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Real Currency Calc lets you calculate currency exchange rates easily. It's a powerful simple currency rates converter, always up to date currency rates. Over 168 world currencies supported.

Fidjy Money Pro est votre assistant pour gérer votre société au quotidien. Vous avez un suivi des factures clientes non réglées. Saisissez vos opérations de dépenses et recettes en précisant la

Forex Corporate, powered by Forex On The Go Technology, brings free MT4 trading for all new and existing Forex Corporate clients to your OS X dock. Features Include: - Trading from a real-time live tick chart - Forex majors pre-selected, with abi

Simple and convenient application to track home belongings, from a coffee maker to a car and even a house. With this application, you will always know where things are, the end date of the warranty or insurance of your products or when you need to se

***** Free for 1 account and 9 reminders If you want to manage more than 1 account and 9 reminders you can upgrade to the full version. After you upgrade, you can transfer your data by clicking the File->Backup menu option in Moneyspire 2016 Free,

Stock quotes for US stock market. It's very simple to use, just enter the stock codes which you are interested in. By the way, it remembers what you entered last time :) ** network connection required **

/*Feature*/ The app makes data value more coherent for spreadsheet applications. This professional version can deal with multicolumn values. /*User guide*/ 1. Paste a group of data values on the screen of the app by copy&paste method. 2. Set the num

ChangeMate is a beautiful and efficient currency converter that perfectly integrates itself in your workflow. ChangeMate aggregates the exchange rates provided by different central banks around the world to give you the most accurate and up to date

ZeroPay is a payment solution that allows you to pay any mobile number instantly ********************************************************* General Features: ********************************************************* • Pay any telephone number

Schnell & einfach zur Steuererklärung für das Steuerjahr 2015 Erstellen Sie schnell, leicht verständlich und mit maximaler Steuererstattung Ihre Steuererklärung 2015. Die Software führt Sie im Frage-Antwort-Stil durch die St


The program "Restaurantmanagement" allows you to automate all business processes of your department. The program is designed for a small cafe, as well as for a large restaurant. The system is simple and easy to use, has a clear and intuitive interfac

This is an easy, simple, quick, and accurate app from Enter your information directly on your Mac app, or use our IMPORT feature to import your data from a spreadsheet template. You can also EXPORT your data to a spreadsheet to ed

When you are traveling on working Live Currency Converter will be your companion. It's simple, but effective. Live Currency Converter supports over 160 world's currencies including Bitcoin. Features: • Over 160 currencies from all over the worl

The program makes it possible to optimize all business processes of your delivery service. The system "Delivery Service" helps to organize the operational work at every stage of the order process. "Delivery Service" - a simple solution for quick proc

A Simple but powerful loan calculator for the Mac platform. With Loan Analyzer you can easily calculate your loans and mortgages repayment in a fun and very simple way. Key Features: - Flexible loan configuration - Easily compare loan options - Int

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A Multi-million dollar revolution that is still brand-new, untapped and filled with opportunities that can make you very wealthy, if you know how ! You might be already aware of this NEW digital currency known as BITCOIN, you might have heard it fr

This small program will help you to perform the calculation of percentages.

Find the currency exchange rates and convert all major world currencies with our currency converter. Now supports 132 currencies. Features: [ 1 ] Work without Internet [ 2 ] Customize 10 most used currencies [ 3 ] Automatic and manual rates updates

Forget your language difficulties with this app! This software allows you to translate anything you want quickly and easily. Its looks, its simplicity and the quality of the translations will amaze you. Translate any text in over 30 languages! Wr

Calcola con semplicità l'importo netto scorporato dall'IVA e la sua componente IVA a partire da un totale comprensivo di IVA. SEMPLICE E DA USARE Questa semplice e utile applicazione ha come principale funzionalità lo scorporo rapido d

Monitor your finances with Outbank – be it your checking account, credit card or PayPal account. Initiate payments, categorize transactions with tags and optimize all expenses smartly and effectively and access your data on all your favorite de

Handy Profit Calculator designed to reckon up every penny in the "bear" trend market. You can immediately calculate and determine what share price a stock needs to keep returning a specified awesome profit. When buying stock, the Handy Profit Calcul


PowerBall Analysis is based on the very scientific theory of lottery analysis and provides the corresponding analytical tools. It is a ruler to measure the distance between you and the winning number. — provide all historical data, to facilitat

Currency converter that allows you to convert one currency to another in accordance to actual exchange rates and make math operation with them. SMART AND SIMPLE - 34 currency rates online; - Offline mode for uploaded rates; - Addition and subtracti

A very lightweight and simple app to display up-to-date Bitcoin value in your menubar.

Currency converter that allows you to convert one currency to another in accordance to actual exchange rates and make math operation with them. SMART AND SIMPLE - 34 currency rates online; - Offline mode for uploaded rates; - Addition and subtracti

Bank X Online Banking 7 ist die sichere Lösung für elektronisches Banking am Mac und ermöglicht die übersichtliche und komfortable Verwaltung Ihrer Kontendaten inklusive Auswertungs- und Automatisierungsfunktionen. Kontoauszü

Currency Converter app gives easiest way of converting one currency to other currency with live exchange rate. Select From Currency and To Currency and get live exchange rate between selected Currencies. - Add to Watch List: Add Result of exchange