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*** Discounted 80% for a limited time. *** Winter is coming. Are you ready? Xmas snow will prepare you for the holidays. Desktop snow – snow on your desktop, with xmas snow you'll always know how many days until Christmas or days until new yea

◆◆DARTSLIVE2 for your home◆◆ For darts lovers who want to play darts every day! Your Mac will work as DARTSLIVE2. Simply set up this official app and "DARTSLIVE-200S (sold separately)" Then, all levels of players from begi

This application is a tool to enjoy DVB-T2 broadcast on iOS devices. To use this program, you need a device called "tivizen mobi", which receives DVB-T2 broadcast signal and transmits it to your iOS device via Wi-Fi network. With the device connected

Chill & Relax — truly diamond for the relaxation and meditation. Enjoy the best of the best relaxation video content on your Mac Carefully filmed scenes of nature like: floating clouds, black peak, endless road will bring in the calm ambience

Chill & Relax — truly diamond for the relaxation and meditation. Enjoy the best of the best relaxation video content on your Mac. Carefully filmed scenes of nature like: under the stars, the universe, milky way will bring in the calm ambience

Canada's headlines and radio stations, automatically display within the app Canada's news, full articles with images. The most powerful news app for Canada news, guaranteed. The app collects the news from the major news sites and covers national and


AKTV - A KTV Karaoke System for Happy and Joy AKTV is a Karaoke Play System on MAC OS. The system including AKTV Database Management Tool, Play and Control System and Player System for your Karaoke/Media Files. Using AKTV, you can create a Karaoke/

Broadcast video to multiple Apple TV and iOS devices on the same network, all at the same time! Videos are played with full picture and sound quality. Playback is automatically synced across all devices. Losing network or Internet connection while p

*Support languages in English, German, French and Italian. Swiss news and radio channels, automatically display within the app Switzerland's news, articles with images. The most powerful news app for Switzerland news, guaranteed. The app collects th

Spain's headlines and radio channels, automatically display within inside the app Spain's news, articles with images and icons. The most powerful news app for Spain headlines, guaranteed. The app collects the news from the major news sites and covers

How to Surprise Your Half? Create Origami and Share Your Love! Meet valentine day with Origami Valentine! Features: * Make your own valentine collages with your photos * Original style, simple and clean * Special stickers: origami style! * Various

Trash Talker

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TrashTalker is a handy and entertaining application that gives you a sound board for the macOS speech synthesis engine. Many voices are pre-installed with macOS and therefore automatically available through TrashTalker. TrashTalker is the latest ren

Podlive lets you listen to Podcasts - live! You can mark your favourite channels to get notified by Apple's built-in push notifications immediately when a channel starts streaming. Never miss a podcast livestream! FEATURES • Notifications: Mark

+++ Die #1 Mediathek auf Apple TV jetzt auch für den Mac +++ Keine Suche mehr durch zig Mediathek Apps nötig. Wir bringen dir alles in eine App, professionell betreut durch die TV Pro Redaktion. Jetzt 7 Tage kostenlos testen! Durch die erf

EASTER is a funny drawing and coloring app for all ages! You can enjoy high quality pictures to color and a blank paper page in which you can draw whatever you like! ••• FEATURES • Funny drawings! • Video replay • Easy

Bored or need some ideas for things to do? Try this fun and easy suggestion challenger for things to do right now or during your lifetime. Version 1.0 contains: - Over 250 suggestions for inside or outside activities - Suggestions for who to do

NEW! From the creators of Magic Window, 24 Hour Wallpaper brings you 42 beautiful still wallpapers that match the time of day. Each wallpaper is made of 30+ 5K images which cover a complete 24 hours. Enjoy wallpaper that reflects the time of day wher

MAL Library

9 days ago

Easily manage your MyAnimeList Anime and Manga libraries directly from your desktop. Features - Browse and manage your anime and manga list. - Import lists from other sites such as MyAnimeList and AniDB XML formats. - Sync lists from other anime/man

******************* IMPORTANT ******************* * GoPlayer can play any video file format. * It have new ui for the new system (flat & fashion). * TouchBar Support. ** More features ** - Play speed support (2x, 0.5x, ...). - Subtitle support. -

腾讯视频MAC版客户端新版发布 1.VIP内容重磅上线,开通VIP会员,热剧抢先看ᦁ

Universal playback capabilities, using a new and simple interface, as well as simple operation, on the Mac for the ultimate continuation of the ultimate universal user experience service. Video formats that support playback include, but are not limit

Create icons for your folders with your face or whoever you want! Try this innovative app and you’ll quickly leave colored tags in favor of this new method! Designed to be fast, high-performing and user friendly.

Top Cop Police Scanner Radio brings a police scanner radio right into your desktop or laptop. Top Cop Police Scanner Radio features the most requested feeds. Features: > Access feeds by location or top police scanner radio feeds. > One touch listeni

iMediaServer is a standard UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) AV (Audio/Video) media server which automatically recognizes UPnP devices within a network. Using iMediaServer you can share media files (audio, picture, and video files). This means that all


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Listen and enjoy. With Pod 41 you can discover and subscribe to your favorite podcasts: interviews, stories, comedies, you name it. Features: - easily search and browse podcasts - subscribe to your favorites - create personalized playlists (coming

It's a lonely underwater world if you're born as a toadfish, but you do your best to survive. Avoid anything bigger than you and gobble up everything else that is smaller than you to survive. Toddy-eating shark, stingy manta ray, rampaging crayfis

you can enjoy virtual experiences of traveling around the world while doing indoor activities. The map, the panorama and the camera work together, and you can experience a walking journey virtually according to the movement detected by the camera.

Movies of the Week

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Stop missing the wonderful iTunes $0.99 movie rental of the week. With this unobtrusive app you can view and get notified of all the available movie deals. Supports more than 11 stores across the world. Can't find your store? Shoot us a line and we

Cisdem Video Converter is a great video converting tool gives you everything you need to download and convert videos for mainstream devices. It can let you convert any video, audio files (including downloaded online videos) for your iPad, iPhone, App