie môžete bezstarostne počúvať akúkoľvek slovenskú stanicu hocikde na svete. Aplikác

Learn the notes of the Bass Fretboard. Great for beginners or those that never learned the notes. First select a note. There will be 4 cards shown on the scree, one for each string, with the note represented on the staff for that note. Next select

Learn the notes of the Guitar Fretboard. Great for beginners or those that never learned the notes. First select a note. There will be 6 cards shown on the screen, one for each string, with the note represented on the staff for that note. Next sele

Simple and powerful, this banjo tuner is both in one! You can listen the sound of each tuning string as well check & fine-tune the strings with the help of the chromatic tuner, placed in the middle of the app window! App-features: * Chromatic tuner w

Learn how to write Electro House music, sound design it and expertly produce it in this 21 tutorial course! App Features: • 101 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) &b


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Tempomate is clever and beautiful metronome. - Auto Mode. Changes tempo periodically for serious speed training. Just set the bpm amount and time interval. - Accents. Spice it up with various time signatures, accents and rests. - Presets. Save your

In this FastTrack™ course, SfLogicNinja David Earl dives deep into his Logic Pro X bag of tricks and offers up 10 of his top secrets! App Features: • 50 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no

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XTOMP pedal. You can turn your XTOMP into a completely different pedal, manage and purchase effects, and get updates and more functions with this app via Bluetooth® Smart*. ●Friendly, easy-to-use UI The intuitive, carefully designed use

If you want to reduce your audio size this app will be your best choice. You can input the audio size and the app will auto adjust the audio’s parameters to meet your needs. Source audio can be compressed to 1 - 20 times smaller than the ori

Continuum Player is a compact and easy to use MP3 player with playback order customization and color schemes. Features: - Repeat play one or all the tracks - Shuffle the playlist - Choice of light or dark color scheme - Set resume playback on restar

How many Dance Music styles are there out there? Well, you’ll find out because Multiplier will likely cover them all! Join Adam in this exploration of Bass House and add this genre to your dance music arsenal. Produce Bass House now! App Featu

There's a world of FREE synths out there that most producers don't know, haven't explored or taken the time to learn. Here's a course covering 10 of trainer G.W. Childs' favorites! See what these FREE synths can do for you! App Features: • 75 m

Test your knowledge of notes, both G-Clef and F-Cleff(Bass). Also includes Key signatures for Major and Minor keys! A card is shown and four answers are presented. A correct answer earns you 1 point. If you answer wrong, the correct answer will b

The Minimoog Model D is back and we’ve created this course to show you what’s new, what’s the same and how this updated version of this classic, 70s synth works! So learn everything about the Minimoog with Rishabh Rajan. App Featur

Auto-Sampling in Logic? Yes, but you’ve got to use AutoSampler in MainStage to do it! Turn your favorite hardware and software synths into velocity-layered Logic Pro EXS24 instruments now, by watching this FastTrack™ course! App Features

SpaceTheremin is a virtual theremin that can be controlled via the mouse or touchscreen. A theremin is a device that uses a pair of antennae to control the pitch and volume of a sound. As a virtual theremin, this app uses the X and Y axes to control


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This software is a patch editor and librarian to be used with the Roland JD-Xi synthesizer exclusively. It will allow most of its system exclusive midi messages to be manipulated in user friendly way. Edit all synthesizers (digital and analog) as wel

What is House music? What are its sonic elements? Why does it sound distinctive from other dance music genres out there? How do you produce it? Find the answers in this Dance Music Styles course by Adam Pollard. App Features: • 88 minutes of vi

Tempomate Lite

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Tempomate is clever and beautiful metronome. This free Lite version offers tempos from 20 to 100 bpm and is mostly meant for beginners and for those who wish to give the product a try before purhasing. For higher tempos, please check out the full ver

Neutron, iZotope’s latest mixing channel strip, is here, and so is this essential 15-tutorial course, led by audio expert Joe Albano. Dive in now, and see how this new iZotope plugin will intelligently assist you with your mixes! App Features:

Radio Network makes it easy to listen to the entire Internet radio library, hear new music, radio network delivers breaking national and world news, also sports top stories from business, politics, classic rock music, pop, oldies, country, electronic

Ableton Live is the DAW for DJs. But where do you begin? What setup techniques and skills do you have to master? No worries because this introductory course by the acclaimed DJ Kiva explains it all! Learn from the best: DJ Kiva! App Features: •

If any company knows compression it’s Universal Audio (UA). They practically invented it! This UA in-action course explains and explores compression and shows you how these classics work! So sit back and learn compression with engineer Alex Sol

An extensive chord library with over 80,000 chords! Find the perfect chords for your songs on all popular music instruments! Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, Chords Compass Lite will show you chord diagrams with all possible options in all

Logic Pro X’s FX plugins, with their redesigned GUI and added functionality are now more powerful than ever. Get the inside info on all of LPX’s modulation plugins FAST in this FastTrack™ course by Logic expert Joe Albano. App Fea

MIDIPlayer is an app for playing MIDI files to external devices such as synthesizers and drum machines. It displays detailed track and timing information about loaded MIDI files. It requires a MIDI device in order to produce output.

Listen to hundreds of non-stop mixes from DJ Kuki! Each mix is over an hour long and features music from Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Drake, Rihanna, Avicii, Diplo & many more! Perfect for everything from working out to partying it up. ••&bu

A simple App to split audio-files by Time, Size, Count and Time-Intercept. The supported files are mp3 and m4a. Also you can playback the audio-file. MP3 restriction: - No passthrough - Output will be m4a - Bitrate is estimated - Not all metadata co