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Trivia with a video game Twist! FACT OR WACK video games is the ultimate time attack trivia game with some surprises thrown in. Twelve challenging and hilarious levels with tons of questions.Try your best to ace every question on each level while rac

Help the villagers in this fast and challenging platform game. You need to jump to avoid enemies and obstacles. This game is more challenging than your typical platformer since you can not jump on the enemies to kill them. Features - Choose your vi

In recreational mathematics, a magic square is an arrangement of distinct numbers (i.e. each number is used once), usually integers, in a square grid, where the numbers in each row, and in each column, and the numbers in the main and secondary diagon

MiniGolf in Frozen City is a beautiful minigolf with 2 courses Features: Two 18 hole challenging courses with very realistic graphics and great gameplay Adventure, mixes 18 holes from 2 courses Training, allows you to train on any 36 holes Training

Beautiful ladies, Jigsaw Puzzle. Women's Day is what you've all been waiting for! A collection of 500 unique high-quality photos created specially for you. Girls only – entry is forbidden to guys! To make the game more fun to play, we've added

Eat Your Way Through Time! Control a tiny ball of grey goo with the ability to eat anything smaller than itself. The more it eats, the bigger it gets! Soon you'll be able to eat the entire planet! The story begins when the goo eats a time machine,

FreeCell is becoming increasingly popular because, unlike standard Solitaire, it is purely a game of skill. With perfect play, the player can win every game of FreeCell. At the start of the game, all the cards are placed face up, so it is theoretical

Solitaire is a one-player game that can be played on a computer or with standard 52 playing cards. Sometimes the games are impossible to solve, but that's all part of the fun and also explains why the alternative name for this game is "Patience". The

Spider solitaire is a single-player card game usually played with 2 decks of cards, although numerous variations exist. Some common spider solitaire variations include using 1, 3 or 4 decks, or using only 1, 2 or 3 suits from each deck of cards. Howe

The addictive game existing for mobile devices now is also available for OSX! A very simple and minimalist game where you are a small square that moves along a straight line and crosses many other shapes along its way. You have to survive among geo

Brick Game is a puzzle with the shapes each consisting of several squares, that are falling down the well. When playing a brick game, one turns them or moves left and right, trying to arrange the shapes in a line. When a line of squares makes a line

Welcome back to the industry. Just as the whole Games industry Game Tycoon has developed tremendously. In Game Tycoon 2 you find yourself in the middle of the big players. Get into the act and experience the fascination of the game development.

Undead vs Plants is a new cool ricochet shooting game to download. Not all undead are stupid zombies, this vegan zombie uses ricochet kills to end with nasty plants! The rules for the game are simple – aim and fire and hope the bullets will go

New puzzle crush game with beautiful look like a fairy tale ... this game has a 3 modes: Classic, Arcade, Puzzle.

Mozart for Piano is a great app for musicians of all ages and backgrounds to help improve their music reading skills in an entertaining casual game. The brand-new Piano version shares many of the features of Mozart 2 Pro and includes the Piano, Lette

Keep your cash in your pocket and play 3-6-9 Keno and Super Way Keno on your smartphone and tablet devices. Two fun variations of Casino Video Keno are included where both allow you to play with Way Tickets. Based on the casino games with the same o

Multi-Card Keno is here, an exciting variation of Casino Video Keno with the ability of playing up to 20 cards at once for the ultimate jackpot payouts. Similar to the Casino version with the same odds and payouts, Multi Card Keno is a simple game t

Based on the Casino game with the same odds and payouts, Top Bottom Keno is one of the most simplistic Casino Video Keno games to learn and play with a greater chance of winning over other variations with paybacks being as high as 95%. Playing is ea

A funny game to improve your memory. Find all the pairs to discover Musti’s friends. A game to play alone or with family. Various difficulty levels.

Most people like to just click around the program hoping to not hit a mine, but if you want to master the game, then you have to play with strategy. The most important skill you can use while playing Minesweeper is a process of elimination.

A brand new word puzzle - exclusive to POWGI! Place pairs of letters on the petals to make six-letter words through the middle of the flower. Flowers by POWGI contains 120 hand-crafted puzzles with a gentle learning curve, and includes a handful of

These little crossword puzzles only have one letter missing. Once you've found the missing letters, rearrange them to solve the cryptic clue! Crossovers by POWGI contains dozens of puzzles, in a slick, easy-to-use app. POWGI's no-fluff approach pu

Tackle fiendish anagrams with three words hidden in a jumble of letters. You'll need to use every letter to solve the puzzle. Mixups by POWGI contains 300 hand-crafted puzzles covering a variety of topics, which will keep you unscrambling for hours

The word search puzzle with a difference - there's only one word to find! Each grid contains a single word, exactly once, jumbled up among the same letters that spell it. Find words to fill the blanks and complete the quote. One Word contains hund

Find the words and solve the maze! Trace a path through the letters to spell words from the category shown. To find the correct path, you'll visit every letter once. Word Maze by POWGI contains 300 hand-crafted puzzles in varying sizes, which will

The word search puzzle with a difference returns with a brand new selection of quotes to find - one word at a time! Each grid contains just a single word, jumbled up among the same letters that spell it. Find the words to fill in the blanks and rev

Money won is money earned in Blackjack, also known as 21, experience the card game found in casinos all over the world on your OS X. Anybody can step up to the table and feel the thrill of winning big money against the house! Split, double down or ev

Do you like street basketball games? Then switch to the No.1 challenging street game ìBasketball street heroî, this is the real basketball street game with an addictive gameplay along with effective street court. Letís play basket

Mozart for Guitar is a great app for musicians of all ages and backgrounds to help improve their music reading skills in an entertaining casual game. The brand-new Guitar version shares many of the features of Mozart 2 Pro and includes the Guitar, Le

Special mission to the SPECIAL FORCE to handle a war in the land of middle east. You are a man in this SPECIAL FORCE who are given difficult task to handle the war in the middle east. You must use good tactics and your skills to fight the enemy. And