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PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package. It gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools- all designed

Adobe Flash is a multimedia and software platform used for creating vector graphics, animation, browser games, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and mobile games. Flash displays text, vector and raster graphics to

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a raster graphics editor for entry-level photographers, image editors and hobbyists. It contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer and simpler options. The program allows users to create, edit

Learn to build websites visually with Sparkle for Mac in this video tutorial from With Sparkle you can layout a webpage with text and graphics just like your would a newsletter or flyer in Pages or Word. We discuss how to utilize all th

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AutoCAD is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. AutoCAD is used across a wide range of industries, by architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, and other professionals. There a

This collection of MORE THAN 350 Video Tutorials will soon help you get the best out of Adobe Animate CC. You will learn how to make stunning animations, game and much more. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can co

Adobe Muse is a product by Adobe Systems. The software is focused on allowing designers to create websites without having to write any code! This collection of More Than 300 Video Tutorials will get you well on the way! Use this app as a “V

Typekit is available to the public and allows access under a single licensing agreement to the Typekit font library, which consists of more than 1,100 typefaces from a variety of foundries. The fonts are offered as a standalone service and as part o

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics-editing program that is used to create and manipulate images. The program's versatile nature makes it useful for a huge range of imaging tasks, and Photoshop is used in fields as diverse as architecture, astronomy, anima

Adobe Illustrator is used by Professional Designers, Artists and computer users to create Vector Images. These images will then be used for company logos, promotional uses or even personal work, both in print and digital form. So what is Adobe Illus

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe Systems. It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. InDesign can also publish content suitable for tablet devices

It is important to find the right business card design that suits your nature of business. Colors, images and design placements are all important factors that you need to take careful considerations. Design placements of your important personal and

Shapeover is a unique tool for artists and designers, allowing creating artworks by means of filling (galvanization) of an image with shapes. Shapes can be performed by Compound Path objects, groups of objects and bitmap images. Different galvanizati

Card and Invitation is the best way to attract attendees to a business or social event, whether you're hosting a seminar, a baby shower, a religious ceremony, a wedding, a birthday party or anything else that requires a gathering of great people. All

Thinking of ways on how to spread the word about your new business in no time? Then flyers are the best solution!And this app offers 26 quality templates for you. Flyers are effective tools for promotions, whether used for a brand, business or event

HDR should be a tricky subject to master for photographers. When you merge the images with different exposure to HDR photographs, how to ensure a creative and natural look? iFoto HDR should be the best answer for you to merge HDR photos. It is a supe

This is a Excellent Video Training on Becoming a Advanced Expert on AutoCAD In this Advanced AutoCAD 2017 training course, These Videos will teach you about advanced tools and techniques in the latest version of AutoCAD. This course is designed for

A professional resume template will help you impress more hiring managers, land more interviews, and get hired faster. Resume Design has 30 resume templates that you can use to create your own standout resume and wow employers. Whether you choose a t

Powerful CAD software for the Mac. HighDesign LT is the light-weight, precise, affordable CAD software for your personal drafting needs. Easily create, edit and document drawings with the full set of drafting tools and editing functions, all with a m

Don't have the time to create an award from scratch then start from our inventory of premade certificates. Just edit the text to fit your needs.You have full control over every certificate detail. This Package contains 50 designs for multipurpose c

Don't have the time to create an award from scratch then start from our inventory of premade certificates. Just edit the text to fit your needs.You have full control over every certificate detail. This Package contains 26 designs for multipurpose c

Designed specifically for menus – even includes a culinary spell checker. Built by the creators of Food Menu Design – the industry standard for menu design and can be used by many restaurants worldwide. Get creative by swapping backgroun

This is a Excellent Video Training on Learning Adobe Muse With Adobe Muse, graphic designers can create and publish an engaging website without coding! In this step-by-step course, you'll learn how to design beautiful and modern web pages, how to cr

Our fun selection of Photoshop nightclub templates are perfect for promoting your nightclub, party, or event. Our easy-to-use party flyers make publicizing your club or special event a breeze. With a great selection of club flyers to choose from and

Add alpha channel for image with gradual effects. Works as the Photos extension and the standalone app. How to it works: 1. Drag an image in 2. Drag sliders to change parameters 3. Save

We make your data look its best. The over 50 ready-made designs help you get beautiful charts and visualizations out quickly.You can edit colors, styles, and display options to make your data fit your message. Infographics are a powerful tool for ca

These are Hundreds of High Quality Graphic Mockups, For the Everyday Graphic Desinger Ready and Easy To Use. Over 8GB of Content No Need To Spend Hundreds or Even Thousands on a Re-Inventing the Wheel, Jump Start Your Business or Startup with High

We are offering a big collection of logo templates, which will help you in crafting your unique insignias. This is one of the most amazing resources we have released so far: 400 logo templates, including the source files, as we know you expect from

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