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Learn Hatha Yoga is a collection of 70 instructional videos to teach you Hatha Yoga poses. Also included is a 49 page booklet "Beginners Guide to Yoga". Start mastering Hatha Yoga today on your path to better health and wellness. Some of the poses yo

Calming Circles helps you to practice mindfulness right at your desktop. Three intuitive calming routines combine the best of active mediation practices and focused mindfulness. All routines come with wonderful background sound and the obligatory si

You! Yes, yes, you! Get up from the sofa and go reach your goals! And we'll help you with it. Well-known fact: everyone has a beautiful abs and six-pack. They just hidden under a fatty layer of stomach. To get rid of it you have to know 2 rules: he

Weight Diary is an easy to use and beautiful application created to help you control your weight, set goals and monitor your progress. Designed to be your best friend, Weight Dairy calculates your ideal weight, helps to set reasonable goals, advise o

** Voted Top Mind & Body App of 2014 by Leading Doctors ** Effective and rapid stress relief in 5 minutes. De-stress with our guided breathing and meditation exercises that use calming music to promote relaxation. It’s an ideal stress manage


Newer version of v2.11 is here! New year’s gift, for the health of your eyes! With more and more hours spent working on a computer, we know your eyes have taken a toll. But did you know that a 20-20-20 exercise (take a break every 20 minutes a

This app contains significant high quality video footage (more than 4 hours) and audio resources, so is best downloaded when you have access to a reliable internet connection. What's in this app? Three balancing, nourishing, clear and accessible y

Tractivity Connect lets you securely transfer your Activities from your Tractivity Sensor to your own personal Tractivity Online Account. Tractivity Online is a web application that provides a rich graphical experience and motivational resources to e

Discover a timeless path to physical and spiritual health, fitness and wellness through yoga! For centuries, people all over the world have practiced the system of mind and body exercise called yoga. Selectsoft's Yoga presents the ancient practice of

eVito aplikace rozšiřuje funkčnost možného využití systému eVito. Pomocí USB ANT+ klíčenky můžete vyčítat data z podporovaných zařízení

*****For now this app will be ad free as a courtesy to my customers.***** Would you like to be more in control of your eating and exercise habits? Would you like to be able to stop the moment you are satisfied with eating something? Would you like t

The Bi-LINK Gateway enables you to upload your measurements from your device to Bi-LINK. The Bi-LINK Gateway application is developed for OMRON USB and NFC enabled Blood Pressure Monitors. It currently supports the RS8, M3 IT and M6 IT. Bi-LINK is OM

Explore the colors of your Personality Aliquis helps you to identify your deficiencies of character by tracing a visual map of your personality and bringing out some of your most challenging and difficult tendencies. The Personality The personali

The BSXinsight Mac app is available to update your BSXinsight's firmware and sync your workout data with the BSXinsight website.

Dumbbell workout - your best dumbbell trainer Membership in tough fintes center sometimes costs too much, and it doesn't guarantee perfect results. These exercises with dumbbells won't take too much time, and due to the conception in which all the w

Do you feel that you are not drinking enough water everyday? Do you forget to drink water in your busy schedule? Don’t worry anymore, because WaterApp Lite can help you in keeping you hydrated through out the day. WaterApp Lite will help you i

***How to increase your productivity in just 3 minutes? Zen Melodies is a refreshing way to relax and enjoy Zen sound. That was designed to help you to create an ambience that perfectly meets the needs of your body and mind, improves your mood and me

Tracks the number of keystrokes you type during the day, displays them in the menu bar, and notifies you after every 1,000 so you can take a break. This app can make a significant difference in dealing with RSI, it allows you to: - track how many k

Relax and unwind to the sounds and visuals of calm and relaxing ocean waves gently crashing ashore with Peaceful Sea Waves HD Peaceful Sea Waves HD features multiple visual experiences both offline and online. Settings allow you to customize audio

This app contains three different yoga applications from Hemalayaa. Are you ready to relax after a long day? This 25 minute "Yoga Bath" will sooth the stress and tension from tired muscles, leaving your mind and body relaxed for a deep and restful

Ergophase is a powerful training tool for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to get the most from their indoor training on Turbo Trainers & Rollers. It interfaces with all ANT+ Sport compatible devices, such as SRM, Quarq, PowerTap & Garm

*** 50% OFF - INTRODUCTORY SALE - DON'T MISS OUT *** Cycling Log helps you keep track of all your cycling workouts quickly and effortlessly. See progress, set goals and stay motivated! Overview ✓ View any date range you like or quickly se

Whether you want to change your weight, build muscle, have more energy or simply feel better, it's about change. By recording what you eat during a period of time, you will be more aware of how you eat today. You identify your major energy sources

Gym Pump is the easiest, most flexible, best way to keep track of your gym workouts. Tired of all the bulky, cluttered fitness apps? Want a gym log that learns from your workouts and adjusts accordingly? Want an easy way to track your workouts? Then

Easily track pace, distance, calories, time and much more! Built to help runners, joggers, and walkers of all abilities and ages. KEY FEATURES + Track every bit of your run, including pace, distance, time, notes & a lot more + Perfect training app

Cut down on calories and lose weight! Do you want to lose weight? This app can help you! It is very easy! Your body burns calories every day. The amount of naturally burnt calories is calculated. Now you only take in as many calories each day, as y

Make your Mac as a amblyopia therapeutic apparatus. we provide amblyopia diagnosis;we provide amblyopia training program;we provide more than 10 amblyopia training project;we adjusting training program according to the vision change

Dieting is hard enough. But when you work hard, hop on the scale, and see a number that's higher than yesterday? So you've got a few pounds to lose and you've tried everything but still have no significant results? Well look no further because it i

Sitting all day in front of your computer can hurt your lower back and has a negative impact on your circulation. Extensive typing can stiffen the muscles in your upper back and neck, and finally staring at the screen for hours on end is very tiring

Stay hydrated and healthy! Don't forget to drink water during a busy day! Log your intake and get reminded to have a glass of water every now and then. Fast, simple and efficient. Why drink more water? Here just a few benefits of drinking enough