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Mass Casualty Triage training simulation for Paramedics, EMTs, Nurses and Medics. Choose one of three Triage methods - Sieve, SALT or START. Select one of eight immersive training scenarios to find, engage and triage casualties scattered througho

Expand your knowledge of the organs with this robust application that combines 3D models, video, audio lectures, quizzes and text to create a rich learning experience. Includes detailed information on the brain, heart, stomach, spleen, pancreas, smal

Emergency medical technician (EMT) or ambulance technician are terms used in some countries to denote a health care provider of emergency medical services. EMTs are clinicians, trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issu

Blood Pressure Diary 2 is newest version of the popular application designed to help you with regular monitoring and keeping track of blood pressure. Here is a list of benefits of using Blood Pressure Diary 2. • iCloud support. Now your blood

This application is developed to study neurology, electroencephalography, neuroradiology, and electromyography in English, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese for medical students and professionals such as physicians and nurses. It consists of 113

The Acupoints Ultimate is on the basis of Chinese traditional medicine theory. With the help of portability and facility of MAC platform, it shows Chinese medicine acupoints in a brand new visual angle. Users will learn enormous acupoints through 6

3D Male Reproductive system: It is a medical application to show the Male Reproductive system inside human body, here you can manipulate in 3D, with the mouse and rotate in all directions while jump to reproductive system encyclopedia. This is a ve

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Patient Medical Record Software for Pediatricians Patient Medical History: -- Search Engine -- User friendly easy to use interface -- Pathological & Non-Pathological information -- Parent's History -- Family Members History -- Patient's Feeding info

MCAT Exam (Medical College Admission Test). This is a easy to use practice exam for Medical Professionals It covers all modules of the MCAT. Includes a practice exam and Video Training Course.

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FluoroCT is a lightweight yet powerful CT scan visualization software designed by interventional cardiologists. It provides all the tools required to analyze CT scans prior to structural heart interventions such as transcatheter aortic valve replacem

Do you want to check your level of knowledge for the United States Medical Licensing Examination? If yes, then you should try USMLE Practice Test app. It's quick and easy to use. Our test questions will be an essential study tool for those who are ta

Postpartum depression (PPD) is the most common complication of childbearing. The 10-question Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) is a valuable and efficient way of identifying patients at risk for postpartum depression. The EPDS self-screenin

Treatments using home remedies are becoming the first choice of many people with health concerns. Home Remedies is unique collection of best remedies for diseases. These natural cures are useful and healthy. Home Remedies app provides you the best ti

Knight Reader does something that no other app does in which it completely eliminates the white light from your screen by converting every pixel on your screen into a gradient between black and red as in oppose to other apps that just tint or give a

The Best Medical Lab Reference - Reviewed by Medical Doctors. ************************************************************************************************ From the Team of Project LAB (iOS app) comes to you now Medical Lab Reference for your Mac

The ACP Board Study Guide is designed to help residents and practitioners prepare for certification by the American Board of Prosthodontics. Included are detailed breakdowns of each stage of the exam; fact sheets, study guides, and literature reviews

Ophthalmic Consultant is a reference and training resource for professional ophthalmologists. It provides training media in the form of videos that can be conveniently accessed before, during and after surgery. -> Educational medical media to promot

Take a 3D course in anatomy with 3D4Medical. You can also study the anatomy by system in our app, ‘Undergrad Anatomy by System’. Learn like never before with over 19 hours of incredible interactive content! Register to download your Cou

The bones of the skull: In this study: Anatomy of the human skull, showing each and every one of its parts, function, disease activity and possible human skull. In 3D, you can see the human skull from every angle, digitized, with each of its part

Blood Pressure Expert has been written as the patient's guide to high blood pressure (BP), or hypertension, as it is often called. High BP is the single most important cause of stroke and if people with high BP had their BP reduced the occurrence of

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Human Anatomy - Contains 780 highly detailed images and more than 7000 musculoskeletal structure names. Features: - All data in single download and no advertise - Browse by Anatomy Systems and Anatomy Regions - Easy simple interface - Highly detaile

This App of the Brains Parts, is one of the most perfect and successful of the real shape of the human Brain structure, in digital form and in computer animation, that powers your expectation. This application allows in the area of education, to acc

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3D Spine st: In this study: Anatomy of Spine, are being shown, each and every one of its parts, functions, activities, types, textures, 3D views and special information about Spine. In 3D, you can see the Spine from all angles, digitized, with each