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Space Pods is an arcade / space invaders / strategic / survival game, similar to a tower defense style game but with some original features and 80s style graphics. The goal of the game is to defeat all enemies in each world before your base is destro

The game begins with the player awakening in a cold, dark room after a mysterious event.Initially, the player can only light and tend a fire in the room. As the game progresses, the player gains the abilities to collect resources, interact with stran

!nsane is a puzzle game which builds upon reflex skills and logical elements including 50 puzzles with steady increasing difficulty. The player goal is to destroy all wheels by collecting four similar colored marbles in it. You can rotate wheels and

Create the most amazing zoo! Zoo Farm – your pocket zoo simulator with animals from all around the world! Hay friends! What a wonderful day! We are happy to inform you, that now you have a wonderful opportunity – to make your own Zoo Fa

Can you escape this delightfully terrifying horror game alive? The scariest game you could ever imagine is waiting for you, alone on a path in the forest. The objective is simple, make your way through the dark forest and hope you can make it out b

Recommended for agest 4 - 12. A fun coloring and interactive game with images to move, prayers to choose, and stars to light up the castle after coloring. The child can erase during the game or start over and color the castle different at each play.

You are a wild hunter in a big forest. Finding and hunting as much as possible. FEATURES
 • Hundred of missions 
 • Hundred of wild animals: Deer, Bear, Black Panther, Buffalo, Rabbit…
 • Exploring and hunting

Leaders of the world's major global powers and other funny characters are waiting for you in Color Revolution! Develop the best strategy and take over the world! Have you ever thought about taking over the world? Color Revolution is an exciting game

The game action takes place in the early 20th century. Jane is a young woman who lost her parents in a tragic accident when she was a child. She receives a letter from her guardian, Sir Charles Willmore, who lives in an ancient ancestral castle. Upon

Click, release and make the ideal cut with the correct timing to help Pumpky reach the cauldron. Make few cuts as possible and get the highest score. Sounds easy enough right? Well it isn’t always that simple!

Age of modern war has come! Red Titan Conquer - the classic RTS war game! Two evil alliances of the great nations have started a war. Their highly trained forces will destroy everything on their way. This time, it is not a usual war, it is a modern

Action story about superman’s everyday life! Your main mission is to catch the most dreadful villain. Prepare for epic fighting-story with your favorite superhero in the ultimate comics game. Assemble the team of powerful and brave heroes an

It’s a new season of clash games! Clash of Thrones – RTS game with favorite movie heroes. Great clans of ancient royal families have started their war for the glory and power. Steel empires will show their real force to conquer the king

A funny graphic adventure / escape game when the main goal is to get in time your flight and escape from the airport where you are. To find the solution of the game and be able to catch the airplane in time you must solve different riddles and puzzle

:):) The object of the game is to remove pairs of cards that add up to the total of the highest card in the deck from a pyramid arrangement of 28 cards. When using the standard 52-card deck, Jacks value at 11, Queens 12, and Kings 13. So the highest

"If you enjoy endless runners with dark themes, then the new Panic Land is one you should try." “Panic Land” is the most mysterious and adventurous game full of excitement and competition. Try out this endless runner game&

After many centuries the dark lord is resurrected from his ashes, coming back to his castle… and cursing the lands all around!! Now many ghosts and undead wander freely haunting every place, giving to the people only one option, escape! But wh

Set off on the quest to reunite with the beloved goddess! Travel to ancient Greece to relieve a beautiful tale of romance in this exciting Hidden Object Adventure. Theron, a modest hunter deeply in love with the goddess Artemis, has to overcome all

Look no further and feel the ultimate solitaire playing experience! What differs "Ultimate FreeCell Solitaire" from dozens of other solitaire games? ► great graphics, animations and sounds ► unique "Online challenge" - compete against o

Are you mad for the stunt tracks?, then take your driving to the whole New World with Monster Truck Stunt Madness! Expert the MOST Extreme 4X4 monster truck action riding, you have ever experienced. In this whole new racing, jump between tall props

RTS war game with comics heroes! Clash of Turtles - the classic RTS war game! Two evil alliances of the great nations have started a war. Their highly trained forces will destroy everything on their way. Your duty is to choose your side, take contr

The name of this game is Mayhem! Worms vs Turtles - the classic RTS war game! Two evil alliances of the comics heroes have started a war. This time it is about an Armageddon, that will spread around the world because of worms and turtles war. Thei

• Killing Time - is now available on Mac Store! • #2 App in 127 countries! • Super Price - One Day! "Killing Time" - Puzzle in really new and fantastic game idea. It very addictive game. In this game, you have to shoot the other co

This time the penguin family is taking a trip to the multi-color wonderland! They are going to discover a new collection of mosaic puzzles with up to six colors! This innovation opens up a whole new dimension of challenge and brings you many ho

Cricket Captain 2016 The Number One Cricket management game returns for 2016. It’s time for cricket fans around the world to put their tactical expertise to the test in the most in-depth cricket management game ever made. Developed in associa

Minigolf 3d ultimate brings the mini golf experience to your fingertips. Beautiful 3D graphics, lots of holes and easy controls means hours of fun. Minigolf 3d ultimate has insanely fun courses and the most amazing game play.

Mr Burt is a simple but addictive retro arcade style game, inspired by the legendary Q*Bert arcade game of the 1980s. You must guide our robotic hero in the task of colouring each level. A variety of baddies each with their own unique behaviour to a

Addition is children or primary school students to understand mathematics entrance, so pleasant understand addition and subtraction can make children or primary school students interest in mathematics. Learning knowledge in a game is accord with chi

Fantastic ZigZag HD Pro game was developed to check for how long you can stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Just tap on the screen or press space key to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall off the edges! How far can you

You can now easily solve, generate and print 4x4, 9x9, 16x16 and 25x25 Sudoku puzzles all from one app! Simply select your desired Sudoku puzzle size, enter your Sudoku puzzle that you want to solve, and the application will return the solution. In a