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TransparentGIF is a simple Application that removes a specified color from all frames of an Animated GIF. You can adjust the range or threshold of the color selected. I created TransparentGIF out of necessity for web designers. After capturing an

NOTE: When saving fonts to your computer, click the 'Save Fonts' button to save the fonts to your Documents folder. ----------------------------------------------------------------- macFonts Valentines A collection of fonts hand-selected for Valen

Thinking of ways on how to spread the word about your new business in no time? Then flyers are the best solution!And this app offers 50 quality templates for you. Flyers are effective tools for promotions, whether used for a brand, business or even

Brochures Templates for illustrator will sharing with you 48 incredible printed brochure and booklet brochure designs that will help inspire your creativity. These are great ideas for you to improve on your own unique brochure designs. Note also the

Powerfully simple graphic design software. Quickly turn yourself into an artist as you create professional looking vector art and graphic designs for your business, or simply for fun. Design Studio packs the power of creating vector graphics into an

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Social media communication has never been easier! Jumsoft’s Social Media Lab for Pages offers a rich collection of hundreds of beautiful and stylish templates for your social media posts - promote your business, communicate sales, customize and

Great App to create contact sheets from photos and images. Just select (or drop) a the images and within seconds you have a great contact sheet. Options to select your own background, frame the images and more.

Room Lighting Calc is a OpenGL native Cocoa OSX application specialised to perform lighting calculations for prismatic rooms. With Room Lighting Calc you don’t need to be a specialist, simply fill the form and in few seconds you’ll be ab

Convert your photos to beautiful high resolution abstract mosaic artwork. Mosaic Shapes provides the following parameters to customize and experiment with: - Size of grid and shapes that sets level of detail of your mosaics. - Grid vs diamond lay


Printable black-and-white coloring book documents are made for kids. Better coordination, precise movements and hours of fun! Coloring documents help to improve different skills of your kid. Better coordination, precise movements, enriched imaginati

******Best Photo/Image Noise Reduction Freeware****** Since noisy images are inevitable, what should you do to reduce noise for cameras or iPhone? Especially when you shooting in Lowlight environment or moving stuff. iFoto Denoise Lite is the best N

RayBeams is a simple desktop application that lets the user create a picture with a ray of beams. A resulting picture is a composite of a solid-color background image with a ray of beams originating from the center. The user can control the number of

EdgeView 2

1 day ago

EdgeView 2 is a cutting-edge image viewer for MacOS X. You can open various image files, can also open archive files like as ZIP, rar without extraction. You can check and open files on built-in file browser. And can connect to FTP and open the file

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Fit Perspective

6 days ago

* TURN A RECTANGULAR PICTURE INTO A NON-RECTANGULAR, DISTORTED IMAGE * Fit Perspective is a desktop application that lets you fit a rectangular picture into a non-rectangular area over another. It won't just rotate a picture. It's designed such that