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What happens if you mix a Shooter with a classic arcade platformer? Pixel Troopers is a fun game that you can play with your friends or against computer controlled opponents. Collect weapon chests and fire your arsenal at your enemies. Play using th

A scavenger hunt with your dog, what will you find today? Loot Hound is a casual exploration game with elements of sim and strategy where you play the role of a hoarder, pack-rat, and collector of amazing things that you find meaning in and you&rsq

NERDS NEVER DIE UPDATE: Storyline fully available! An additional 132 MB download is required to play. --- A Pastafarian cleric, a wizard, a barbarian and a chef enter a dungeon. It’s not a joke, it’s Doom & Destiny Advacend. Venture with


You enjoyed this game on the iPhone now it is available on the MAC! Bully the Bull Penguin and his mates Roundy and Dizzy are hungry and need your help to eat more fish!!! Penguin Wack Ice Blocks is a fun physics based puzzle game with 45 levels,co

15 interactive educational games that will keep your preschool and kindergarten age kids entertained while they are learning! Used by millions of parents and teachers to help educate and entertain young kids. As your pre-k child progresses through

Three 18 hole challenging courses with touch of Venice with very realistic graphics and great gameplay. Features: 3 courses with total of 54 holes Top 8 score list 1-8 players turn based Controls mouse, keyboard, gamepad, PS4 controller Key 'r' - R

No time to change your mind. No right for any mistake. Starting your journey in a small town, you shall think ahead before an accident occurs. Flash Back Racing 3D ------------------------- KEY PECULIARITIES • 5+ vehicles • 4 locations &b

Pick your spaceship, pick a track, get ready, set, go! Fly through a tunnel avoiding multiple deadly obstacles. Pick up power-ups to make it to the finish line in time and to repair your vehicle! You will need good skills and reaction to drive the s

A great game to relax, improve your concentration and practice your logical reasoning. i3Peaks has a simple and intuitive interface with a smart gameplay that provides a dynamic game experience. Main features: - The interface adjusts for righties

RUN! As fast as you can. And don't stop. A police rabbit is following at your tail! Be as cunning as a fox, so far as YOU ARE a fox. Zoo Chase 3D - Fox VS Rabbit is a crazy rush of two pets. DON'T YOU DARE to give up! CATCH STIMULATORS You must coll

A lot of Kingpin drugs was arrested in Indonesia. But there is only one that has not been arrested. Now your job is arrested the most wanted drug Kingpin, his name Sutedjo. Indonesian police was try to catch Sutedjo, but all was fail. Because Sutedj

Fatality is a Medieval Classic Fighting Game, set on the mythical kingdom of Silas. Where once a peacefull kingdom destroyed by a demon beast named Silas De Durante. Durante made himself a king in that kingdom, and by his authority he cruelly expand

You can play Gin Rummy against the computer. A learning mode helps you to improve your play. You can play rated games against the computer.

14 fun and educational games for toddlers and kids. Ages 18 months and up! 14 games in one! Colorful graphics, animal sound effects, helpful voice narrating, and lots of fun! Have your kids learn counting, shapes, colors, and the alphabet while be

15 fun and educational games to help your child learn 2nd Grade lessons! Teach them multiplication, money, time, punctuation, spelling, suffixes, the human body, states of matter, cardinal directions and more. Whether they are just starting Second Gr

15 fun and educational games to help your child learn 3rd Grade lessons! Teach them multiplication, division, grammar, geometry, sentences, reading, rounding, place values, and more. Whether they are just starting Third Grade, or need to review and m

- My home town is terrorized by the vicious enemy, I must respond! - I guess you are ready for this, my son... Fighting Panda - Martial Arts Guru 3D is: MILLION TAPS TO WIN Fight against best martial arts masters ADAMANT BOSSES Defeat all supreme

Chalk Pinball is a super-simple pinball game. * Easy rules. * No fancy graphics. * Local high score table. * No outlanes (only one minor exception) to keep the ball in the game.

Brick game is the classical and legendary game. I'm sure with you that you had played at least one time when you was child. Maybe Gameboy, maybe NES, maybe PC. Now, you can return to childhood with Brick for MAC with modern gameplay, nice art, friend

FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! New racing game Drive And Chase 3D - Supersonic Speed is a ride on a car of your dream. CRAZY speed and strong opponents. Sure you can cope with it? Drive And Chase 3D - Supersonic Speed features: 2 LOCATIONS TO CHOOSE --

Found your own Motorcycle Club in Bloody Roads, California: Chopper, Biker and dirty streets, that is what awaits you in Bloody Roads, California. Found your own Motorcycle Club (MC) and drive around, terrifying the neighborhood and get the district

Shadow Blade is an action-platformer set in a visually striking world where the ancient teachings of ninjas and samurai clash upon a modern landscape. Sprint through stages littered with traps, slaying enemies along your path without hesitation as Ku

Lock The Door — Security Control is a cool arcade about a big robbery plan! The night is dark and quiet, and all the robbers of the city have decided to search for treasures. They know that Bill the Billionaire has a lot of money in his house,

We have all had enough of those cliché fantasy worlds with brave knights, ladylike elves and little people obsessed with jewellery. Generia is just another of those worlds... Thankfully there are evil barbarians coming to plunder, impale, drin

It’s time to set off on a romantic journey! Mahjong Valentine’s Day is an exciting intellectual game for those that love to spend their free time relaxing. Visit places of unforgettable beauty and pick up lots of souvenirs on the way! He

8 fun and original games to help your preschoolers learn basic skills! Keep them entertained while they learn sorting, shapes, colors, differences, numbers, memory, and more! They will love playing the racing and balloons games, and you will love t

101 original and beautiful puzzles for kids! If your child loves puzzles then this is the game for them. Puzzles range from 6 to 8 pieces, and you can even change the difficulty. Make your toddler happy while having them practice their shapes, pro

Take part in one of the BattleMinibots shows – spectacular combat of armored radio-guided vehicles, each with its unique weapon. Create your own minibot in the garage and upgrade its properties to make it to the try-out and become a member of t

Fight the various battles of the English Civil War between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. Each campaign is themed around fights between these two factions during various different years of the campaign. Capitalize on strategic advantages to

An ordinary guy forced to defend the world from an alien invasion of infectious zombies. A point-and-click adventure with beautiful pixel art and bombastic retro sound. "Fun story, great artwork, chiptunes, and wry sense of humor" - MacStories "It