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***Save 72%!*** The Dwarven stars are slowly dying-- putting the race at the edge of extinction. Deliverance is poised upon three Dwarven astronauts who are sent on an expedition to find a new star in the depths of the Endless Stone. Take control of

Are you ready for a new adventure? Do you like challenges? Then this game is for you! Help Bob to overcome many levels and collect a lot of coins! Here are the main features: -Full screen Game -Colorful and fun graphics, nice soundtrack -Seven lev

An exciting adventure of a brave girl who found herself in a fantasy world. She has to find a way to stop the cursed beasts awakened after sleeping for a thousand years and coming to life for reasons unknown. Lost Lands: the Golden Curse is an adven

Prepare yourself for the most thrilling night of your life! Something strange has happened and people everywhere are turning into blood thirsty walking corpses. But guess who’s the brains behind this hungry undead army? YOU! So spread this pand

Rescue Birds - Slingshot and Power Balls is a new 3D Action game for everyone with an interesting and captivating gameplay. It is all about shooting with a slingshot. Players need to shoot power balls of different sizes and special powers using a sli

Snake is probably one of the most popular games and it dates all the way back to the 1970s where the game came out to Arcades. It didn’t matter where people were, they would be playing this game on their phone. This can make the games addict

Minesweeper X - classic minesweeper for Mac OS. Open all cells that don't contain mines.

Bloody April is based on the board game of the same name and is part of the 'Great Battles of the American Civil War' series of games, recreating the significant battles of the American Civil War. Bloody April focuses on the Battle of Shiloh which w

Enjoy new multi-color mosaic puzzles in prehistoric settings! Join the penguin family on a journey to an ancient land and discover the mysteries of the penguin ancestors! Enjoy this new collection of mosaic puzzles in a variety of colors while expl

Pixelated Jigsaw, a new twist on the classic jigsaw puzzle!   Exciting jigsaw puzzles with an adjustable difficulty level. The jigsaw tiles can be pixelated (displayed with large pixels), reducing the details and disguising the clues. This make

Ancient RUNES and magical ADVENTURES are waiting for you! Only the BRAVEST hero can handle the quest. PLACE 3 OR MORE EQUAL TILES IN A ROW you'll gain mana, gold or experience or you'll suffer some damage! GET ENOUGH MANA and cast powerful spells

Manage the dangerous way home crossing busy roads and avoiding bumping into passing by vehicles! Endless Way Home is an exciting arcade for all ages! :RULES AND CONTROLS: - Find holes in road fences and try to successfully cross wide routes - Coll

Explore the amazing world of recycling with Funny Recycling For Kids! Show your kids why caring the planet is so important and how we can help the Earth. The application is divided into 2 modes: ENCYCLOPEDIA & TEST. In Funny Recycling For Kids yo

Welcome to iGames4Kids world! The exact place to assist in the development and teaching of your children. We believe that the best way to teach children is having fun. To get a better result, play with your children and make questions about the ga

Space Raiders

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Defend earth with your gun base from attack of successive waves of aliens Features: First 7 waves are pre-defined, wave 8 and up is random Top 9 hi-score Controls: Arrow left, Q ,O ,Z - move left Arrow right, W ,P ,X - move right Space, Shift k

Zasa is an extraordinary and challenging 3D Puzzle Game. Players are going to roleplay Zasa the Artificial Intelligence to finish the training missions from Dr.Mason by linking nodes in 3-dimensional space. Features: Refreshing gameplay -- Transform

Super Keno is a thrilling variation of the Video Keno game played all over Casinos worldwide. Practice up your Keno skills in the freedom of your home or on the road without breaking the bank! Super Keno is one of the simplest games to understand, a

2-4-6 Way Keno the exciting variation over standard Casino Video Keno. This Keno game is exciting as you use multiple Way Tickets with a multi-denomination machine to suit your play! Similar to the Casino version with the same odds and payouts, 2/4/

Lucky Balloon is more than just an balloon simulator. It is educational game that teaches children numbers, letters, shapes, counting and will improve their logical thinking. The application contains report about count of correct and wrong answers fo

Survive in Jungle - first-person shooting mission for real snipers in hunting simulator game. Step inside hunting world, where you will learn about wild animals’ behavior. As hunter, you will meet a new challenge in our game. Jungles, world

First-person shooting mission for real snipers in hunting simulator game. Wild Forest Hunt – explore the world of wild animals, get trophies and enjoy real hunting. New season is coming and it means more trophies and shots for real hunters.

Maths is about manipulating numbers and looking for patterns in those numbers. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are the building blocks of basic maths. We need these skills every day, just like reading and writing. Many of the most power

We're off with our friends on another railroad journey! Margaret didn't just mope around -- she's taken out another loan with the bank. This time she has a limited amount of time to fix the broken parts of the railroad, but now the areas are more i

“Beautifully tuned: each level is the exact translation of a developer’s manic cackle into game structure” - Electron Dance “Seriously, I’ve never wanted to kick a developer in the shins before I played Binaries”

Extra Draw Keno is a thrilling variation of the Casino game of standard Video Keno. What makes Extra Draw Keno so fun is that you get an additional opportunity to win with 3 more balls on winning draws, or even if you initially lose and only need one

Welcome to the most addicting mini golf game in the world. Play the best casual sports game with amazing 3D graphics. Test your mini golf skills in Mini Golf Stars! Space Golf Game . FEATURES
 *** Play 54 Pars in 4 Different gorgeous looking

Love superheroes? Who doesn't? Try our Mac 3D game version of the characters you like most! Enjoy an addictive fly game with added gameplay features. *Present gameplay features: -3D graphics -multi cameras -multi weapons *In future updates we wi

Learn Shapes And Colours - Happy Children's Day is a wonderland where you can - Meet funny inhabitants; - Help your kid to learn names of Shapes and Colours; - Take part in the Shapes and Colours Land Tournament. HOW TO LEARN SHAPES AND COLOURS Choo

The super awesome cat in the world is fighting Zombies! With the help of his laser eyes, help him to avoid horrible zombies and obstacles! Stay alive in this awesome one touch game ! This game may contain: - Promotional material for Vetasoft prod

Enjoy Secrets of Magic - The Book of Spells, an enchanting match 3 endeavor! TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE WITHIN THE GAME! Imagine finding out your aunt is a witch, you're a witch, and that your kidnapped parents are still alive, al