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Griddlers Victorian Picnic is a fun and intellectual game for anyone who loves logic puzzles and wants to dive into the age of Victorian England. Here you can stroll through an unforgettable London park, get your fill of its wonderful alleys and earn

This Is the Police is a strategy/adventure game set in a city spiraling the drain. Taking the role of gritty Police Chief Jack Boyd, you'll dive into a deep story of crime and intrigue. Will Jack reach his retirement with a nice stack of bills, or wi


- Solving Problems by using basic physics - Look easy, but it is really hard - Fun gameplay and delightful visual art - Relaxing music Clean Graphics and Minimalist art Hard, Fun, and Happy games This game use fundamental of physics with super chill

This app has been developed primarily for research and teaching purposes and has a relatively plain graphical interface to facilitate this. The output of each test will show the total score, total number of responses, accuracy, average time per respo

Out of the Park Baseball 18 - the follow-up to Metacritic's PC Game of the Year 2016 and officially licensed through and the MLBPA - is a baseball fan's dream come true! "OOTP is an astonishing accomplishment!" - Boston Red Sox Principal Own

Get ready to fight the largest tank battle in Imperial history with more tanks and more destruction than ever! After the virus bombing by the traitorous Iron Warriors rendered the surface of Tallarn deadly to biological life, the besieged forces cal


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Koikoi is a game of Hanafuda (Japanese Playing Cards). -How to play Koikoi Throw away the card to the table into play alternately. If there is a match of the month, you can get the cards. You will be able to finish the game to get a point if your c

The old doll factory was legendary. For years it turned out simple toys that children loved, but technology made a change and kids wanted things with more gadgets and the factory fell into disrepair. Most of the toys were sent away, but some had been

Your mini golf adventure begins here with 2 beautiful environments High Chaparral & Eldorado The game has been developed with 2 courses easy enough for kids and 2 challenging courses Much effort has been making rules & scores like on a real life mi

Blossom Bugs Quest! – a brand-new, addictive gameplay that’s not just match-3! The game may seem challenging at first, but it is an exciting puzzle that will keep you entertained for hours. Complete the levels and help the caterpillars

Lottery games are almost the same in every country. The number of digits to be played may vary. This program allows you to generate lottery rows, regardless of the country in which you live. Take advantage of this generator program in your country's

Last Will is a reverse Escape Room game, where you need to get into the center of a grand old mansion, made by a eccentric and paranoid old professor. The player will be tested in all manner of skills like logic, perception, maths, communication, t

A very simple dress up game for kids, with cute HD objects and girl to dress up Kids will love to dress up their very own pet using more then 50 different items. Just drag and drop the items at the desired spot and let your dress up book glow.

RIVE is the metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter you've been waiting for! This 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid lets you choreograph a ‘dance of destruction’ in insanely spectacular battles and set-pieces. RIVE feels like the explosi


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Construct an idyllic neighborhood with plenty of houses and keep your residents happy by providing all services they need, and they will reward you with a tidy profit. It’s up to you how to play - you can work your way to the top in the compreh


Today, 7 billion humans live on our planet. Over 100 billion lived and died on it in the past. What if just a tenth of them came back... for us? A modern hybrid of the classic RTS and modern Tower Defense. Recruit soldiers, place them on slots and l

VIDEO: The year is 2510. Time of exploration and colonisation of new planets, bringing chance for new life for many people. Humanity entered the second half of the millennium with hope to end long-lasting conflict betwe

Sale off for Xmas. Chinese Chess 2017 is the best Chinese Chess board game with amazing graphics, smart computer and awesome features. Specially, NO in-app purchase, NO casino feature, just for fun with Chinese Chess 2017 6 Peoples to play in Chines

Play the popular tetris arcade game on your Mac. This classic puzzle game is easy and fun to play and suitable for kids of all ages. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the and rotate the blocks. Each filled line gets cleared giving you highe

Love mysticism and puzzles?! Then Solitaire game Halloween 2 is perfect for you! For all fans of the solitaire and perfect match genres, a gift for Halloween in the form of 120 new and unique solitaire levels! Solitaire game Halloween 2 - help the

Experience adventure as never before! Ruby is a freshly baked archaeologist at University of Sandclows. Although she’s just a little girl, she’s brave at heart. There’s nothing more fun and exciting for Ruby than to explore dark ha

Avoid the sticks in order to reach and walk on the platform. Watch out! If the stick touches you, you will die! How far can you go? What is hidden in the next Level? Find out. Total 70 levels.

Chess Knight 2 is the classic board game of Chess reimagined for the casual gamer looking to learn and to grow with the most popular game in history. A medieval world of strategy and tactics await you to engage in epic battles of wits as you master t

SkateBoarding pro is a game where you have to visit 5 cities united states and skate for them , fulfilling several objectives .


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Construct beautiful and functional city zones with plenty of modern blocks and keep your residents happy by providing all services they need, and they will reward you with a tidy profit. It’s up to you how to play - you can work your way to the


d20 is a dice roller designed for tabletop role-playing games. Build complex rolls, get detailed results, and keep up with your recent roll history. d20 is intuitive, elegant, and powerful. FEATURES - Gorgeous modern design that gets out of your wa

A century long search for an important ancient Egyptian royal tomb ... its location defined by a discredited antique manuscript ... a young archaeologist believing in its veracity. The search for the key to break the antique code of the papyrus ... t

“The people, who were trying to make this world worse... are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness.” In the black & white room , a family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look fo

Grab a mallet and ball, stake the wickets, and enjoy this refreshing take on the classic outdoor sport. Shoot, stroke, and knock your way through a hand-designed collection of croquet courts. Croquet the app is inspired by the sport enjoyed by many

1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Asia is an exciting puzzle game and a fantastic tour guide. Put together jigsaw puzzles from a multitude of pieces and study the history, traditions and sights of Asia in 500 high-quality photos. Now you can solve your favorit