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Download & Tell A Friend! Tucked - Soothing bedtime stories, peaceful music and good thoughts spoken for Christian families with children. Welcome & Enjoy! *Stories written and narrated by Branden & Cekoya Burch. While one of the original stories,

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This app is a BMI(Body Mass Index) calculator with advanced features. It has the following features: - Calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) according to your height and weight, and then determine whether you are underweight, normal, overweight or obe

Connect, free of charge, with We-Row and race against other WaterRower owners. Or, if you prefer, set up your own private training session. You will have the option to store your data and access at any time, which will allow you to chart your progres

A glass of milk, a 2-oz slice of cooked meat, an apple.What food values does each contain? How much protein should a healthy 16-year-old girl get each day? Consumers want ready answers to questions like these so they can plan nutritious diets for t

***This app is designed exclusively as a companion to the Onward app for iOS. An existing Onward account is required.*** Onward helps you do more of what you love by reducing unwanted screen time & technology use. We call this achieving Tech-Life Ba

This app helps you to calculate calories burnt during workouts. This app is based on :- 1)The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of energy required to maintain the body's normal metabolic activity, such as respiration, maintenance of b

Move Well

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Move Well guides you through mindful movement activities from Affirmations to Bodyweight Exercises to Chakra Meditations to Yoga Yi Jin Jing. It puts a wealth of spiritual information at your fingertips. Not in encyclopedia form, but as animated exer