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Biorhythmics is a simple application to show your biorhythm. It can be programmed to show notifications about your current bio status once a day. This app is open-source and the code can be found at

* Good Sizer 3D helps you choose the right size of clothes in the US, Europe, UK, Japan or Russia. * Enough to know one of the sizes - the rest are converted automatically. * A trip to another country or purchase through the online store will become


PhotoSheet has arrived in the App Store! Combine several separate images into a single image with a layout of your choosing. • Print your own wallet prints at a fraction of the cost • Create prints that are perfectly sized for th

Have you ever wondered if you really know your iPhone and all its secrets? There is no real definitive instruction manual and maybe you are missing out on many brilliant features. This collection of More Than 220 Video Guides will bring you up to s

The camera(s) will be activated when an abnormal movement occurs in a user-specified area The tutorial video is available on our website Monitor the user-specified area The camera will be activated when an abnormal movement oc


RecipeBook - Recipe Manager & Weekly Meal Planner is the all-in-one recipe organizer / Cookbook, Meal Planner, and Shopping List. Attach photos to your recipes, add directions, notes, tags and ingredients. Easily rate your recipes and flag your favo

Enjoy a colorful scene of randomly generated triangles as your wallpaper or system screen saver. Mathematical functions will be executed directly on your graphics card to generate endless combinations of stunning and harmonic color combinations in re

*** OFFER FOR THE LIMITED TIME *** Bring your desktop to life with these amazing live wallpapers. LivingDesktop 4K is available from Menu bar from where you can set live wallpapers instantly. Hover over the thumbnails and take a quick look at the li

noteCafe Stylo

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“noteCafe Stylo” is a text editor that can be edited with rich text (RTFD). Font, font color, font style, font size can be easily changed. Headlines can be also set easily. Images and files can also be attached. Images can be resized whil

HPSTR provides artistic wallpapers to your home screens from Unsplash (one of the best creative photo communities) with hipster fragment shapes and cool filters. With HPSTR you can sync your favorite wallpapers in real-time with your iPhone or iPad.

The camera(s) will be activated when an abnormal movement occurs in a user-specified area Please note: The lite version was limited to select only 1 sub-zone from camera-view to be monitored. The tutorial video is available on our website www.Min