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Universal playback capabilities, using a new and simple interface, as well as simple operation, on the Mac for the ultimate continuation of the ultimate universal user experience service. Video formats that support playback include, but are not limit

Create icons for your folders with your face or whoever you want! Try this innovative app and you’ll quickly leave colored tags in favor of this new method! Designed to be fast, high-performing and user friendly.

Have you ever wondered what the heck your kid was saying when he'd talk to his friends? Well, look no further. PigLatin Simplicity translates even the weirdest of Pig Latin words back to English so you can easily understand. It even has a speech butt

It's a lonely underwater world if you're born as a toadfish, but you do your best to survive. Avoid anything bigger than you and gobble up everything else that is smaller than you to survive. Toddy-eating shark, stingy manta ray, rampaging crayfis

A map, a panorama image, and a camera are linked, and virtual experience of adventure and travel can be experienced according to the number of actions detected by the camera. Smanpo can spend time in the room while enjoying the scenery of the world.

Cisdem Video Converter is a great video converting tool gives you everything you need to download and convert videos for mainstream devices. It can let you convert any video, audio files (including downloaded online videos) for your iPad, iPhone, App

Say hello to Signalist for Mac. Beautiful and intuitive Internet Radio and TV Player with 40,000+ signals from all around the world. Discover and bookmark • Find new Radio and TV signals by name. • Explore stations by country, genre, langu

xyPlayer is a completely self-developed audio/video player. It has many unique features, such as multi-frames previes, multi-contents multi-frames previes, fast seek, picture style seek-bar. xyPlayer support Mp4, Mkv, Asf, Wmv, Avi, Real, Ts, Ps, D

Instantly synthesize stunning moving imagery that reacts to music with your computer. Visionmaker by 3D STAR is a novel polyformic 3D video synthesizer suitable for anyone who is interested in real-time procedural motion graphics. Similar to how trad

SoundGuy is a sound player tool for improv techs, live theater, sound designers, dj's, radio hosts and sports sound guys. SoundGuy allows you to open a folder containing your audio files into the main window and begin immediately playing them just b

Rock, Paper, Scissors (aka "Ro-Sham-Bo", janken, "Bato, Bato, Pick" and "Scissors, Paper, Stone") is a simple hand game that is played around the world, with many different names and variations. It is commonly used as a way of coming to decisions, an

Custom Your Own TV Channel, plays videos and watch television on your iMac. Just drag your favorite videos or stream TV and Radio source txt file to the window or open them. Features: - Support m3u8 TV and Radio live Broadcast, and you can custom you

Support : RECORDING LIVE TV Support: EPG TIMELINE Support: XTREAM-CODES API Support: Parental control Support: Automatic live stream reconnection Support: Dynamic language switching Support : EPG on favourite channels Support : Embedded subtitle sup

- Create Internet memes with Pictures from Old Movie Screenshots - Old Talk Desktop is the macOS equivalent of an iOS app called Old Talk, which is already available at Apple’s App Store. Old Talk Desktop lets you create an Internet meme with

Extract the text of the documents you’re interested in, using your Mac's webcam. The best optical recognition technology is finally available on Macs, with "CamScanner Pro". "CamScanner Pro" is the most effective way to extract texts from image

Shalom World

29 days ago

SHALOM WORLD is a catholic TV channel reaching out to English-speaking viewers worldwide. This channel aims at supplementing the pastoral efforts of the Church to spread the Good News of Christ Jesus. SHALOM WORLD offers a wide range of spiritual pro

Shalom TV

29 days ago

Malayalam-language channel reaching out to a broader audience in the Americas and the Europe. Programs include personal testimonies, family evangelization, music videos, game shows, Bible-study, faith in the arts, and so much more!

TVH-X is a MacOS unofficial client for Tvheadend server, it allow you to watch live channels and EPG.


4 days ago

NextPod is a beautiful and intelligent podcast app. Designed with care — Singular • Audio, video, and enhanced podcasts • AppleScript • Statistics • Sync podcasts • Podcast chapter markers • Simple design • Ef

Macgo Blu-ray Player makes it easy to watch your favorite Blu-ray movie discs, including additional BONUSVIEW and BD-Live contents. This app requires a Blu-ray capable optical drive. Most Blu-ray Disc menus do not support mouse input. Please use key

UltraWide for Safari expands YouTube video contents to ultra-wide and wide monitors. With UltraWide for Safari YouTube HTML5 videos are adapted so that they fit a large monitor without black bars. The extension comes with a preference pane with prese