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By Jason.mill- Definetely recommending it to all - 5 Star By Gary_newman5- Great app for Task Management - 5 Star By cmcmcmcmcmcj- Would recommend to everyone - 5 Star Tasky is a great task management tool for organizin

Hyper lets you create very rich documents called "Stacks", which are like your very own mini-apps for personal or work needs. No coding required. Be sure to visit our website for the latest documentation and tutorials.

Ivideon Client

12 days ago

What is Ivideon Client? Ivideon Client is an app you can use to watch archived videos and online feeds from the cameras hooked up to Ivideon’s cloud-based video surveillance service. What is Ivideon? Ivideon is an online video surveillance ser

Mac用の年賀状作成ソフトの定番「宛名職人」の最新版がMac App Storeに登場。 Mac App S

Having trouble to remember all kinds of accounts and their passwords? Want a tool to help you save and manage your credit card number? iLove Quick Copy helps Mac users to save and manage those hard to remember but frequently used information efficie

Aqua TV is a stunning, fully customisable, virtual aquarium. Choose a tank then change the floor, walls, decoration – and of course fish – to make the aquarium YOU want! All rendered in glorious 3D. Features: · Beautifully

Liquid Database

11 days ago

Manage your personal collection of Liquids (Liquid Recipes), Flavours, Bases and Distributors and keep track of your Storage. Features: - Liquids Database/Recipes - Flavour Database - Bases Database - Distributors Database - Storage - eJuice Recipe

AstroClock is a "live" Astrological chart wheel which is updated every minute. You'll see the Ascendant and other cusps change minute-by-minute, and the current position of the planets gradually moving. The look of the chart is customisable, and it c

Many of us take photos every day, but rarely find time to enjoy them. PhotoBlast displays treasured memories from your Photos library at regular intervals, popping up from your menu bar with an optional chime without taking over your screen, and vani

You are dreaming of your individual TV-Sideboard, wardrobe or individual cabinet? All for a fair Price and high Quality? With TrunAPP on your tablet you can design your furniture yourself no matter what: wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, Office, slidingd


14 days ago

The Loxone Smart Home does many things by itself and saves around 50,000 tasks a year. With the touch of a button or app at any time, Loxone offers you the most powerful app for the smart home, for free! Discover the highlights: * One app for all

Relax and mellow out to the ambient visuals and sounds of waterfalls in 1080 HD. Peaceful Waterfall HD features visual experiences both offline and online. Settings allow you to customize audio and set a sleep timer.

Peaceful Snowfall HD in full screen HD with gorgeous Winter Scenes coupled with real like falling snow, with a choice of ambient and Christmas music and snowfall SFX. Settings allow you to adjust size and frequency of snow, audio and scenes, there

Cactus Album makes keeping track of your cacti and succulents easy. Track development of your plants throughout their lives, on your Mac! Whether you're new to cacti and succulents, or an experienced collector, Cactus Album is the ideal tool for org

It's an ideal app for getting random numbers, letters, cards, for all types of gambling, for dice games, for questions (yes or no), coin toss (heads or tails). Generate a new random number simply by clicking randomize button or by pressing "space"

Diary Notes is an app for MAC or MacOS (formerly OS X). Diary Notes is essentially in a series of other programs created for iPhone (Better Diary) and Microsoft Windows (min Dagbok for Windows) by the software developer Morten Steenberg. This is the

‘Agenda: Widget+’ shows upcoming events in the widget not only today's events. It also provides estimated travel time. ※ Agenda Widget: ∙ Displays upcoming events in the widget. ∙ Location based travel time estimation.

Relax and unwind to Ocean Sunset HD a stunning never ending ocean sunset complete with relaxing sounds of the ocean and soft sleepy music. Settings allow you to set audio levels to your comfort and there is also a sleep timer.


10 days ago

Simple and convenient app helps you to create countdown timers to any events that are important for you. Key features: - Unlimited countdown timers - Attractive skins - iCloud sync - Reminders about approaching event date - Facebook, Twitter, Email

Only 2.99$ for a LIMITED TIME! Tea Timer is the perfect app for you if you like tea! Choose amongst your most loved tea types, and start the timer with only one mouse click. Never forget your tea again, and enjoy a perfectly steamed tea! The app no

Journal and diary app to keep a record of valuable days of your life, events, and feelings: - Record events, feelings, health/fitness data for any day, week month or year - Start every day by looking at the list of entries for the same day over th

microcosmは、占星術で使用されるホロスコープ作成ソフトです。 天体の表示

This is a world clock App with following features. (1) Positioning clocks by dragging. (2) And assigning time zone by the position. (3) Day and night expression on the map image. (4) Selectable sizes and transparency to each clock. (5) Adjustable for

Biorhythmics is a simple application to show your biorhythm. It can be programmed to show notifications about your current bio status once a day. This app is open-source and the code can be found at

* Good Sizer 3D helps you choose the right size of clothes in the US, Europe, UK, Japan or Russia. * Enough to know one of the sizes - the rest are converted automatically. * A trip to another country or purchase through the online store will become

Beddy Butler is a virtual butler in your ear who reminds you to go to bed, e.g. "It's getting rather late, your Grace", at a timeframe of your choice. Beddy Buttler installs as a small menu bar app for macOS. It will randomly play a sound sample at

Have you ever wondered if you really know your iPhone and all its secrets? There is no real definitive instruction manual and maybe you are missing out on many brilliant features. This collection of More Than 220 Video Guides will bring you up to s

Monitor your important places to prevent unauthorized persons from entering Monitor whether your baby or pet wakes up or has slept Monitor whether your boss is coming from your back :) The camera(s) will be activated with two modes: Monitor Activi


noteCafe Stylo

14 days ago

“noteCafe Stylo” is a text editor that can be edited with rich text (RTFD). Font, font color, font style, font size can be easily changed. Headlines can be also set easily. Images and files can also be attached. Images can be resized whil

Monitor your important places to prevent unauthorized persons from entering Monitor whether your baby or pet wakes up or has slept Monitor whether your boss is coming from your back :) The camera(s) will be activated with two modes: Monitor Activi