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Healthy Habits helps you stay active and healthy while working at your computer! It encourages you to take a short break after extended periods of computer use. • Changing schedule? You can modify both the length of work periods and the length

CBT Pad is a diary application for assisting individuals with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy. It focuses on helping the individual learn and use new thinking skills to

50% OFF Introductory Sale! $19.99 --> $9.99 for A LIMITED TIME ONLY Weight Tracker is the easiest app for tracking your weight and reaching your goals! 1. Enter your gender, height, weight, and target weight. 2. Enter your weight and take a photo


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*** Featured by Apple in 120 countries *** Binaural beats can help you relax, meditate, sleep, or even concentrate. Binaural is the simplest, easiest to use binaural beats generator. Just pick a frequency, hit play, and it'll do the rest. Set a ti

After 2 years of user appraisal on the iOS AppStore, we are glad to bring Music Healing to your Mac. Relax and sleep easier with Music Healing. - No other senses, have the impact of sound. What you hear can change your life. The way you sleep, wake

InfoUSB allows patients with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare CPAP devices to to upload therapy adherence data from your computer, over the internet, directly to your Healthcare provider in four easy steps: 1) Install and run the InfoUSB application. 2) P

Good posture equals good health. Nekoze watches you from iSight, and warns when you start to slouch. 'Neko' (猫) means a cat, and 'Se' (背) means a back in Japanese. 'Nekoze' is 'Neko' + 'Se' which means a slight stoop. Nekoze requires

Mindfulness Bell Menu Bar is a menubar application to aid you in your mindfulness practice. Simply choose an interval and a small or large bell will sound at the prescribed time to invite you to take a moment to observe the breath.

The Ovulation Calendar helps you determine your fertile days of the month, so you can either achieve or avoid pregnancy. The calendar is based on the date of your last period, the average Period Length and the Luteal Phase. With this information a ch

Healing Voice is a collection of the most relaxing Music & Imagery featuring beautiful voices. There are no words, yet the message is clear. Work better, sleep better and just relax with Healing Voice. Music Healing, which features about 30 instrum

Your own personal trainer wherever you are! FEATURES: ✓ 5 to 10 minute lower body workouts ✓ Video showing how to do each exercise ✓ 20 exercises ✓ Custom routines ✓ Random routines ✓ 2 predefined rou

The best 11-minute daily yoga program for toning your abs. Core Yoga contains 7 classic yoga asanas that will strengthen and tone your entire core. You’ll become more flexible and increase your muscle strength all over your abdomen. Core Yoga

LifeSpan Active + connects to your LifeSpan treadmill desk or bike desk using Bluetooth. It collects all your activity data, then automatically uploads that data to your LifeSpan Fitness Club account.

DicomReview is the best personal PACS and dicom viewer. It can query and retrieve dicom files from CT,MR,DR,PET/CT,PACS software etc. It is easy for doctors to review dicom studies, and share files with friends. Features: 1. Manage the dicom files

--- newer version of v2.00 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is coming --- iRestFREE & iRest & iRestReminder, for the sake of your eyes! iRestFREE is the free version of our intelligent iRest and iRestReminder. The only different in between is iRestFREE use

Sluggard is a powerful fitness app for Mac aimed to fight "sitting disease". Get instant reminders during the day and perform simple exercises to reduce the risks of sedentary lifestyle. SIT LESS We've built Sluggard to prompt users to move after

NOTE: Please check Weight Computer for iPhone / iPad. The mobile version of Weight Computer it's available on the AppStore! Finally comes the application you were waiting to control your weight! Weight Computer is an application that will allow yo

"Drink More Water" has only one purpose and that is to help you consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day. The simplicity and functionality of this app will take you only seconds each day to keep track of your water intake. The app doesn't ne

Do you want to Work, Relax, Sleep, Meditate...with a background music that will put you in the right mood? This App is just for that. We have optimized the experience so you can use it for: - Work with a relaxed music in the background that will not

UP is a simple and effective menu bar application built to put a stop to the sitting epidemic. Sitting for prolonged amounts of time makes you a prime candidate for heart disease, diabetes and obesity–even if you work out regularly. However, b

***** Train your upper body with the same people that brought you the OFFICIAL #1 5K training app C25K®. ≈ Recommended by top U.S.-licensed doctors on ≈ PushUps Trainer Pro will help you build and tone those chest mus

While you may need to work at your computer for hours at a time, that doesn’t mean that you need to suffer with muscle pain, eye strain, headaches, CVS, or RSI. Regular brief breaks refresh your body and your mind leading to improved productivi

DISCOUNT SALE From 5.99$ -> 3.99$ For limited time !!!! Screen Lights is created for those people who spend a lot of time working at night. Limit your exposure to energy-efficient lighting before bed. In addition to the LED screens in your electro

MoodTracker is a program designed to help people track their mood and behavior and to see the relationship between the two. How to use: Make periodic entries to record mood, behavior, and additional information as desired. Data recorded into MoodTra

iLogFood A free and easy way to track your daily food and supplement intake. FEATURES: • iCloud syncing between devices • Easily share with a trainer or friend • Easy to use SpectrumControl. No more calorie, carb or fat counting &bul

*** TOP 10 IN USA *** *** TOP 10 IN CANADA *** *** TOP 10 IN UK *** *** TOP 10 IN AUSTRALIA *** *** TOP 10 IN JAPAN *** *** TOP 10 IN ITALY *** Finally it’s here! iMind Sphere it’s the Mac version of our iPhone/iPad app, ranked #1 in 50

Whatever your level of fitness, Tai Chi Step-by-Step offers a simple but effective program of exercise and stress reduction, based on the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. The aim of the carefully structured sequence of movements is to build up the b

It's becoming increasingly clear that our bodies were not built to spend hour after hour in a chair. Research shows that too much sitting is seriously detrimental to our health, and short bursts of exercise does not completely help with that. Howev

A valuable information source for staying healthy. Do you want to know: What is a vitamin? What is a mineral? What are the different types of vitamins and minerals required by the body? What is the importance of each vitamin/mineral to your body

FitDay - Check your Fitbit daily stats from the menu bar! NOTE This app is NOT able to sync your Fitbit device. FEATURES • Shows your progress towards your daily activity goals (Steps, Floors, Distance, Calories Burned, and Active Minutes). &b