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NOW INTEGRATED WITH THE IPHONE AND THE IPAD VERSIONS OF THE APPLICATION! ### Have a look the application review on, at’s-medical-details ### Here is an application that will

This program is designed for health care professionals, students, and anyone interested in visualizing and learning about the complex neuroanatomy of the brain stem. The 3D features allow users to visualize the external morphology of the brain stem

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Dental Patient Education is an animation based patient education app for dental professionals to effectively communicate dental conditions and treatments to their patients. Developed in collaboration with Dr Brian Davey DDS. Want to review some of

Fast, efficient PubMed searching on your Mac. PubSearch is a fast, efficient search tool for scientists, medical professionals and students who rely on the ability to quickly access the millions of research papers indexed in PubMed. By combining

Ankle & Foot Pro III gives users an in depth look into the body region and allows them to cut, zoom & rotate the ankle & foot. Ankle & Foot Pro III provides multiple cross sections (Sagittal, Coronal and Transverse) as well as the ability to cut awa

This award winning app is an animation based patient education app for healthcare professionals to effectively communicate anatomy, conditions and treatments to patients. The app covers a variety of conditions such as joint diseases and disorders, as

Brain 3D Atlas of Anatomy allows you to rotate a highly realistic 3D brain model as it was in your hands. In the current version is only visible the external view of the brain. The anatomical brain 3D model is revolvable in any direction giving a 3

ICD9 Procedure codes contains the latest set of complete Short & Long Descriptions of ICD 9 Procedure codes. With this app, you can: * Browse and navigate the procedure codes sorted in tabular or alphabetic order. * Search for a specific code a

CORE is your expert reference tool for diagnosing musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. The Clinical Orthopedic Exam offers you a robust database of over 250 clinical tests with descriptions on how to perform them, video demonstrations, diagnosti

Pill Timer was designed to be incredibly easy to use. Simply set up a single event or if you need multiple times to take your pills the drop down menu will allow you to set up a schedule for multiple pills. You will be gently reminded as your scree

Muscular System is a next generation anatomy atlas in 3D which gives you availability of interactive highly detailed anatomical models! The entire musculoskeletal system has been reconstructed in 3D, you can rotate and zoom in on each model and obse

This is the desktop version of the popular iHomeopath app for the iPhone. Being a desktop version, this app has the ability to open an unlimited number of windows simultaneously and display at the same time, different illness, symptoms and remedies

This is an application that shows the teeth of human beings and their anatomy. Incisors, canine, premolar and molar. - A full each 3D teeth, and dissection part of a teeth with labels. The tooth in this medical application, can be seen in every 3D

Open DICOM image files on your Mac to view the DICOM header information. Easily load and view DICOM header information to inspect the DICOM attributes. Copy DICOM attribute text values like SOP Instance UID or Patient Name to the clipboard. NOTE: T

A low-fat, to the point, 3D DICOM viewer, surface analyzer and converter. Espresso Ray 3D is a 3D viewer and surface generation analysis tool designed to work with DICOM images and other medical imaging formats (namely nifti-1). It supports 3D volum

Sometimes we or our family members have to take medications. Sometimes everyday details can fall through the cracks. My Medications application can help you to manage meds and prescriptions, keep track of taken pills; it will remind you to refill and

This app is a tool helping to collect, track and analyze your blood pressure and pulse measurements on a daily basis. Thus, it is a fully adequate blood pressure record card. Easily add and edit your blood pressure. Moreover, you can export data as

Medical dictionary is a complete quick reference for medical students and professionals. Key features of our app: Over 15000 terms with detailed explanation. Complete list of terms, diseases, drugs, acronyms and abbreviations. Browse and sear

Containing hours upon hours of content, resources, and information for medicinal marijuana users to make you a Smoking Guru. Don't be the last of your friends to have this awesome app! Contains: Strain Library: 200 different strains of marijuana to

How well can you visualize the 3D structure of the DNA molecule? Can you spot erroneous depictions of DNA as a left-handed double helix? If you're not satisfied with your level of understanding of DNA structure or would like to have at your fingertip

It looks like a kind of magic! Measure your heart rate with the webcam. Pulsphotometer examines the image data from a webcam that records your face. Sophisticated algorithms analyze the color information and calculate your heart rate.

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BP Tracker the application designed for the user who really want to keep a tract of there Blood Pressure levels. This application will help you to keep daily record of your Blood pressure You can keep record of Systolic, Diastolic & Pulse all at a t

The BoneBox™ Spine Viewer is a real-time 3D medical education and patient communication tool, featuring a detailed anatomical spine model. It is a member of a series of apps developed by a team of anatomists, certified medical illustrators, ani

• Provides access to complete 2015 CMS general equivalency mapping information. • Decodes the scenario, combination & choice information and displays even the most complex mappings in an easy-to-read format. • Multiple windows help y

Study and demonstrate the dermatomes on a 3D model - both male and female. The dermatomes are drawn in conformance with the latest medical research. This app is meant for medical professionals and students. We don't take any responsibility for cl

Pass NCLEX with 1 day of study! We guarantee it. NCLEX Stanford Review, by Linda Stanford, RN, MSN, is the only app which simulates the actual NCLEX-RN and PN examinations. 4300 questions and answers are written by nurse educators based on this year'

Visible Body’s Skeleton Premium is an all-new app from Visible Body, with content not included in any of our other apps. Skeleton Premium provides an encyclopedic anatomical reference of skeletal anatomy that is more complete than any other ske