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you can enjoy virtual experiences of traveling around the world while doing indoor activities. The map, the panorama and the camera work together, and you can experience a walking journey virtually according to the movement detected by the camera.

Cisdem Video Converter is a great video converting tool gives you everything you need to download and convert videos for mainstream devices. It can let you convert any video, audio files (including downloaded online videos) for your iPad, iPhone, App


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*** Introductory 50% off *** Say hello to Signalist for Mac. Beautiful and intuitive Internet Radio and TV Player with 40,000+ signals from all around the world. Discover and bookmark • Find new Radio and TV signals by name. • Explore sta

xyPlayer is a completely self-developed audio/video player. It has many unique features, such as multi-frames previes, multi-contents multi-frames previes, fast seek, picture style seek-bar. xyPlayer support Mp4, Mkv, Asf, Wmv, Avi, Real, Ts, Ps, D

SoundGuy is a sound player tool for improv techs, live theater, sound designers, dj's, radio hosts and sports sound guys. SoundGuy allows you to open a folder containing your audio files into the main window and begin immediately playing them just b

Rock, Paper, Scissors (aka "Ro-Sham-Bo", janken, "Bato, Bato, Pick" and "Scissors, Paper, Stone") is a simple hand game that is played around the world, with many different names and variations. It is commonly used as a way of coming to decisions, an

Stream TV and Radio + AVPlayer, plays videos and watch television on your iMac. Just drag your favorite videos or stream TV and Radio source txt file to AVPlayer or open them. Features: - Support m3u8 TV and Radio live Broadcast, and you can custom y