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Take the guesswork out of healthy Paleo eating with 100 Free Paleo Recipes! These easy to follow and make recipes for chicken, pork, and seafood will make it a snap to enjoy healthy eating the paleo way! Also includes 10 video tutorials on tips for l

*Special introductory price 50% off* Yoga - Sun Salutation is an application with voice and visual instructions designed especially for people who want to begin their adventure with Yoga practice. Made by the creators of popular 7 Minute Workout app

Improve your performance in ULTIMEYES®. Enjoy flexible interactive sessions and track your progress as you improve your performance in ULTIMEYES®. Your vision is important. For most of us vision is the most highly relied upon of the 5 sense

The application contains: - More than 100 interval workouts with different load and intensity - Detailed instructions. Every single training is described in details - More than 80 exercises with detailed description, step-by-step guide is made f

Bring in the ambience of rain and thunder onto your screen with Stormy Ambience, complete with soothing, relaxing sounding rain and thunder SFX coupled with great visuals of falling rain. Settings allow you to change volume levels to suit your comfo

See your remaining calories from your MyFitnessPal account instantly in your menu bar! Now you can keep track of your calorie intake easily and help plan out your day. Great for glancing at before grabbing that snack on your desk! For more info, pl

"Yoga Poses by Hemalayaa" is a quick-reference video-guide that demonstrates essential yoga poses for beginner to intermediate yoga practitioners. Use this App to refresh and inspire your yoga flows. Using the detailed menus, you can quickly find an

Meet Alex Navvaro Runner Up Ms. Fitness World featuring videos with step by step instructions on how to sculpt killer lower body glute and leg exercises. This app is the next best thing to having a trainer work with you in person. Great for wor

The Pilates Classic Roller DT app is the second in the series of Pilates apps from Marian Tasker and Aerende. The Pilates Classic Roller DT app presents the classic Pilates series of exercises in the classic sequential order, but on a roller which i

The Pilates Classic Magic Circle DT app presents the classic Pilates series of exercises in the classic sequential order, but with a Magic Circle which is a flexible circle that you squeeze while doing the exercises. Performing Pilates with a Magic

Are you ready to relax after a long day? This 25 minute "Yoga Bath" will sooth the stress and tension from tired muscles, leaving your mind and body relaxed for a deep and restful night of sleep. Follow along as Hemalayaa, one of the West Coast's p

From DivaFit, LLC Pole Dance Studios comes the most complete pole dancing fitness app yet! With over 170 videos of spins, combo spins, tricks, combo tricks, exercises, stretches and transitions, this app will compliment any pole dance practice. DivaF

From DivaFit, LLC Pole Dance Studios! With 11 videos of spins, combo spins, tricks, combo tricks, exercises, stretches and transitions, this app will compliment any pole dance practice. DivaFit believes that pole dancing is an empowering workout and


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How many times have you happened to look at the labels of the clothes to try to understand their meaning? Not always all the symbols are clear, some are more known and ascertainable, while others, without knowing the meaning, are impossible to decip


Top Recipes includes hundreds of tasty recipes that will spice up your culinary skills and make all your guests agree you're a top chef! ≈ FEATURES ≈ Hundreds of top quality recipes will make you keep coming back for more! 12 Different

Quantum Byte software™ increases signal resolution and actual intelligibility to make it easier to work on your computer. It is easy to install, runs in the background. Nothing to learn, nothing to do. The benefits are automatic; reduced mental

Want to stay fit during your pregnancy or regain your previous weight and shape, together with your baby? - then you're right here with this innovative app. Just follow your personal instructor along real-time video workouts embedded in specifically

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The very first Chair Yoga app on the market. While spending long hours in your chair, either at home or at work, Yogeze, when used as intended, will help relieve tension, stiffness, fatigue, etc. throughout the day. It's amazing how just a few minu

Intermission was created to help reduce the negative impact sitting has on our health and concentration. "Sitting is the new smoking". That's what's being said about our sedentary lifestyle in front of our computers whether it's at work or at home.

Calming Gong lets you to practice mindfulness right at your desktop. Meditate and ease your mind with this super relaxing app. Choose between quiet practice or select sea- or forest-based background sounds. In addition, the obligatory singing bowl w

+++ MEGA SALE - 66% OFF +++ This Eye Fitness Workout is an effective training assistant for anyone whose work involves looking at screens for long times, causing tired and dry eyes. Even a short 5 minute workout in the morning, at noon and night re

Enjoy the serenity and tranquility under a moonlit ocean with gentle ocean waves complete with relaxing gentle ocean surf and classic music accompaniment. Settings allow you to adjust the volume levels to your comfort level and set a sleep timer.

Chill & Relax — truly diamond for the relaxation and meditation. Enjoy the best of the best relaxation video content on your Mac Carefully filmed scenes of aquariums with: stingrays, sharks & goldfishes will bring in the calm ambience to your

Pollution Monitor is a Mac app that provides live pollution readings for your city, right in your status bar. This release features live data for the top 10 cities in China: - Beijing - Shanghai - Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Tianjin - Hong Kong -

Sit Up Straight helps you to maintain a proper posture while working on computer. If you start to slouch, an overlay with sound notification will remind you to correct your posture. The app uses computer's camera to set up and assess your posture. O

Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation with the Meditation Oasis® Relax and Rest app. Three meditations of varying lengths allow you to relax deeply regardless of how much time you have available. Written Meditation T

calculates pace, times and distances for a runner

Belly Dancing is a great way to get and stay in shape. Its also really good fun with so much to learn. This app has 126 easy to follow video lessons that will soon have you up to speed and having fun! The app has many easy to use features: Tak