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Sciatica is a very painful condition that effects millions of people around the World. This app is aimed at educating the sufferer and aims to offer advice and help on pain relief. There are 99 Informative video guides that should provide some imme

OKN Strips can be used to elicit Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN) for evaluation of neurological, otological or opthalmological disorders, includes a Red Desaturation mode and an Amsler grid for additional eye testing. OKN Strips: Click the screen (or us

The Meridian is a revolutionary high quality full 3D App for anyone interested in the oriental medicine, meridian, and acupuncture. You can experience a 'real human like' 3D model and awesome explanation of acupuncture points made by oriental clinic

Zapraszam do korzystania z podręcznego słownika Międzynarodowej Statystycznej Klasyfikacji Chorób i Problemów Zdrowotnych, Rewizja dziesiąta, Tom I (rozpoznania) oraz Tom III (indeks) w wersji polskiej. Zawarto"

This is an application that allows the ophthalmology surgeon to perform multiple IOL (Intraocular lens) Power, and Toric (Astigmatic) calculations. Including an intraocular lens power calculator for cataract surgery for virgin eyes, and eyes that ha

Hematology calculators contains 5 calculators related to Hematology. These calculators are: 1. Absolute Neutrophil Count Used for neutropenia assessment 2. DIC Score Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation 3. Iron Deficit Used

This App works with a device for recording multiple life signals. These signals are helpful for body check and monitoring health condition. The recording data can be saved and shared via internet. For more details, go to

Basic Health Calculators comprises a selection of 32 different calculators which eliminate the need for performing complicated calculations in order to keep track of your health, manage your weight and maintain fitness. Shape up and stay healthy by u

MediConnect est la seule application garantissant un accès rapide à de l’information médicale personnalisée et validée par domaine thérapeutique. - Presse scientifique - Informations sur les médi

An interactive visual guide for learning and understanding canine anatomy Quickly get a clear and complete 3 dimensional understanding of all muscles, bones & organs. Includes the option to search, save/restore states, quality settings and more.


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Save Time with an EHR Designed to Work for You gEHRiMed is the first ONC-certified EHR designed exclusively for long-term/post acute care (LTPAC) practitioners, by LTPAC physicians. Our MIPS-ready EHR solution is written as a fault-tolerant, cloud-b

Based on the phenomenal artwork found in the 3rd edition of Gray's Anatomy for Students, this set of 1000 images is the perfect review companion to help you test your anatomical knowledge for course exams or the USMLE Step 1! It's portable, it's conc

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the next quest in your favorite online game, do you spend more than eight hours a day with your computer or favorite game console playing video games? Has virtual-reality negatively impacted your relationships i

3D Organon Anatomy is an interactive anatomical atlas featuring all 15 human body systems. The new updated version of the app includes the human motion module, with animations of joints and bones. 3D Organon unfolds life-like high resolution 3D mod® est un puissant outil d'aide à la rééducation orthophonique. Complémentaire aux outils de remédiation traditionnels, il enrichit la prise en charge et le suivi des patients. Les exercices lu

With 99.9% of the clinical ECG diagnosis covered - Causes, Backgrounds, Symptom, Pathology, Diagnosis, Treatment, Clinical Examples. For students and practitioners who wish to strengthen their ECG-reading capabilities, this app would seem justified,

An interactive visual guide for learning and understanding the anatomy of a frog (Anura). Quickly get a clear and complete 3 dimensional understanding of all muscles, bones & organs. Includes the option to search, save/restore states, quality setting

* ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY * Paramedic Practice Test covers following topics: 1. Medical 2. EKG 3. Cardiology 4. Airway 5. Operation 6. Trauma 7. Pediatrics Practice this test and see how you score.

The ACP Board Study Guide is designed to help residents and practitioners prepare for certification by the American Board of Prosthodontics. Included are detailed breakdowns of each stage of the exam; fact sheets, study guides, and literature reviews

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Critical Care is a comprehensive collection of reference concisely covering the core topics and controversies of critical care. Critical care nursing is that specialty within nursing that deals specifically with human responses to life-threatening p

Select Blood or Urine labs. Along with the test name, the range of values is presented. It also shows what a reading above or below that range would signify. Once you feel well versed, you can then take a quiz. Each range, and the indicators of abov

Are you considering EMT training and wondering what the most important tasks are on an EMTs list of responsibilities? This app helps you understand what the tasks are and how you should cope with all different situations when you are on an EMT duty.

Acute appendicitis is the most common general surgical problem encountered during pregnancy. The diagnosis is particularly challenging during pregnancy because of the relatively high prevalence of abdominal/gastrointestinal discomfort, anatomic chang

O melhor banco de dados de bulas para iPhone agora para Mac OS. Suporte pós-venda e atualizado constantemente, no máximo de 48 em 48 horas, quando não diariamente! Novidade: Atualização online, independente da App

ProDoctor Medicamentos é um aplicativo gratuito e completo para a consulta de bulas e outras informações sobre os medicamentos disponíveis no mercado. De forma fácil e ágil pesquise medicamentos, descubra qua

An OSX client for Analyze - Pain. In order to utilise this application, please ensure that you have contacted ASIT Group and arranged to have the server side suite installed.


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DocsInk's native Mac desktop app for chat, discharges, consults and secure live video from provider to provider, and hospital to ambulatory clinics.

Aplicativo para o médico que deseja fazer avaliação de triagem vascular para seus pacientes. Utiliza orientações científicas para a solicitação criteriosa de exames e encaminhamento correto para