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Explore a new world of pixel art puzzles in more colors than ever! Uncle Aaron and the mysterious lady penguin go on a vacation trip to explore new colors for mosaic puzzles! Along the way they make new discoveries and build a fantasy landscape!

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is a chill, stargazing experience that's handcrafted for people who enjoy story-driven games and arguing about Pluto. It tells a tale of purpose and pursuit through the lens of a deep space telescope that players operate

Bricks: use keyboard's arrows to rotate bricks left and right to build the wall, be careful not to leave empty blocks, if you do, you'll have to build other levels on the top to get rid of them, clear the level and start again, think and plan ahead t

Where’s My What is a simple yet highly addictive game where you must identify and select a certain number of items on the screen before time runs out! While it sounds simple, it quickly becomes a dash against the clock as you pinpoint the right

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of epic tank battles. This is a large-scale multiplayer 3D online tank game that will keep you glued to your device until you feel the rush of crushing your opponent on the battlefield. Hop into a t

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 continues the story which left off in the town of Hollow... You arrive in the Village of Nightfall, tired, dreary, but ready to pursue this new endeavor... you are on a quest and determined to the solve new and intri

Holiday Jigsaw. Halloween 4 is an exciting jigsaw game for all the family! Put together 500 jigsaw puzzles made from high-quality photos. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of this happy holiday as you solve puzzles! Exciting puzzles and funny tricks &nda

Sweet Candy Mahjong is the latest installment to the popular series of casual games by award-winning EnsenaSoft and is the sweetest Mahjong game you will ever play! Sweet Candy Mahjong includes 8 delicious mahjong-worlds with a total of 640 challengi

Learn all US Presidents. Test and improve your knowledge of American history! All 44 US Presidents in one app including president-elect Donald Trump who will be serving as the 45th President (Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms as the

Zombies Color Shot is the first person shooter where the colored bullet can kill a zombie of only the same color. So, shooting chaotically is not an option! Bonuses, ammo and the ability to shift colored bullets are limited. Zombies are constantly

Start building your passenger bus transport empire between cities all night and day! Bus Tycoon ND (Night and Day) is a passenger transport tycoon game. Start building your transport empire by creating bus routes between as many cites as possible. Y

Chess 2017

19 days ago

Chess 2017 is the best Chess game, best casual games with friendly user interface, smart AI, pretty visual effect. Playing Chess game, you can improve your chess skills. Buy one and play, no in-app item, just for interesting and feeling. 5 Peoples t

Help your kitty cat with a tiny jet-pack go higher and higher with this addictive game similar to Doodle Jump. Some of the reviews from our early players: "This game is a great way to kill time during boring class lectures at school." "At work w

Cute Baby Birds is an exciting game, the interface and the effect of cool. if you play, you can't leave it! Cute Baby Birds is a time without the limitation of all ages game. ###### FEATURE ###### - More than 99 level. - There is no time limit, but

Red's Kingdom

20 days ago

Help Red explore the land in this awesome action, adventure, puzzle game. Mad King Mac has kidnapped your father and stolen your golden nut! Solve puzzles and battle goons as you explore and battle your way through the kingdom. Discover hidden trea

Zombie Alpiner combines the superb gameplay of old-school, classic, platform games with a modern 3D voxel/sandbox graphic engine for an engaging game experience. Explore all the various levels, collect items, avoid monster and pitfalls and have a lot

It’s time to set off on an unforgettable adventure around mysterious Asia! Get acquainted with the culture of the East: walk through a flowering sakura garden, climb up snowy peaks, visit a great temple and dive into a magical lake! Here you w

This is the best thriller for hockey and glow sport lovers. Challenge yourself with the powerful artificial intelligence opponents! Do not forget to defend while attacking. Defend nicely and then surprise the opponent with your special counter attac

The murders are rampant in Miami! Follow the clues to crack the cases and arrest the killers! Justice is waiting to be served in these intriguing logic puzzles! Do you have what it takes to be an expert detective? - 120+ Challenging multi-color mosa

Jack and Jill are back for an all new adventure in this 3d isometric one button platformer. Play as either Jack or Jill. Run, jump, get past obstacles and baddies to help them find their way to each other. Jack N' Jill 3D presents more of the fun an

Word Wow AROUND THE WORLD – The worm is back with a fun new word game! Puzzle your way around the globe with your word making skills. *Word Wow word games have been downloaded over 1.5 million times! – THANK YOU! New double sized boar

A collection of Halloween themed engaging educational jigsaw, logic and memory training puzzle games for young children. This app helps to teach young children the alphabet, counting, retain memory and build logic skills while they learn all about Ha

BT Sight Words HD contains 1100 sight words and common reading words. Our list contains all of the Dolch and Fry sight words plus hundreds of more common reading and spelling words. The app is designed to be played like a game with 110 levels designe

HALLOWEEN is a funny drawing and coloring app for all ages! You can enjoy high quality pictures to color and a blank paper page in which you can draw whatever you like! ••• FEATURES • Funny drawings! • Video replay • E

MONSTERS is a funny drawing and coloring app for all ages! You can enjoy high quality pictures to color and a blank paper page in which you can draw whatever you like! ••• FEATURES • Funny drawings! • Video replay • Ea

OCEAN is a funny drawing and coloring app for all ages! You can enjoy high quality pictures to color and a blank paper page in which you can draw whatever you like! ••• FEATURES • Funny drawings! • Video replay • Easy

Control Monster Trucks in different playgrounds: Play in a sea port with different challenges. Play in a construction site with other fun situations. The playgrounds contains several different types of ramps: Small Ramp Medium Ramp Mega Ramp The

Fall of Angels

6 days ago

15 HOURS OF EXPLORATION GAMEPLAY FOR LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A CUP OF COFFEE! The night that the skies of Tellus were lit up with the fire of an electrical storm, an object pierced through the clouds and crashed into the foot of the Oshu mountains. N


11 days ago

After being brutally attacked by Count Hiss, Jon finds himself racing against time and forced to discover a whole new side of himself in an effort to rescue his beloved Mina. In the ultimate saga of NosFURatu, join Jon in his quest to defeat Count H

Crazy about Beer Pong? Then switch to 3D Beer Pong Free Games “Beer Pong Tricks Shot”. Now grab the ping pong ball game and toss the ball as like paper toss in the trash bin to experience real Beer Pong Games fun. Use multiple beer pong